1. These tips are great but many people are in situations were they can just drop everything and relax they haft to complete a task,and part of being profectional in a job is completing a task no matter how you feel.

  2. The thing is I work in retail, and I'm sure if anyone who works at a desk started to doodle or draw something, if they got found out there would be trouble when they supposed to be working lol. It's a good idea though, I should try drawing more when I have time!

  3. Try & get some sleep, ur beautiful mind needs a mini break…I want to kiss & hold u & tell u everthings gonna be ok! Cos it is sarks, I just no it is!!!

  4. and here is a link to a new little book on relaxation and stress that shows how to relax in an entirely new way


  5. The best way to relax your mind is by learning the ultimate truth about life. if you learn the true nature of your mind, you'll learn that all negative emotions and feelings are nothing more than mere illusions and once you know that, you can live more easily in the present. Google TruthContest read The Present. it explains the absolute truth about life and our minds nature.

  6. Thank you very much. I tried a few other things but this one seems to ease my mind better and put the mind in a much more relaxed state.

  7. I m 29 I feel stress I feel my brain is going to be off unhappy in life,afraid,sad,low confidence and no desire to live more..what should I do?

  8. I'm 12 and I get stressed bc of school and the pressure my mom puts on me, sometimes I can even sleep. I also get stressed at cheer competitions and practices, because I always feel like we're not good enough.

  9. How do you relax when your basically on call 24/7? Even when I had time off work I had to go in to the office because of work, work, work. The fact I can't detach from work prevents me from truly relaxing. And I already have sleep problems my whole life I dealt with

  10. what about i don't have time for relax like I go to school then after school I don't go back home I go to ballet and then when I go home it's about night time and I have to do all the homework and I always stress about them because my teachers are the worst! and when I do all the homework I go to sleep at midnight what to do that I don't stress about homework because when I do my homework I cry and I think what will say my teachers what if I didn't make all of them

  11. Ugh I'm 13 and my stress is crazy. School is really stressful. I hate middle school. Does anybody have any more tips?

  12. i just fidget all night i try new things each night and i just have to sleep on the floor or something put a blanket on instead of a doovay

    To Relax, Heal, Focus & Empower.
    “Ni” means “Joy” and “tai” is “Peace”.


    1. First inhale deeply with your mouth closed.

    2. Then open your mouth and audibly resonate the energizing sound of “Nitai” as follows:

    3. Say “Ni” quickly. Then resonate the sound of “ta” in “tai” longer with a short “i” at the end.

    4. Feel the reverberation of the long sound of “ta” in your chest and throat as you resonate it.

    5. This is one inspiring Hum Nitai breath. Repeat as per comfort. Eyes can be open or closed.


    “Ni” is pronounced like “ni” in “omni”. And “tai” like “tie”, but the “ta” is soft like in Spanish.

  14. i search for this video because i want to relax myself but i didn't find anything relaxing it was nice but still starting of this video should be funny and enjoying like if you agree

  15. Hi . I'm a DJ, I was doing meditation recently
    So i made some sound for meditate. I also made Mixset on my channel
    Share to you & thanks for your support!

  16. omg this helped me. God bless for making this video. I didn't even realize it but when I feel pretty bad I tend to start thinking about something that happened to me for example lets say something my mom said that hurt my feelings and then I wonder "what am I supposed to do in life? Who am I? How do I know if people love me or care about me? and how do I enjoy life and what can I learn to do and how do I learn without following exact directions-for example can I learn anything about a flower without a microscope?".

  17. Your right . I always listen to music and it helps me to get relax , and take breaks throughout work as well. Thanks for the great tips !

  18. I really like the space between meditation. I had never heard of it before and I am so happy I learned that one. Because I've heard of progressive muscle relaxation, but this one is more tactile — you don't have to sense and imagine different parts of the body tensing and relaxing.

    You being with nature also inspired me to get a couple of bonsai trees… I know I also just saw Cobra Kai episodes. But it should be good for getting that nature because I live in LA… nature is very different. So Thanks!!

  19. I'm 11 years old and I so stressed about my feelings for my friends. I always care about my friends I love all my friends..and I stressed because one of my friends was hate me now and I can't let my friends leave me easily it hurt me so I want to relax my mind my heart so that I can forget all my pain..

  20. "One of the ways to know that you are stressed is when your mind is not focused"
    Shoot, i came directly to the comments

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