How to Prevent Thigh Chaffing When you Workout

How to Prevent Thigh Chaffing When you Workout

here’s a facebook question we received from Erica I’ll admit it I have thunder thighs and in the summer I get what I call chub rub when I’m working out it gets so raw that I almost don’t even want to exercise any advice cuz that’s not an option not exercising is not an option dr. Batra that’s true and you don’t have to have thunder thighs you can definitely get this friction on this chub rub without the chub this is pretty common actually because the skin in the area between your thighs pretty delicate and the friction and the rubbing I love this graphic here showing you how it can become inflamed it can be broken down and the key thing there to avoid that inflammation in pain is to actually make do preventive measures so you can probably speak to this I understand you’re an avid runner yeah run our triathlete so it’s not even just your thighs your sports bra line a lot of women get around their sports bra line your arms your you know inside of your upper arms can get it so I think test wearing your workout clothing before you’re doing any long prolonged activity that can immediately let you know if something is uncomfortable and then my go to this body Glide is a godsend we can we send this to Erika you know wherever she is yeah you just throw this in your bag and it’s basic you can use petroleum jelly as well or some kind of you know or anything would think like even a diaper peri just something that’s gonna prevent that chafing and act as a barrier right any of those I do have some specialized pants or shorts that are moisture wicking and like that really helps gonna keep things together while you’re running but you’re wearing absolutely moisture wicking is huge and then if you notice oh I always get you know chub rub my legs always you know wearing a longer hemline so wearing capris or long leggings sometimes in the summer you’re like well that’s gonna be so hot but if you have a moisture wicking type of material it’s actually very breathable and then you don’t have that friction skin-to-skin and you don’t have those extra seams to and I think even like when you wear the miniskirt and you don’t have anything to put between your thighs you might want to even put some sports shorts on or some biking or it’s just because yeah otherwise when you sweat that moisture breaks down the skin more and there’s nothing to protect or separate the skin you


  1. I always find that I sweat off any powder, cream, deodorant, etc. that I apply. The only thing I've found that works are tights that I've cut to be above my knee. I just buy ones in my skin color so it's not obvious if they're seen, and they somehow don't have frayed edges or runs or anything and I've used and washed them 30+ times.

  2. Hmm, maybe I will just stick to my original idea: duct tape all the areas that chaff. Simple and cheap. Better than using an oil that can bleed through clothes or a powder that doesn't last long.

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