How to Have a Clear Mind and Healthy Body—The Work of Byron Katie®

How to Have a Clear Mind and Healthy Body—The Work of Byron Katie®

OK. So, Marcela, from Canada. Are you there? -Hi, hi.
-Hi, Katie. It’s such a pleasure.
I’m enjoy talking to you! Oh, good, good. You know I am, I– It’s a beautiful thing to love
what we think in this moment. (chuckles) OK, sweetheart.
So, read your email to me, please. “The belief
that I am not my body gives me wonderful freedom from worries about
my appearance, disease, and aging. I don’t see a point of exercising
or even healthy diet. If everything
is projection of my mind, everything is perfect, and there is no unhealthy diet
or lifestyle. Do you think
that losing interest of taking care
of our physical body could be detrimental
to our physical existence?” Yes, it could actually, it could actually kill you. “If our physical body
is a vehicle carrying us through this life,
shouldn’t we care about it the way
that is recommended?” Well, who knows how long
our life should last? You know,
I love to say, “You know,
I have to travel and suck in all that jet fuel
to die on time. How else
can I die on time?” You know? And it may not be
the healthiest thing, but it’s worth the trip. It’s worth the trip. Now, I’m gonna put on my glasses
’cause I made some notes here. And– “To some people,
when you say, do you think that losing interest
of taking care in our physical body could be detrimental
to our physical existence?” Absolutely. Cause and effect. Cause and effect. If I don’t eat,
the body dies. That is the apparent,
material world, OK? Now, there’s another world. There’s a world
that the enlightened mind sees that inquiry takes us to. And I’m not talking
about in time. I mean, immediate,
as we sit in the answers that these questions
can take us to. So, “To some people,
losing interest in taking care of their physical body
leaves a depression.” And, for me,
you know, that is– That is like living in hell, the hell that
these books talk about, which is real hell.
It was for me. And, in other words,
I was depressed and I couldn’t take care
of this physical body. So, “It’s impossible
to be a physical body because the body
is projected by the mind, and it’s absolutely”– OK, I’ll read what I wrote. “It’s impossible
to be a physical body, but your mind has apparently
identified as one. Why? Body is a projection
or mirror of your mind. So, take care of your mind. When you’re stressed out
about the body or anything, and clarity and love will take care
of your projected, the beloved body or will you
believe or don’t believe in. You don’t believe you to be. (At all times…) You, at times,
will feel stress physical.” And, any time I feel stress, you know,
this unnatural thing, it’s just like an out of balance,
not harmony, then, I look to what I’m thinking
and believing in the moment. And I clear it up,
you know, on a Worksheet. And I haven’t had to do
one of those in some time, because inquiry is always
running in my head. It’s like, a partner
of what arises. Inquiry is that partner. And it shows me. It’s a constant state of– It’s like a state of meditating, meditation that’s going on
without my help, really. I’m just letting it run. And it’s a beautiful thing. And, you say, “If our
physical body is a vehicle carrying us through this life, shouldn’t we care about it
the way that it is recommended?” And what I’ve written here, “It is your mind projecting
an image of life itself. Absolutely take care
of ‘your body’, the body
you believe you to be, and notice the times
when you don’t. And if you feel
any guilt, whatsoever, then look to the story
you were in prior to acting out
on that, mmm– that cigarette,
or that drug or that anger. Anger is, you know, it’s– it’s the effect
of a mind like that, a confused mind. But– (laughs) I’ve got to tell you,
my mind is so still today. There is no telling
what is going to come out of it. You know,
this is my mind on paper, as I read the answers, but it’s– it’s a beautiful thing and I hope, in some way,
this served you. I wrote a little more. It’s “If you feel guilt,
just look at the story you were in before you binged, abused, etc., and take advantage
of the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. Or not.” But, you know,
it’s like, if I– If I did– I’m upset, I do the drug, or the chocolate cake, whatever
it is that the mind would say, “This is not good
for your body.” OK? And it doesn’t matter
if it’s good for my body or not. I’m going against myself. Therefore, guilt. That’s mine to take care of,
whether it’s right or wrong. I mean, who wants guilt? It’s painful. So I don’t do The Work
on that thing that I ingested. I go back to see, “Was I– What was I into? Was I angry
at my mother, father, sister, brother, roommate, whatever? And that’s the thing
I Work through. Because the ego will love just
to take care of that addiction. And it doesn’t hurt
to do your mind, you know, to do a Worksheet
on your mind on that. But the trigger
is hidden just prior to that. So, if you get really still,
you can find it. And then, let’s say
it’s chocolate cake, then you notice you eat
the cake or you don’t. -Thank you. My thing was–
I was the opposite. I was always exercising,
I was taking vitamins, I was so focused on–
-So that’s it. Rather than the chocolate cake,
that’s it. That’s your addiction. -Yes.
-Yeah. Yeah. I notice all this,
and I notice when I didn’t, I did it because
of fear of being sick. And that was the difference. It wasn’t because
I really thought, “This is really
what I really want to do.” There was this fear
of the future, and the guilt of, “I am not
taking care of my body enough.” Or, I would–
I could see all this, that, before, I thought,
when I say, “recommended,” what other people recommended, and I would always find
new things I have to do, because there was some
new research that had been done. “Oh, you have to be taking this.
This is the newest thing.” “Then go and take this.” “Oh, you should be running.” “No, you shouldn’t be.
You should be doing yoga.” And all these things
were going through my mind. And I could see
the pattern of being, being in fear. That’s what I– Yeah, it’s the ego’s fear of death. It’s like, “Take care of this body.” “You can’t be too careful.” “Take those vitamins.
Run, run,” you know? “Eat right.” Because, without the security
of this body, ego identifying
as this material object, without that,
who am I? As an ego, who am I? Without this body,
how can I exist? I can’t. So the ego is always focused
on the security of this body. There’s never enough I can do. It always felt, you know,
“You could always do more, Marcella!” And, you know,
then aging comes. And like there’s another research, and another,
and more things you can do. And I noticed,
thanks to The Work, I could see noticing these things when I didn’t notice them before. I thought,
I am just doing the right thing, but now I can notice
the stressful thoughts behind it. Before, there was–
I couldn’t understand what was going on. Oh, I love you have
The Work in your life. I love it. Because health is about
right here, right now, isn’t it? Yes. This is, I mean, I don’t care
if I’m healthy later or before. Right now is where it matters. And, right now is
where I’m always going to be. That’s where we’re all going to be,
right here right now. So, to be happy now. And, again, I love you have
The Work in your life. Lot of freedom. Lot of freedom. Notice you’re losing
the fear of death? Oh, my gosh! There’s nothing. It feels, even the pain, which–
this is my biggest struggle is the pain and the body, you know, the projection
of your mind, the pain– I still am digesting it,
as I go, Working through it, but when I tell myself, “You are healthy
even when you are sick,” it just feels like, this is out of conventional
every thinking I ever had, and I understand it, but I’m still trying to tweak,
like, the details with it. Yeah, and it’ll obviously come to you
because you are really– you know,
you are really in your depth. And that’s
a beautiful gift to yourself. But the– The “I’m healthy,” even– I’m trying
to collect your words, but they’ll be different– But at my very, like– People looking at me,
saying, “You’re sick,” “You’re dying,” and let’s say, “I’m in pain” and all that’s going on. I am fine here. One-hundred percent,
I am healthy, because everything
I’m witnessing makes sense to me. I’m not at war with it, I’m not at war with death,
I’m not at war with life. I’m well. I’m well. So– The comparison stops
when I’m stopping comparing that “Well, yesterday,
this is what I was healthy, and today
I am not what I was yesterday and tomorrow”– And I could see
all that’s happening in my mind. And it doesn’t mean that I– There are struggles with it,
but I can understand it. And I’m starting to understand
very slowly what are you saying. It’s still Work in progress. That’s so beautiful, muah! Thank you. Thank you for peace. Thank you for peace.
It matters.


