How to Start Intermittent Fasting | Intermittent Fasting for Beginners

How to Start Intermittent Fasting | Intermittent Fasting for Beginners

In today’s Dry Eye Show we are going over
intermittent fasting for beginners I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler in the next five minutes we are going to show you how to start intermittent
fasting. There is a link in the description that you can click to go
over everything we are going to go over You can also see my intermittent fasting
schedule and our guide to intermittent fasting in different ways. Also don’t forget to share this video with somebody who might enjoy it or who
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find some value from it. With that being said I want to propose a question
let us know in the comments if you have ever intermittent fasted and how it went
for you if you haven’t just put no in the comments below. What is
intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting is a dietary
lifestyle that has really been around for centuries and it is actually a vital part
of many religions around the world By definition intermittent fasting is just
eating during a certain allotment of time and then fasting for a
certain for a prolonged period of time and it can be performed many different ways which we will get into a couple of
those a little bit later. It is generally fine to have unsweetened
coffee or tea during these fasts but no food should be consumed while you are
fasting Some of the benefits of fasting just
overall is that it can lower the levels of free radicals in your body which can
help fight inflammation. It also helps your body deal with stress. Whether it is just stress throughout your your home life or it is a stress from a
chronic disease that you are fighting such as dry eye. Intermittent fasting can
really help your body deal with that stress. Next we are going to go over a few
of the benefits of intermittent fasting She already touched on a couple of the
benefits but decreasing inflammation is kind of what our bread and butter is
with intermittent fasting that is why we want to do it because with dry eye with
any disease really with chronic disease it is mostly inflammatory cause so
intermittent fasting can help decrease inflammation. It can also help with
weight loss. It can help with blood sugar management but if you are a diabetic
make sure you manage this with a physician if you are watching your blood
sugar. It can protect your brain studies have shown and that it also
improves your heart health. Did not click share and share this with somebody
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intermittent fasting also like this video and comment the answer to the
question have you ever tried intermittent fasting. Let us know in the
comments below and if you have how did it make you feel. Let us go over intermittent fasting guide There are a couple different ways like I
mentioned that you can intermittently fast. The first one and probably the most popular is a 16-8 fast which is basically fasting for 16
hours and then eating your full day’s allotment of calories within an 8 hour window. This might look like in general not eating anything after dinner. You have your dinner and then you stop eating and then you won’t eat
anything else until lunch the next day. The next one is
eat stop eat and what this is basically picking one day of the week
when you do at least a 24 hour fast The easiest way to do this would be
to fast from dinner one night until dinner the next night that would get you 24 hours and then the last one that we will talk about today is 5:2
fasting which is basically eating normally but healthfully five days of
the week. The other two days of the week what you will do is either completely fast or you will eat just a very low amount of calories
like 500 calories or something like that In my opinion I think that would be more difficult than just fasting because once you get started
you want to eat more. Those are just a couple of the different ways that
you can intermittently fast Travis is going to go over his intermittent fasting schedule I attended an intermittent fast about 2 to 7 days a week depending on how I’m feeling that week and if we are doing harder training like returning for a half marathon. We tend not to intermittent fast quite as much or quite as many days. We may only do it 2
days a week but how I begin to intermittent fasting is at 5:30 in the
morning I wake up. I usually drink anywhere from 26 to 50 ounces of water
during that first hour and I also workout during that first hour the next hour from 6:30 to 7:30 I make myself a cup of organic green tea or
organic black coffee. I will drink that while I work until my son gets up
at 7:30. 7:30 to 9:00 we feed him. Hang out with him and then from 9:00 to
11:45 I tend to work at that time During this whole time I’m only drinking
water or organic green tea or organic black coffee. Nothing else has really consumed during that time. At lunch time usually around 12:00 that is when I
break my fast and I usually have a green smoothie. We did include a green smoothie in the description below so you can click over to get that on our blog and
then usually from 1:00 to 5:00 I usually snack on things like veggies and
hummus. I snack on low sugar fruits like berries and then organic
rolled nuts during that time in between lunch and dinner. We will usually have a normal dinner vegetable based and after dinner I usually fast
starting at 5:30. I usually fast from 5:30 to 12:30. Now every day no matter
what I always fast from 5:30 to 7:30 I sometimes do extended fasts on top
of that so 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. I always fast but my extended fast is 5:30
p.m. to 12:30 p.m. It is almost a 19 hour fast and just water during that
time and you will notice an improvement in how you feel and just your clarity because you are not burning sugars at that point. You are burning fat
which helps with weight loss with all the benefits we talked about as far as inflammation. Let us jump into some other intermittent
fasting tips. A few tips for you when you are first starting intermittent fasting I would start with a 12-hour fast. This is what I do almost every single night of the week I do at least 12 hours from dinner to breakfast the next day and I know if you are a nighttime snacker that can be really difficult to do because you love reaching to bowl of cereal and ice cream before you go to bed. Yes that used to be me. For sure I had something every
single night whether it was popcorn or like back in college I ate apples with
yogurt things like that It can be tough but the next tip is to
brush your teeth right after dinner this is going to help you from keeping your hands out of the snack cabinet once you brush your teeth you are
not going to really want anything after that and if you do think about it then
you are also going to say well I already brush my teeth The next one is to make sure that you avoid areas in your house or workplace that are full of
snacks while you are fasting. If that is your kitchen or the break room even your drawer at your desk at work. Keep those afternoon snacks and your lunch or your dinner. Keep it in your car if you can while you are at work
so that you are not reaching for it while you are fasting and also make sure to consult your physician before you try intermittent fasting
because it is absolutely not for everyone especially women need to contact their
doctor and just make sure it’s something that is safe for them because fasting can
mess with women’s hormones and especially if you have hormone issues to begin with then absolutely you want to talk to your doctor. Women
who are pregnant or nursing really should not be fasting just because
fasting really depletes your nutrient stores. Other than that click the
share button so you can share this video If you find it helpful help a friend that might need this information share it with them. Also let us know if
you have tried intermittent fasting What your experience was with it? How you did it? We want to hear all about it. Put that in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching We’ll see you guys on the next episode


