How to Relieve and Get Rid of Stress – Relaxation Tips for High School and College

How to Relieve and Get Rid of Stress – Relaxation Tips for High School and College

hey guys practically psychology here and this is a collaboration with Samantha Robinson and she will be teaching some ways to relieve stress specifically because the new semester is about to start she has a review channel and it would mean a lot to me if you guys check out her channel in the description or the industry anyways here Samantha the first tip is to make lists two orphaned on top in city creating list allows you to prioritize important tasks and make your responsibility see more manageable if you have a lot to get done not having a plan of action to the overwhelming writing everything down can help you realize that some tasks are not responding or time-consuming sec i use west side and basis to help me plan out what I can get done that day including full market assignments house first and Mickey project to today’s technology you need a pen and paper to make like you can simply give out your phone anytime you get making our think of something that needs to get done and write it down in a memo this number two is to use a player to schedule your time efficiently someone is making this players help me to figure out not only wanting to get done but also event the plans I have coming up this way i can problem spending time to get work done around class time holidays work and more using a planner also reminds me of obligations i have coming up in the future so I don’t forget about them for example I often put two day trip to projects within days in my planner that i can write down how many weeks I have left to study for completed projects in the current week this eliminates the possibility of forgetting to prepare for an upcoming deadlines or exam and release stress number three try drawing to get out your thoughts and emotions getting out negative boss can help you understand what might be causing them if you’re someone who finds herself too busy to hang out and talk to friends for you just don’t feel comfortable fencing to other people journaling can be cathartic and allow you to really pick up emotional stressors that would say bottom-up otherwise number four is a fun way to release stress it is to try adult coloring books to calm down there are the science behind it and it’s called our therapies it washes your mind to behave in a creative way which will drive out negative and stressful sauce specifically when you’re creating our think of it like that you can create and destroy at the same time the forebrain to create something there’s also some strong similarities between medication which we know has profound mental benefits our therapies his number 5 go outside and get some fresh air and Sun sunlight can give you more serotonin because the chemical when not receiving the right amount cause the seasonal affective disorder type of depression associated with the lack of sunlight and vitamin D natural settings have included have a myriad of health benefits including sleeping and even function increase cognitive focus and even to heighten your overall watch a movie or TV show that you enjoy and we think of my brother thing this will help distract yourself to strangle yourself to something you enjoy we’ll help you reduce your overall stress something it will keep you from thinking about the things that are stressing you out number 92 made a book reading a book communicate from reality that helps distract from the current structures in your life nowadays audiobooks in digital books have also become popular so you can listen to a book in your car on the way to work for school you may also find it helpful to read self-help book or these may not solve all of your problems making remind you to everyone struggles sometimes and that it’s important to take care of yourself along the way get a good night’s sleep or go to bed early this is immensely important to reducing your stress levels as sweet as your body’s way of healing itself including the brain that returns of hormones that are regulated when you sleep and getting enough sleep is vital to the correct regulation of the tutorials i know that i feel my work when I don’t get a good night’s sleep it leaves me feeling cranky and exhausted reform inspiring quotes to motivate you and put you in a positive mood sometimes just reading something positive control your mind negative thoughts to positive sauce whenever I’m stressed you’re feeling down I also enjoy going on to pinterest look for clothes setting fire be been going and reassure me that everything will be okay there according to accounts you can follow that post office closed all the time and just reading through a handful every day can help you have a more positive perspective on a day-to-day basis you could even go so far as to print out your favorite clothes and hang them on the wall and your constant reminder to relax and stay positive another test exercise for work out it makes you look good and feel good from endorphins you have to be an athlete to get moving you don’t need to spend money on a gym membership either even just going for a walk around your neighborhood or taking a bike ride will get your heart pumping improve your overall health and release endorphins in your body which works like natural team colors that can make you feel before not to mention the time you spent exercising trying to consent thinking to get for situations are feeling that your life i hope you guys enjoyed that and if you did leave a big fat like below if you didn’t leave a comment about what you didn’t like about it i hope you guys enjoy this video and if you want more subscribe


  1. Wow you did an incredible job on this! I love the way you put it together! Thank you so much for the opportunity to collaborate and be a part of your channel! I hope your audience enjoys!! ?

  2. Amazing tips…..these kinda tips are the ones most of em need to know….I will surely help people stay calm and positive. Have to thank you guys for this.?

  3. Ok honestly, I have always loved the helpful content in this channel but I must admit I usually find the information delivered too rapidly to absorb. So I hope Samantha could continue to be the narrator because I find her delivery style alot easier to absorb the information. And her voice quite calming as she speaks at a slower calmer pace. For this reason you guys make an incredible team. I hope this collaboration continues 🙂

  4. Your videos are awesome, but at the same time, its hard to retain so many tips and methods. Please make a video or two on how to retain stuff that we learn from videos from channels like yours or Improvement pill etc and also the stuff we read in self help books. Thanks!!!

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