How to Do a Lateral Lunge | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

How to Do a Lateral Lunge | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

Hi, it’s Rachel Cosgrove for Sleek/Strong.
You know those silly inner thigh machines at the gym– they go in and out. They don’t
work. Instead, get up on your feet and do an exercise like the Lateral Lunge. This is
really gonna work your inner thighs. We’re gonna go ahead and start with your feet shoulder-width
apart, core nice and tight, chest up tall. You’re gonna step out to one direction, outside
of shoulder-width. As you step down, you’re gonna keep your back at a nice neutral position,
so don’t go so low that you start to round your back. Keep your weight back on your heel
of that leg, drive off that leg, come back to center. We’re gonna repeat on that same
leg for the number of repetitions. Now as you do that you’re gonna really feel you’re
inner thighs working, each time you step out and step back in. Keeping that chest up, neutral
spine, as you perform those repetitions. And always keeping that core nice and tight. Now
when you’re ready, you’re gonna go ahead and add a dumbbell. Only hold it on one side.
That’ll help you to maintain that posture. So as you step out, again, we’re gonna start
with that shoulder-width distance apart. And stepping out, straight out to one side, touching
that dumbbell down, right inside of the foot. Standing back up. And gain, right inside of
the foot. Standing back up. And again, we’re gonna keep that heel pushed down, as we lunge,
and our spine in a neutral position. Core is tight. And you’re probably gonna feel you’re
inner thighs are gonna be a little sore, but that’s a good thing. Because it means we’re
really getting the definition you want, and building nice, sleek legs. I’m Rachel Cosgrove
for Sleek/Strong.


  1. Hello Rachel! Thanks for your video 🙂 Just wanna check with you, are Side Lunges dangerous for our knees? Because when I do them, I can feel the pain on my knees, you know…
    Thanks for any feedbacks!

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