How to relax | 8 relaxation tips for your mental health

How to relax | 8 relaxation tips for your mental health

Here are 8 relaxation tips to help you look after your wellbeing when you’re stressed, busy or worried. 1. Take a break. Take some time away from your normal routines or thoughts. Read a book or a magazine, even
if it’s only for a few minutes. Run yourself a bath. Watch a film. Play with your pet.
Chop some vegetables and cook a meal. 2. Focus on your breathing.
Learning to breathe more deeply can make you feel a lot calmer and increase your sense
of wellbeing. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Try to keep your shoulders down and relaxed. Place your hand on your stomach
– it should rise as you breathe in and fall as you breathe out. Try counting as you breathe
– start by counting to 4 as you breathe in, and 4 as you breathe out, then work out what’s
comfortable for you. 3. Listen to music.
Listen to your favourite songs. Turn it up and dance or sing along, or put your
headphones on and close your eyes. Really listen to the music. Can you pick out different instruments? Can you hear a drum beat or a certain rhythm? let yourself focus on the music,
and let other thoughts drift away. 4. Picture yourself in a relaxing place
Think of somewhere relaxing and peaceful. You might choose a memory of somewhere you’ve been, or a place you have imagined. Close your eyes, and think about the details of this place. What does it look like? What kind of colours and shapes can you see? Can
you hear any sounds? Is it warm or cool? Let your mind drift and your body relax.
5. Try active relaxation Relaxation doesn’t have to mean sitting
still – gentle exercise can help you relax too. Look for a gentle exercise class in yoga, Pilates or gentle stretching.
Try taking a gentle walk, going at your own pace. You might choose to go for a longer
walk, but even a few minutes of walking can help you feel relaxed. 6. Use a guided relaxation exercise. Guided relaxation or meditation exercises
are widely available, and lots of them are free to use.
You can search online, look for an app to download or see if your local library has
any books or CDs. Have a look for local meditation or relaxation
classes- you could try your local Mind, or use an internet search engine.
7. Get creative Getting in touch with your artistic side can
help you feel more calm and relaxed. Try painting, drawing, making crafts, playing
a musical instrument, dancing, baking or sewing. Try not to worry too much about the finished
product, and focus on enjoying yourself. 8. Spend time in nature.
Spending time outside and in green spaces can be great for your physical and mental
wellbeing. You could take a walk in the countryside or
through a local park, taking time to notice trees, flowers, plants and animals you see
on the way. Or you could spend some time taking part in
conservation, whether that’s digging in your own garden or taking part in a local
green project. Don’t worry if one technique doesn’t
work for you- try it a few times and, if it doesn’t feel effective, move on to a different
exercise. Try to let go of your worries and take time to enjoy the exercises.


  1. Exploring relaxation can help you look after your wellbeing when you’re feeling stressed or busy. #mentalhealth

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  3. I'm so thankful for this video and the people behind it. With just this video I went from feeling slightly sick with anxiety to feeling so much better. The videos with people talking about their experiences are perfect because everything feels so much less weird. I definitely plan to donate to a mental health charity when I start earning.

  4. I have a mental relaxation place…its based my favourite place to be in Cornwall which is a relaxing place to think of in itself…

    but in my mind I imagine white and coloured fairy lights tealights, candles and hang stained glass panel from the trees and imagine the candle light shining through them…

    I imagine sound of bird song (especially seagull and robins and blackbirds) and running water of the stream…

    I imagine the cool breeze on my face and in my hair…and hear it in the trees…I watch an imaginary sunset with the purples and yellows oranges and blues in the sky…

    I hear the odd train in the distance chugging gently over the tracks…the distant laughter of children…I can smell the trees and the blossom but also try to imagine my favourite purfumes and scented shampoo.

    I just build up a picture of things that I find to be beautiful in nature and in life.

  5. i can't choose a place because i chose our cottaage… and i starterd crying because i can't go there anymore

  6. ever since I've tried these steps everything is so great I love this world its a beautiful place. love everyone

  7. Nice .
    Thanks for sharing with us. I really liked your clip Check out my Channel too, we have some great soothing piano instrumentals for Kids and adults 😉

  8. This video is kind of good but bad answell. Because even though it tries to help it also backfires.

    We want to relax we don't wanna do more stuff and overwork ourself's we don't have time for that and by the end of the video you already feel overwhelm trying to remember what you should do or you can do. So i don't think that replacing what we thinking and doing what the video says will fix something.

    However if i weren't stress and went to look this video and do it i wouldn't mind.

  9. awsume video 🙂 even the voice is relaxing, and felt so calm , could i know the software from which gyz made this ?

