How To Tell If You’re Depressed

How To Tell If You’re Depressed

how do you know if you’re depressed
that’s what I’m going to talk about in this video stay tuned I’m Dr. Tracey Marks a psychiatrist and I
talk about mental health and self-improvement if that’s up your alley
then just click subscribe. This is what clinicians use to diagnose mental
disorders it’s called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
fifth edition it’s our textbook. So even though we
don’t have blood tests to diagnose or to prove that you’re depressed it’s still
not a matter of guesswork there’s a cluster of symptoms that are associated
with being depressed. In order to be diagnosed with depression you must have
five of the following symptoms for at least two weeks. Also all of these
symptoms are present at least most of the day and present almost every single
day. So they’re just not fleeting so you must have five of the nine. First we have
a depressed mood. People may say they feel sad, hopeless or even empty inside.
Children and adolescents they can be more irritable than what you would
expect just from regular childhood upset or being on a moody teenager. A second
symptom is being unable to enjoy anything. We call this anhedonia. So
things that you used to enjoy you just don’t get any pleasure out of anymore.
Then there’s weight loss or weight gain of five percent or a decrease in or
increase in appetite. Insomnia or hypersomnia and this would be insomnia
would be trouble falling or staying asleep and then usually sleeping only
less than five hours. Hypersomnia would be sleeping more than ten hours and this
could be continuous or it could be a total of your nightly sleep plus your
naps. A fifth symptom is being slowed or restless.
I’ve had some patients tell me they can tell when their depression is coming on
because they feel their limbs getting really heavy. Another symptom is being
tired or having low energy all day. Then there’s feeling worthless or having
excessive guilty feelings. You could have trouble thinking or concentrating and
making decisions. Depression is a huge disrupter of your ability to concentrate
and focus and if you can’t focus or pay attention you will have trouble
remembering things. So therefore depression can also cause
memory problems. And then we have thinking about death or thinking about
killing yourself. Depression can really distort your perception about your
future. Things can look really bleak and get to the point where you just want to
you just want to end the pain. And there’s a difference between passive
suicidality and active suicidality and here’s an example. Suppose you were
crossing the street and you thought if a car came and hit me right now I’d be
fine with that. That’s that’s passive suicidality. You
don’t have a plan or intention of ending your life, but the prospect of doing
something or having someone kill you is an attractive option for you. People
become actively suicidal when they start formulating a plan in their head. Even
though at the moment they’re holding back from acting on it. Active
suicidality is an emergency and should be treated in a hospital or crisis
center setting where the person can be in a safe environment until they’re more
stable. Here are some symptoms that I commonly see that don’t fit neatly on to
the list that I just gave you and these would be things like feeling like
everything is hard. And this is how you can end up not getting anything done. You
just can’t bring yourself to attend the tasks.
there’s also frequent crying, you can have a short fuse all the time
that makes you very irritable or easily angered. As you can see there’s a lot of
symptoms, but one important question we have to answer is how much is this or
all these symptoms affecting your life? Another way of putting it is how much
dysfunction does this really cause? One person can have several of these of the
listed symptoms but they’re still going to work each day and they’re still
participating in social activities. But they don’t feel happy inside. They go to
these social things they put on a fake smile, but yet feel very empty while
they’re there. Then there’s another person who may have trouble getting out
of bed, not going to work and some people even stop bathing. And this is the person
who’s probably not going to pull out of this without some sort of professional
help. Whereas the first person may be able to
slog through without any kind of treatment and then this symptoms
eventually pass. Now when I say treatment, I’m talking
about either therapy and/or medication and I’ll have more about treatments in
other videos. So that’s it for now. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to


  1. I bet she's an awesome therapist. Her videos are great. I personally suffered from severe depression for more than ten years, but didn't know until I experienced several anxiety attacks. This information would certainly have helped me, as it was I just muddled along and sorted it out on my own, but it took too long. My recommendation if you are depressed, get entirely out of your current situation entirely.

  2. I've been depressed since I turned 13. I finally got dignosed when I was 25. Let me tell you medication helps a lot.

  3. At 2:05 where you say you have patients who say their limbs feel really heavy. I know exactly what that is; I call it the concrete overcoat. Imagine hardly being able to move because of this weight crushing down every square inch of you. It's hard to convince yourself that there isn't really anything physical on top of you, but it feels so real. I don't miss wearing the concrete overcoat at all!

  4. I have a question, can a depressed mood be changed with a flat mood? (I'll check to see if I get a reply tomorrow)

  5. I have been suffering since four years with interpersonal conflict,negative self image and very low self esteem and living in my own head. Nowadays i have socially cut down my self and live in my own fantasy world. I also use tobacco intensely which i cant control. Something is hold me back from living fully. I ruminate , self blame and shame and cant make eye contact with people. Please give me suggestion what type of this disorder is?

  6. I know when I am depressed when I can't listen to any music except soothing laid back stuff. Ordinary pop tunes, with a strong beat, stuff I usually enjoy, are too jarring. Clannad is a good depression choice for me and all I could play when I went into a big D during 2005.

