How to Take a First Response Pregnancy Test | Parents

How to Take a First Response Pregnancy Test | Parents

First Response manufactures 3 varieties of
home pregnancy tests. One is a digital version and the other 2 are non-digital. When it’s
taken on or after the day of your missed period, the Rapid Result Test is designed to work
within 1 minute. The Early Result Test takes a couple of minutes longer. When you’re ready
to test, first check the date on the bottom of the box to make sure the test haven’t expired.
If you’re all set, open the box and remove one of the tests from its packaging. The digital
test should have a steady clock symbol on its screen. If it doesn’t, don’t use it. Remove
the cap to expose the stick’s absorbent tip. Holding the test by its thumb grip with the
tip pointing downward and the result window facing away from your body, place the tip
in your urine stream for 5 seconds, or collect a sample of your urine in a clean dry container
and dip the test stick in it for 5 seconds. Place the stick on a flat surface with the
result window facing up. The digital test clock should begin blinking within 30 seconds
of it coming in contact with your urine and should display a result in about 3 minutes.
The amount of time the non-digital test takes to display a result depends on which one you’re
using. The Rapid Result Test should work within 1 minute while you should wait 3 minutes before
checking the Early Result Pregnancy Test. After the appropriate amount of time has passed,
check your results. The digital test is straightforward. When it’s finished processing, the screen
will either display the word “yes” with a plus sign or “no” with a negative line. The
non-digital test will show a single vertical line if the test is negative. If it’s positive,
you’ll see 2 vertical lines in the window. It doesn’t matter how faint or dark the lines
are. If 2 lines are present, you’re pregnant.


  1. Hi, in the instructive says that a negative result should not be possible to see after 10 minutes, but my gf obtained a negative test and the pink bar still there after 1 day, What could it be?

  2. I have a question. Will the rapid results work 2months late of your missed period? Because I had my daughter in nov.15.13 and I had my period normal, lasted about a week and a half, I thought I was going to get it the 15 of dec. and I didn't. I did have sex but he didn't come. And jan 2. 14 I took a test around night n it came out negative den like 30 mins later I took the other n same. My question is did it came out negative cause I took it 2month or almost 2months later after my missed period? Or will the test always work no matter what? Please reply. Thanks

  3. I have a question, can you take the test after a few days youve had sex ? Or do i have to take it when I THINK i missed my period ? Cus im not tryna wait that long

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  7. hi so i took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative so later on i went back to the restroom and the test changed to negative to positive i took another pregnancy test and came out negative . But in the screan it said yes+ and had that times or clock on it wasent blinking or anything it just said yes with the clock on the side . what would that meen am i pregnant or should i try a diffrent pregnancy test ??..

  8. what happens if we leave it urine for more than 5 seconds? My girlfriend misunderstood and almost left it in for 3 minutes but i told her it was 5 seconds. by then it was already in urine for 45 seconds. It came up negative. should we try again?

  9. I had a two pack with non digi and digi. Digi was negative but non digi was a half as dark as control line positive. I am not too impressed with their digi test!!

  10. Is it possible to take the test too early and so it says negative? Ive not had a period in months but only now experiencing some nausea in my lower stomach

  11. Hi my result is 2 lines, the left line is darker the right line is bit lighter than the other. I hope Im pregnant.

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