How To Stop Your Period From Coming! | HACKS!

How To Stop Your Period From Coming! | HACKS!

Hey guys, it’s Marissa and todays video is going to be “How to stop your period from coming!” So there’s no definite way to completely stop your period, but these are some good ways to try and delay it. Obviously everybody’s body is totally different, some things are going to work for some people, some things aren’t going to work for other people So it really just depends on your body, but hopefully these will kind of help you guys out if you want to try and delay your period I know for some people periods can be kind of a pain and come at like the worst time ever so hopefully these help you guys out and if you guys have kept up with my period videos, if you guys have watched my period playlist, link down below for all the period videos you could ever want If you guys have seen that, then you have probably seen how to make your period come faster, and this is kind of the opposite of that video So that video was kind of how to make your period come faster, this one is how to stop it or slow it down for a few days and make sure to follow me on Instagram @missmarissarachel because the first 70k people who follow me on Instagram are gunna get a super light & easy period You guys know it’s true, you know Chester’s magic works so make sure to follow me on Instagram, and also subscribe if you’re not already, join the fam and give this video a thumbs up if you like period videos. and remember guys turn on the notifications to this channel, it’s super important, YouTube’s been messing with everybody’s channels recently so hopefully you guys can still watch my Period videos so definitely turn on notifications. So one good way to delay your period is to remove spicy foods from your diet, and I know this can be hard (Hot cheetos, hot wings, it’s all so tasty) but the problem with spicy food is that it actually boosts your blood flow and it causes you to get your period alot faster. and that’s the opposite of what you want so if you want your period to come slower then definitely cut out all spicy foods. I know it’s hard, but try it Obviously if you don’t eat any spicy food already, then you can just ignore this tip, but if you like things like garlic and black pepper, and chiles, and hot spicy things, then if you want your period to come slower than I would definitely recommend cutting these out. so another thing you may want to try if you’re someone who wants to delay your period a little it is carrots now I personally hate carrots so I’m not gunna be doing this one anytime soon, but the great thing about carrots is they have beta-carotene in them and this actually converts to Vitamin A, which helps minimize bloodflow, so if you’re someone that’s like kinda looking for that slower period then you might want to try introducing more carrots into your diet. So lemons have acidic properties and citric acid in them that help delay your period and there’s some information that recommend chewing on a lemon, I personally wouldn’t do that because lemons are really sour and I would probably find that really unpleasant so I would just recommend squeezing a lemon into some water, or maybe hot water if you want more of a tea. I also really love lemonade so that’s a good thing. So this is a tip that i’m sure you’ve already heard a million times before, and it is to exercise often. This is a tip you’re going to find in pretty much every single health video, or like health information advice. you’re always gunna get told exercise is good for you, it’s good for your body, but it can also actually help in delaying your period. So I actually found it really interesting why exercise is supposed to help delay your period It actually limits your production of estrogen levels, and increases your testosterone levels so exercises like weight lifting, swimming, gymnastics, bicycling, things like that are supposed to be good for delaying your period So this is also a pretty common tip and it is birth control pills. I know that alot of girls already take birth control pills to control getting irregular periods It’s not always necessarily being used to prevent pregnancy and things like that. I know that sometimes for girls who get really irregular periods and they just can’t control them, birth control pills are a way to kind of plan when you’re going to get your periods and you can kind of control when you’re going to get your periods but one thing to say, is there can be negative side affects to birth control pills so definitely just talk with your doctor first find out all of the information you need to know before committing to something that’s a prescription, and learn all the details, so definitely talk with your doctor first if you’re considering this so in my how to make your period come faster video I recommended alot of different fruits and juices, things like papaya and mangos and pineapples, and alot of tropical fruits so obviously avoid those if you don’t wanna get your period faster That video is how to make your period come faster and we want it to come slower so yeah, avoid those so lentils can also be really good for you because they’re rich in protein and iron and they can also actually balance out your hormones which can be going crazy during this time of the month So yeah, another good thing to kind of incorporate into your diet So thank you guys so much for watching “How to stop your period from coming”, some hacks and tips for you guys In case you want to delay your period a little bit, you don’t want it coming right now, you got stuff to do you’ve got a swimming class tomorrow, i don’t know, there’s plenty of reasons make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it Give this video a thumbs up and he’ll make your period super light also, follow me on instagram cuz you guys know the first 70k people are gunna get super light easy periods Subscribe, join the fam, turn on notifications so that YouTube don’t unsubscribe you and I love you guys, big kiss, and bye!