  7. May is mental health awareness month, and I am glad there are people, like Dr. Marks, who have dedicated their time and profession to help people navigate these issues. My husband and I are doing a multi part series on mental health, depression and suicide. It is such a heavy topic, and so many emotions are involved. Our take away – if you, or a loved one suffers, please reach out to a qualified professional for help.

  8. I searched the internet and found your videos' today when looking to learn more about mental health this month. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and training with others. I will share your videos. Your making a difference in the lives of many.

  9. Thank you, this helped me a lot and explained all of the things that are happening to me for the past year until be honest depression changed me and its hard because im still studying and sometimes it just suddenly comes back..the symptoms are still very active until now but i am happy that my level of depression is not that high and I can still control myself at times of sorrows..Thank you so much

  10. I’m depressed for a while then get happy kinda normal then back to depressed and it’s just so annoying idk what’s wrong

  11. I would have racing negative thoughts all day, very caught up in my own world. Low self-worth, Have to really psych myself up to try and seem half normal in work. But when I'm there I feel terrible anxious, disconnected, I've lost interest in playing music… I lose interest in become part of life
    But the thing is I know if I REALLY push myself to give it 100%, be positive be grateful for my life, my family, my job it takes an enormous effort but I can get glimpses of reality and peace (The present moment). But sometimes I just give up and isolate and pretend life isn't happening which doesn't help. I know it's not "real" because the real me is peaceful, happy, loves dancing, is excited about life, the future, loves my nephews and nieces… It's just incredible hard to get back there

  12. I believe that depression is really common but no one talks about it or even seek help. I've been feeling like this for almost 3 years now. I don't enjoy the stuff that I used to enjoy in the past, I feel weak with zero energy throughout the day yet I force my self to keep moving and finish my scheduled workouts. I don't feel sad inside, I feel empty and I get mad at every little thing. My grades are getting worse every semester, I can't focus and I have to read the sentence a lot of times in order to process it. and God!! falling asleep is a real problem for me.
    I'll definitely get the help I need if I get properly diagnosed with depression?

  13. I have insomnia but I'm scared of dying so I don't do the dangerous stuff or think about committing suicide. I go to sleep easy when my husband is home because I know if something happens to me he will call and ambulance but during the day it's different. No one but me or my daughter (unless she is at school) is home so I'm not game enough to close my eyes.

  14. This is the first time Ive heard someone point out passive suicidality. I have been experiencing this. What also happens is everything seems harder, so I wait until I get that sudden energy burst (which is usually at night) to get things done.

  15. I struggle with this as well as other mental illnesses. It's no joke. Even with meds, I struggle to get up everyday and just exist.

  16. i do have all those sympthoms almost every day ….like last week i used to sleep for 11 to 12 hours and some other weeks i only seelp for 3 or 4 hours ….i get sooo tired after sitting for just 1 hour in class and i can't even focus for a 5min with what the teacher is saying
    i feel so empty and numb all the time
    but i always have that idea that i am just faking it and lying on my self that i am depressed i don't really know what i am feeling

  17. for some days i have suicidal like i want to die most of the time feel inferior or sad i don't find the things i used love not exciting anymore i also feel fatigue for no reason i even have trouble eating to no reason PLZ HELP ME I WANNA GO BACK TO MY CHEERFUL SELF

  18. Hypersomnia
    Tired no energy all day
    Can't focus
    Everything is hard
    Irritable – I'm awful and don't feel the need to explain myself because I'm too mad ?

  19. Well not everyday it happens 6 of the symptoms apply but everyday it seems like it is happening more and getting super depressed at times used to be like 2 times every week but now it's 4 every week and feeling more longer idk if it is growing but i need help when no one is there to help me 🙁

  20. Dr. Tracy I feel a little weak and lazy. And I get negative thoughts but Sleep is normal and I feel some unknown fear. Is it depression. If yes how long to take medication for it. I m from India.

  21. I take paroxetine and I have terrible realistic nightmares every night and when I wake up, I feel heaviness in my head and tiredness. Is it normal??

  22. How about emptiness? My husband have some of the signs you mention…but the question is he feel have done nothing in his life and feels down….I want to do something for him. How u can help us?

  23. Is it common for dysthymia to affect relationships?
    The emotions one ought to experience during a kiss have simply ceased to exist for me irrespective of how deep I love my guy. It's scary and confusing :/

  24. I had all of these god it was awful life is black when your like that no joy at all you feel. There is still a big stigma about depression. I still went to work abd went out to meet friends but i hated it, just wanted to be at home where i felt safe.