  1. 😍Summary of the Video😍

    Intermittent fasting is a dietary lifestyle that has been around for centuries and is a vital part of many different religions. Intermittent fasting can be performed many different ways and is described as eating on a set schedule while fasting (or not eating) for certain prolonged periods of time. It is generally fine to enjoy water and unsweetened coffee or tea during a fast, but no food should be consumed.

    Learn more about how to start Intermittent Fasting and check out a schedule here:

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  3. plz Read🙋 We Muslims fast and we have a month called Ramadhan 💜 which is near and we will fast the whole month GOD willing 😍 and its amazing

  4. I have been doing intermittent fasting 16-8 for the last 6 months. I lost 40 pounds and no longer feel the effects of inflamation. I also have up salt, but incorporated celery juice in my diet.

  5. Never tried it, very interested thank you for this guide! Question: if i do the 12 hours fast what times am i eating?

  6. Hi I’m starting to do the intermittent fasting into my diet (16:8) but my problem is finding nice meals that I could eat within these hours do you have any recommendations? Also I’m working out during the progress would this fasting make me weaker? I’m only focused on weight loss and losing fat in certain areas.

  7. Are you guys brother and sister what the hell you look damn near exactly alike the female is so explicitly beautiful😍 I’m currently 180 pounds and kinda ripped my goal isn’t to lose weight but 😭😭 I know that’s going to happen doing this but I really want to lose stress and increase testosterone

  8. If i had dinner and have unsweetened soy milk coffee one hour later, when does my IF starts?
    After dinner or after the soy milk consumption? Does it apply only to food and not for liquid consumption

  9. I will start after Easter Holiday but the thing is that when I eat less I am less hungry…I have no problem no to eat and I have a lot of energy anyway…I really do not understand….😃 I have to lose 18kg and I will try IF with Keto diet. My question is…What I have to eat during the day to fulfill the (supposed) necessities? I do not eat sugar, not fried food, no meat, not processed meat, not pastry, no sodas…Thanks for your videos!! I found you guys today. Let's see!!! 😉😉

  10. The video was very helpful thanks. i have started doing 16/8 hour routine regularly (5 days a week) for the last month now. My question is and would appreciate feedback,is it important to stick to the same schedule 16/8 everyday or can it vary from day to day. for example if one day was , eating time between 9am to 5pm and then the fast from 5pm to 9am could i change the schedule lets say next day 2pm to 10pm and the fast from 10pm to 2pm next day. is this kind of flexibility ok..

  11. Hey.. It's been almost 2 months since I started 16:8. I haven't restricted on the diet but the time. I have reduced inches but not the body weight. Could you suggest if it's going good? Or anything needs to be changed?

  12. I am thinking of trying intermittent fasting as I’ve been on Keto and never really struggled apart from having milk in my tea and which I do enjoy do you advise not to have milk in my tea and coffee?

  13. I am trying intermittent facing for the first time (in anger) this week, I started yesterday. I usually as a habit dont eat food from dinner until about, hhhhmmm between 9-12 the next day, depending on my activity. But today is my first day of keeping track of the time and what I eat when I allow my self to.