  10. How Meditation Elicits Profound Relaxation: or how to relax naturally

    Meditative procedures work so distinctively well to counteract stress because they uniquely require the consistent avoidance of perseverative thought for a significant and continuous period of time, and you need to consistently avoid distractive, worrisome or ruminative thoughts for at least an hour for your muscles to fully relax. In other words, full or profound relaxation takes time. When your muscles do completely relax, you will feel a sense of pleasure or euphoria due to the sustained release of endogenous opioids in the brain that is concomitant with profound relaxation. Sustained or chronic opioid activity down regulates opioid receptors, and reduces the palatability or reward value of food, alcohol, and other substances that otherwise increase opioid levels, the latter being the primary source of food and alcohol cravings. Profound relaxation also inhibits neuro-muscular activation when perseverative thought is reintroduced (i.e., it inhibits stress). Because profound relaxation inhibits painful affective states that are embodied by neuro-muscular activity (tension), elicits euphoric states, and reduces unnecessary and harmful cravings, it allows for a greater measure of self-control, rationality, equanimity, and pleasurable feelings that are the defining attributes of so-called meditative states.

    Since distraction as perseverative cognition is the preeminent cause of neuro-muscular activation or tension, our model is easily falsifiable. Simply avoid all distraction for a timed hour, and see if you can do that for two or three consistent hours a day, and merely record your progress over a few days. You will note that you will feel totally and pleasurably relaxed, have greater self-control, thus representing good feelings and productivity capacities that will extend into your otherwise stress filled day.

    And the good thing is that you will be fully rested and have a natural ‘high’, and will not have to take a course on mindfulness, or meditation, or even for that matter read the book that follows! It’s that simple.

  11. If you're here from e4l
    1. Take a break
    2. Focus breathing
    3. Listen to music
    4. Think of a relaxing place
    5. Active relaxation (do sports)
    6. Use an online guided relaxation exercise
    7. Create something
    8. Spend time outside

  12. i really need help i try everything seems like nothing helps me.. i feel so hopeless and like im worth nothing.. everyone always puts me down..

  13. it really helps and it work very good but you forget something which is the peace inside our spirites 😍😆

  14. Hi . I'm a DJ, I was doing meditation recently
    So i made some sound for meditate. I also made Mixset on my channel
    Share to you & thanks for your support!

  15. I have always felt that rest and relaxation are just as important as hard work, although it’s easy to forget. We all need to kick back and recover from all the stresses that life can bring. Being an athlete, I had to learn this the hard way with numerous over-use injuries over the years. But I think at least for now, that I have finally reached a point in my life where I can balance hard work and play time.

  16. All of the 8 tips i do everyday, I don’t think these things makes you relax, I feel relaxed when i’m sleeping 😊

  17. Thank you! Your video is so relaxing and helpful! I got more motivation for live and enjoy life)).

  18. Love that you can do these practices right now, for free, in less than 10 minutes. For people who want to lead their lives powerfully, self care isn't a luxury. It's a necessity.

  19. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, in 2006. I’ve been on and off medication since then. I cannot work now, due to my illness, and have developed a hair trigger fuse, and total lack of patience with others. I’m trying to change this, but nothing seems to work. I also have BPD and autism

  20. It is important when you sometimes relax. And this video is very helpful. I especially like to 4th advice. The thoughts of relaxing place are really soothing.

    And your voice is amazing😻

  21. I've been through a lot this week. My girlfriend broke up with me cuz i was being a B!tch, rude and all that. I realised what I've done to her, all of my acts and words. Its been a week now and I'm still trying to get her back and trying to apologize. I thought maybe i could give some time for both of us maybe a month. After that maybe i could try once more. Ik what I've done and i want to correct all of the mistakes I made. This video helps me to relax even just a bit and its feels more better sharing my story. Thank you.

  22. "Ur Voice itself is terrifying " I'm sorry . my mind i am not able control myself i am getting irritated anyone plzz help me

  23. I tried this, and now everyone is bothering me, I tried talking with them and all they wanna do is fight, please help

  24. Hello

    I watched the movie and I really liked it

    I would very much like to compose Hebrew subtitles

    I would love for your approval

  25. This is so brilliantly done and as an ESOL teacher it is going to be an excellent resource as you speak so clearly and there are such helpful graphics to go with the words! Brilliant way to teach new vocabulary and grammar in the context of mental health which is often overlooked during English classes and yet is so relevant to our learners. Thank you!!!

  26. One thing iv noticed is if anyone is helping me it makes my mood worse and makes it hard to speak

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