How to Take an EPT Pregnancy Test | Parents

How to Take an EPT Pregnancy Test | Parents

e.p.t. manufactures 2 varieties of home pregnancy
tests, a digital version and a non-digital one. When you’re ready to test, first check
the date on the bottom of the box to make sure the test haven’t expired. If you’re all
set, open the box and remove one of the tests from its packaging. Remove the cap to expose
the stick’s absorbent tip. Holding the test by its thumb grip, place the tip pointing
downward in your urine stream for 5 seconds, or collect a sample of your urine in a clean
dry container and dip the test stick in it for 20 seconds. Place the stick on a flat
surface with the result window facing up. The digital test screen should display an
hour glass while the test is processing and a result within 3 minutes. If you’re using
a non-digital test, let it sit for at least 2 minutes but no longer than 10. After the
appropriate amount of time has passed, check your results. The digital test is straightforward.
When it’s finished processing, the screen will either display the words “pregnant” or
“not pregnant.” If a book symbol or nothing at all appears on the screen, an error has
occurred. Reference the package instructions for your next steps. Regardless of the result,
the square window of the non-digital test will show a single vertical line. If it doesn’t,
the test didn’t work. The second round window will show a single horizontal line if the
test is negative. If it’s positive, you’ll see 2 lines that intersect to form a plus
sign. It doesn’t matter how faint or dark the lines are. If 2 lines are present, you’re


  1. What if it's after a few hours that the plus sign shows up? I got negative, but after a few hours a line showed up crossing it.

  2. I just tested positive then. I was in complete denial about how the test was read but now I see. My test looks exactly like the positive one & I tested twice. Oh holly hell am I scared now. );

  3. I got a BFP today, I first try with first signal a walmart brand ; than ept. Thank God, I have waiting for a long time for a moment like this.

  4. I'm disappointed!!
    I bought 3 early tests and they didn't work ((( I used them during two weeks after my period supposed to start but didn't. After two days when I used last one I went to Dollarama and bought one for 3$ -it's showed me that I'm pregnant!! I went to the store again and bought 2*1.25$ and again -I'm pregnant. And I'm sure I'm pregnant, it's already 16 days after periods date!!
    My question – Why I paid 17$ for expensive tests and they didn't work????

  5. Hey me and my girlfriend tested and it said negative (one line) we forgot we left it sitting out and later that day we picked it up to throw it away and it said positive but within those 10 min it was saying negative is it possible that it took a while for the results to show or did like the urine expose the chemical strip that indicates pregnancy and it just changed it?

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