  14. Thank you for making this video. I'm trying to do this but going to bed hungry is keeping me awake. If I fall asleep I'll wake up 2 or 3 hours later starving and unable to fall asleep again. I find I end up overeating early in the morning. I'm thinking I should try fasting in the morning and eating up to 3 hours before bedtime. Any experience with this or advice?

  15. Hi…i am a 36 yrs old woman with two kids ( normal deliveries) i have thyroid problem since 13 yrs and also suffer from migraine. Can i do intermittent fasting?

  16. I am 42yrs age. 92kg weight. my BP used to be 140/90. Tired. exhausted. I work on comp. no strenuous work. but i used to feel leg cramps. soles of my feet used to have burning sensation. after eating any type of food my heartbeat would go up to 100bpm. i went to Doc and he prescribed BP meds and various others. i did not eat anything and started IM
    i started 2 month back intermittent fasting
    my eating window
    week1 – 11am -10pm
    week2 – 12pm-10pm
    week3- 1pm-10pm
    week4- 2pm-10pm Still continuing with this eating window.

    all the issues related to my health above have vanished. miraculously. today my BP is 110/77. I am now 88 kg. i am feeling super energized. i m loving it.

  17. hii ,
    i am suffering from depression , anxiety and fibromyalgia….
    and doing intermittent fasting(20:4)from last 6 months ….tracking calories and doing exercise…. just lost 8pounds in 6 months
    but not losing much weight

    please help me out
    thank you

  18. for the females that get into their period i would advise them to not fast until they are finished with their period 😃

  19. I have no idea if im doing it correctly & is there a coach out there? I stop at 2 pm & begin & eat again at 6am. I enjoy not eating dinner. I always feel the acid around my body though & it feels uncomfortable. But it feels nice not eating at night.

  20. I am day 2 of 16/8. I have tried it before so many times but I could never make it and I would cheat because I am an evening snacker. I am so excited that I actually, 100%, did 2 days.

  21. Yes! I'm no longer on insulin because of IF (Gestational Diabetes which didn't go away after my daughter was born, it's genetic as I live a fairly healthy lifestyle and am not overweight), and it makes such a difference with swelling in my joints!

  22. I've done the 16/8 plan, but I didn't know it was only mrant idealy gor twice to three times a week. I eat between 10 and 6/ I alo was told you could eat anything, but I just went with smoothies, broccoli and chicken. It works much better than caloeie counting.

  23. I was told that anything that starts the metabolic process, ie caffeine (even black coffee) is breaking your fast. Is this true?

  24. I have a query….I am a thyroid patient and drink turmeric tea with one spoon virgin coconut oil first thing in d morning. Can I tk this during intermittent fasting also or not? Or will I break my fast doing so? I can reduce d oil to half tsp but cant skip it. Pls reply. Thanks.

  25. for 16/8 fasting Can you tell me what is 8 Hour Window? what does it mean? I do not understand, do we eat for 8 hours????, if i have my dinner at 5pm do i eat from 5pm to 1am? i do not get it! please help. and after i finished eating at 5pm to 1am, on the next day i eat at 5pm??? and 8 hour window from 5pm to 1am then wait 16 hours to eat again which is back to 5pm? repeats?
    And how many meals do we eat???

  26. Do intermittent fasting starts the moment u wake up I mean that's time when 16 hrs of fasting time starts?

  27. I do 16-8 most days. Since I’ve had my heart ablation. I also use the life app for fasting. I do sometimes do a 20-4 fast just not often

  28. I did IF early this year and it helped me lose a few kilos,my cheat day was/is Sunday,but I realized I can't do without breakfast,so I take my break fast at around 9am then my last meal which is lunch at around 1-2pm,from there I don't eat anything unless it's a low calorie fruit like thorn melon or water melon,I don't eat dinner and my next meal is 9am,nowadays am taking a healthy smoothie in the morning to fill me up and avoid consuming wheat products later at my breakfast,it's still working for me.i believe we should go with what works for us without straining or stressing out bodies so much

  29. I did fast and lost a ton of weight but it's not an easy thing to do. There's always gatherings or family events that pressure you into eating. Have you ever tried to politely say "no thank you I am fasting and can only eat during these times" ? It's like you slapped them in the face or something. I will however be starting my fast journey again and hopefully stick to it this time.

  30. If I wake for work at 4 every morning what time should I start my fast and what time should I break it daily

  31. I've been doing intermittent fasting for roughly 18 months now, on and off of course due to holidays, etc.

    Since starting this I've lost 105lbs and I'm working to lose 125lbs in total. Very close to my goal. It made me feel more awake, my heart doesn't hurt as bad since I had a minor stroke when I was 17.

  32. During intermittent fasting can you still lose weight if you eat healthy as opposed to eating a keto diet plan?

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