How to talk to your daughter about period!

How to talk to your daughter about period!

How to talk to your daughter about period We may feel hesitant as there is just so much
to tell and we wonder how our little girl will react or even understand all that is
happening! Well, stop right here! They all talk about it at school, let´s get
it clear! They are exposed to so much information and
misinformation and, of course, they feel a lot of curiosity about many things. Most of the time they have misconceptions
that´s why it´s necessary to educate them about what is actually the reason behind menstruation! So, let´s get started! Before you talk to your daughter:
Increase your own knowledge about menstruation Talk early and often
Use images and simple videos to make it more clear
Be straight forward, matter of fact way Don´t get into much detail, give time to
let your daughter assimilate what you have told her Answer all questions your daughter may ask
Adjust your responses to your child´s emotional maturity
Be honest, accurate and open with your child If you have boys, include them on a second
conversation and teach them to treat menstruation with respect! It´s not okay to tease a girl or make fun
of her .Give them as much information as it should
satisfy their curiosity The physiology of menstruation is important
but most children are more interested in practical information! I´ll share with you how I explained my daughter
about menstruation: When your body hits puberty, things start
to change because you are moving from kid to adult It varies from person to person It can start as early as 9 or as late as 16 Your body starts to produce a set of hormones
and you start to notice some changes in your body, in your mood and level of energy The most visible changes in girls are the
development of breasts, the growth of pubic and under arms hair and also spots on your
face After some time your period comes
Boys also goes through similar changes too Menstruation also called “to have a period”
means that your body is physically capable of becoming pregnant, having a baby And what happens during the Menstrual Cycle? Every woman has a uterus which is where babies
grow when a woman is pregnant! Every month now your body gets ready to have
a baby You will have a period every 28 to 30 days
and it will last a few days to 7 days Day 1 is the first day of your period In the middle of the menstrual cycle, on day
14, an egg is released from your ovary The Ovulation – and travels through one of the
fallopian tubes to the uterus It takes a few days to complete the journey In the meanwhile the lining of your uterus
gets really thick and soft so it can catch an egg and hold on to it If the egg meet an spermatozoid, it will fix
in the uterus and become a baby. If the egg doesn’t´ meet an spermatozoid
then the lining of the uterus is not needed so is shed through the vagina as a bleeding And the cycle begins again! This is a period! The bleeding does not hurt and is not painful. You will need to use tampons or sanitary
pads to collect the expelled blood that are not visible through your cloths, don´t worry! Some women experience cramps in the lower
abdomen, on the back or breast tenderness Also spots on the face just before and during
periods There are several ways to relief pain and
discomfort For instance doing exercise, warm baths, holding
a hot water bottle against your stomach and other ways There is always a solution! Congratulations! Now let´s celebrate!!! And by the way… You look Wonderful Today!


  1. To tampons and sanitary towels, I would add the cup and the absorbant pants. Both are great and have an added value, as they are environmental friendly.
    Great video thank you.

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