  1. I can not take this. Every time same response. Supposedly spontaniously. Isnt it nice we think. Isnt it nice we breathe. Isnt it nice I am "enlightened"

  2. Magical! Thanks for that profound insight and revelation. I am now going to question more of my motives for being healthy; whether, in the moment, they are to avoid being unhealthy (fear), or to become a happier version of myself (positive).

  3. What a beautiful piece! I saw it as a mirror to my own process. I've discovered that it's an unraveling process to undo what has been a pattern, a conditioned behavior, a belief or even a truth. It's all an unraveling and for some, it's instantaneous and for others, it's a realization that reappears at other places in our experience.

    We can simply become Observers, free from any attachment to what we are observing … releasing the story … the judgments and just being in awe at what we are witness to.

    After all, we can read a book, a novel, a biography, a 'How to' or fiction and understand that it is all just a story. If we believe it, then we can bask in the pleasure of validation to a belief that will play out time and time again in all chapters of our lives. If we chose not to believe, then each moment offers magic and opportunities to just observe and be in wonder. ♥

  4. So what I understand from this is that being healthy should be the result of loving yourself your body, nature and everything that is good to you, because it makes you fell good and not just because you wanna still young, pretty, or strong….like running out of your natural destiny (death)?Sorry I'm not sure cause I don't fully understand English

  5. I don't really get something in this video. If anybody can help me understand you are welcome. Thanks in advance!

    @5:56 Katie says "I’m upset, I do the drug that the mind would say « that is not good for your body ». And it doesn’t matter if it is good for my body or not. I’m going against myself (by not taking the drug), therefore guilt …"

    However, from my experience I don't have guilt when I don't take the "drug", but I definitely do experience guilt while I'm taking my "drug" and afterwards.

    Also, later on in this video Katie says something like "do a worksheet on the stressful thought and then take the cake or not." which doesn't seem coherent to what she says earlier in the video (take the cake and then do a worksheet on the trigger).

  6. I appreciate Katie, but I have a sense that there is a lack of clear presence in this exchange. And while she calls it stillness “my mind is so still today” I think it may be more related to trouble with brain (as in memory, focus, function) than underlying Presence. It may just be age in other words. I do think this woman needed a more nuanced, attentive, loving approach. But that is just my belief of course. Anyways, I just wonder if she is being entirely honest with this. Is it stillness of mind, in other words due to a kind of depth of abiding as Self. Or is it more an issue with the functional mind. Some pride here perhaps. As a spiritual teacher who must always be On. Perhaps.

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