How to Take a Walmart Pregnancy Test | Parents

How to Take a Walmart Pregnancy Test | Parents

Walmart sells 2 varieties of store brand home
pregnancy tests, both of which are non-digital. When you’re ready to test, first check the
date on the bottom of the box to make sure the test haven’t expired. If you’re all set,
open the box and remove one of the tests from its packaging. Remove the cap to expose the
stick’s absorbent tip. If you’re using the Early Result Pregnancy Test, hold the stick
by its thumb grip and place the tip pointing downward in your urine stream for 5 seconds,
or collect a sample of your urine in a clean dry container and dip the test stick in it
for 20 seconds. If you’re using the Regular Pregnancy Test, place it in your urine stream
or the cup for at least 10 seconds. Place the stick on a flat surface with the result
window facing up. Wait 2 minutes before checking the results of the Early Result Pregnancy
Test and at least 3 before checking the One-Step Pregnancy Test. No matter which one you use,
read the result within 10 minutes of taking it. Regardless of the result, both tests will
show a single vertical line in the smaller control window. If they don’t, the test didn’t
work. The second round window of the Early Result Pregnancy Test will show nothing if
the test is negative. If it’s positive, you’ll see a single vertical line. It doesn’t matter
how faint or dark the line is. If one is present, you’re pregnant. The One-Step Pregnancy Test
will show a single horizontal line if the test is negative. If it’s positive, you’ll
see 2 lines that intersect to form a plus sign. Again, the shade of the lines doesn’t


  1. Currently about to end up head first into this toilet as I took my test I pray im not dying I took the test wrong at 7days late now 9 days late I see this and too many body changes in scared out my mind ..and sick as hack 😷😂👶🙏

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