How to Do a Barbell Front Squat | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

How to Do a Barbell Front Squat | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

Hi, it’s Rachel Cosgrove for Sleek/Strong.
Today I’m gonna show you how to do A Barbell Front Squat. Now before you tackle this exercise,
make sure you watch the ‘How to Squat’ video, and really work on your full range of motion
squat. Now why a front squat instead of a back squat? Because a front squat is gonna
make sure you don’t cheat. Having the load on the front of your body is gonna make sure
the muscles along your back are working to keep your body upright. So first things first,
we’re gonna go ahead and place a bar on the squat rack, right at about shoulder-height.
You’re gonna put your arms straight out in front of you, create a shelf, right across
your shoulders. Walk forward, with your feet even and core nice and tight, and you’re just
gonna lift that bar off the rack. Bend those hands back, just to keep that bar in place,
and walk yourself out of the squat rack. From there, keep that chest up, nice and tall.
Elbows stay up, and core is tight. As you lower down, keep those knees over your toes,
and then come back up. You’re gonna go ahead and perform the repetitions in the workout,
and then place the bar back on the squat rack. And that’s the Front Squat. This is a great
exercise to re-invent your body. I’m Rachel Cosgrove for Sleek/Strong.


  1. Thank you so much I really needed this tutorial since something using the bar in the back is sometimes uncomfortable was wondering about a alternative

  2. This is exactly what I was looking for: an instructional video! I have been doing it wrong but I didnt give up and I am on my second round of doing the FBB.

  3. This is terrible form! How can you make a tutorial like this! Your back is supposed to be near vertical.

  4. Is this a joke? Terrible form! The front squat is a quadricep dominant exercise, where the knee is supposed to go beyond the toe, in order for the body to remain balanced and upright. Anyone watching this video, avoid this particular form, as placing any weight on the bar will result in a rather forceful collision between one's face and the floor/ bar.

  5. This is the worst front squat I have ever seen. The bar must travel in a straight vertical line keeping the weight of the bar over the ankles, the torso must be as upright as possible. In this video this video you can clearly see her torso has far too much forward lean and the bar travels way out in front of her toes. 

    If you want to learn how to front squat, ignore this video. 

  6. Has this woman ever done a front squat in her life, this technique is aweful and positioning is even worse, please nobody copy this… ever!

  7. People saying that the form is incorrect just do not know what they are talking about. There are people who are not mechanically able to squat with their quadriceps being parallel to each other because they suffer from knee pain if they try to do so. This form is completely correct taking into consideration you can change the angle of your legs according to your mechanical abilities.

  8. Why??? Why are you posting this? Front squat – it is about an upright torso position, 90 degrees (or close) angle… You bend like 45 degrees… What you do is some sort of back extension, but never front squat )

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