How to Have a Healthy Body and Motivation (Healthytarian Minutes ep. 50)

How to Have a Healthy Body and Motivation (Healthytarian Minutes ep. 50)

a healthy body starts with a healthy mindset meaning that we focus our thoughts on positivity presence acceptance forgiveness gratitude kindness and love for self and others living in a state of joy and inner peace feels good mentally emotionally and physically and drives some of the most powerful motivation for maintaining our health and well-being in addition maintaining a healthy body requires us to fuel and support it with the right nourishment in this case nothing beats the nutrient density and perfection of whole plant foods for the human body consuming a diet based on lots of vegetables and fruits is the key as well as beans real grains nuts and seeds and ample water daily the more we eat the right foods the less place there is for foods that stress our body and contribute to weight problems like high fat and high sugar processed and refined foods and animal foods the better we eat the better we feel and the better we feel the more motivated we are to maintain our well-being through healthy lifestyle habits finally a healthy body requires adequate movement and rest create opportunities to move your body as much as you can whether this be through natural movement as part of your everyday tasks or planned movement like yoga cardio or strength training and be sure to prioritize your sleep quantity and quality as this is the time your body uses to heal and restore itself waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated creates natural motivation to be fully engaged with life and take proper care of our body in order to function at our best a healthy lifestyle also makes your mind and body more resilient to meet all of the challenges of everyday life and deal effectively with any stress that you experience

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