  1. Thanks a bunch!
    I have a basketball game this Friday and I can’t imagine
    Cheering with “you know what”

  2. I used to watch these videos saying like oh I wish I had my period and now I’m like wow I wish I never said that

  3. Me 1 year ago: Ugh I haven't gotten my period for 2 months! I wish i had it now.

    Me now: I hate my period, i wish it could go away.

  4. I usually drink water with lemons everyday and unfortunately… I ran out of lemons today. Just when I freaking needed it the most!

  5. Every time she says period playlist I’m like “Haha jokes on her I’m already watching it” and also I hate carrots so nooooo

  6. I never have spicy things my brother eats my food and that has spicy things in it so my mom cooks without that lol but I still have it once a month

  7. my first 2 days were very heavy but now it's quite light where I think I might be able to swim because it's stops when I'm in water

  8. I really hate periods things become worsened after using family planning I can take 2 weeks in periods I need your help am tired I think women who use family planning understand it better ? pliz anyone willing to help me reply Thanks

  9. it’s sunday and i have a birthday party on saturday ? and mine lasts a week!! i need it to come nowww

  10. im going to the beach tomorrow and im scared to swim and get my period so does the lemon and swimming make period come late ???

  11. Mujhe english nhi aati aap kitna bolti h bs itna smjh aaya ki nimbu lemon ka use krna h… Thnku..

  12. 11 days before vacation..

    Me: I have 11 days before the beach let’s pray I get my period before so I don’t have to deal with it there!!
    Marissa: to make your period come slower “DON’T EAT” any spicy foods! Just don’t!
    Me: grabs hot cheetos, tacos, salsa, and anything hot
    Also me: Dad can we go by a big bag of hot cheetos?
    Dad: why?
    Me: no reason whatsoever…

  13. im going to a zoo tomorrow and it has a waterpark. i feel like my period's gonna start and i just need to delay it one day. ONE. i hope your way works

  14. Does anyone get hot flash after drinking lemon water? Im 29 yo but everytime i drink lemon water (normal temp)i get hot flash and everytime i have hot flash i drink coffee. And its gone ?

  15. My cheer camp is this week and usually this is when I get my period so I can’t have that during camp

  16. So tomorrow I'm going on holidays to Spain for a week and I want to swim but I don't like tampons hopefully this works

  17. I got my period today and today is Friday my uniform is all white

    Now I heard exercise, Today I have 3 hours of gym class.

    Ok the problem is it come down make legs to my toes, I'm going to school today and I have no defender

  18. Okay so I have a hot tub party later today and last weekend was like okay I’m going to follow all these steps to try and not get it today and I’ve been drinking lemon etc. Now it’s like 3 hours till the party and it just started ??? WHY

  19. I'm going to the beach and its only this day that's available for my family so my period decided to join me and so I wanna stop her


  21. I got it yesterday and I’m trying to make it as short as can be because I’m going to the water park in 4 days

  22. ik im late, but, does the lemonade need to be homemade? pls answer bc im drinking lemonade (which is bought) so idk if its gonna work

  23. im going on holiday at the end of this week and im going swimming and im meant to get my period on the first day i go, i dont want to use tampons so imma just try delay my period ?

  24. I actually had some carrots in my dinner this evening. I'll keep these tips in mind before my vacation next month. Here's to hoping and thanks so much xo

  25. I nEver eat spicy food, and I get my period every 5 weeks. The only issue is now I’m gonna get it on the first they have a five day long camp. There are no showers or anything

  26. Does this really work because I am going to get my period on my birthday and I am from a religious family and they are not going to let me celebrate my birthday please help ????

  27. I do gymnasics becous i get flexble some pepple in my class has there period i wish i had mine becous i dont want a babby ???

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