  25. Hi Dr Marks .just wanna ask I’m bipolar one .just wanna ask by any chance you Could tell me why my psychiatrist don’t want to give me Lexapro

  26. That emergency thing until they are safe is a scarier nightmare than the depression itself. I'd rather wait on the passing car

  27. Hi Dr Marks thank you for another wonderful episode. Is feeling like it's pointless to be born just to die a sign of depression. I have been feeling that way and wonder if perhaps I'm just a negative person. I try and see the good around me but always come to the same conclusion… Why bother being happy and doing anything if one day it's gone. I sound so miserable and just negative. I do however manage to smile alot. Kind regards Teri

  28. I thought i had dysthymia beacuse I've had 4 of those symptoms. And now I'm watching this and I've had 6 of these symptoms. Is that considered double depression. I'm 15 btw

  29. Hi doc..I am 25 y/o living in the philippines.
    All of the symptoms you mentioned, I have had that since i graduated college..Ive been passive my whole life but it got worst when i got a job..
    I just cant focus and whenever someone notices my poor participation at work I feel execissively guilty and starts to underestimate and doubt myself..Everyday I feel worthless and empty and always think of ending my life..always feel and question my existence..I just feel like i dont have any reason to live..And yes sometimes when im alone I take pleasure in imagining that something will kill me and I would be okay with that..I just feel so restless and cant participate at work.. I used to dream about writing..I love writing so I applied as research assistant but when stress hits me ny negative thoughts starts to unravel and eats me alive..Sometimes im scared of myself like i dont know me anymore..i just really want to know how to remedy or what help would I get? Because God help me I cant talk about this to anyone..I cry myself to sleep knowing that I can't do anything as I watch myself wither to nothing..please help me!!

  30. I have all of the symptoms she really said. If is were an intelligence test then I am really intelligent but I'm not. However, I somehow disagree when she said that this state just passes by and doesn't last that long. I actually have depression for more than a year now ever since I noticed it (excluding the months or years I don't know; it's probably longer than that). I didn't seek treatment because I don't want my parents learning about it and a lot of complications will come. It would be hard and I don't think I can handle it. Well, anyways, at this moment, I'm fine but who knows on the next days. It won't be strange.

  31. Please help…
    In my case..i'm still confuse if i'm suffering from depression or just feeling depressed..
    Even though i have a great family and friends..Right now i feel like there's something missing..
    I always ask myself..what's my purpose in living..
    Sometimes negative thoughts just popped up into my head..remembering all the failures that happened to me and also regarding my health condition..i get irritated easily..and felt anxious sometimes..

  32. Getting help cost money I don't have. I have all the symptoms and just deal with it. But it would be nice to get help to feel a little better

  33. Im having most of the symptoms from 4 month ago till now
    Yeah i laugh
    Yeah i go hangout
    But indeed i dont feel like enjoying any of my activities
    I cry everday and most of the time
    Im moody…i dont have a constant mood…suddenly i feel angry or mad and suddenly i hate someone i know without a reason
    I feel like a mountain crushing my heart…i feel my breathe is so heavy like i need oxygen
    I lost 5 kg in 2 weeks

  34. I have to disagree about active suicidality. Putting someone in jail (essentially, unless they can afford a nicer facility) doesn't help them, it only prevents them from killing themselves while they are locked up. On the other hand, it tends to make people more hopeless, feel less normal and and adopt a victim/patient mentality. Most importantly, though, the THREAT of being locked up prevents people from being open about their suicidality, which prevents even caring doctors, like Dr. Marks, from treating them with the urgency that's called for. (oh, and did I mention the avalanche of medical bills you get upon release? that's not exactly helpful either. Personally, I tend to get angry when people bill me for a service I didn't want)

  35. I have all the 9 symptoms and just found out (by watching this) that I have this active suicidality thing. Bad news is I have no one to talk to and can't afford therapy or anything like that, public health care in my country is basically shit and it takes ages to start any proper treatment. From what I see I have only two options: die or wait until it passes in a few days and I'm hyperactive again, to be honest the first option is more appealing to me because I can't handle my non depressed self either since she's just way too much.

  36. What if you have both active and passive suicidality but it comes and goes like even though you come up with a plan doesn't mean you follow it you just have that feeling/thoughts?

  37. Dr. Marks, I have been depressed for years and I have tried many meds but didn't work well. I have tried about 5 meds some of them caused bp or being sleepless. My memory and concentration is too bad.

  38. Hi dr Tracy , I wanted to ask , how do I know I need to increase or decrease my medication dosis , I’ve been on sertralina 100 milligrams and lamotrigine 100 milligrams for over 2 years now and I’m not where I used to be I do have a 4 hours job now but I’m crying and just sleeping or resting most of the day , there are days when I feel better but I look at others people day routine with 8 hours shifts , waking up early and drive to work and I just can’t understand how can they drive the simple idea of having a car and drive and be careful not to hit someone with the car it’s just exhausting, I can’t do those simple things others do … do I need a new medication or a change in my dosis?

  39. Actually i have all of the symptoms..i am 19 years old now… . I have been depressed since 1 year or more… But some time for 1 or 2 day i just be happy and full of joy with no reason then again i feel disgusting… I cry on my own and be angry at anybody with no reason then feel sorry.. I can't control my anger.. I don't know how my mood is going to be next.. . I am just dying… But i can't tell this anyone… No one notice me like this… Only this comment section knows… Sry for bad English…

  40. Might depression be an awareness rather than an illness?! Some experts say that it is an evolutionary advantage also suicide… why psychiatrist try to treat it? may be physcians are taught to treat it in medicine faculties??? just questions…?

  41. I really hope they don't use the desk reference to diagnose mental disorders ? it's a wonderful reference but it isn't suited for diagnosis.

  42. Today was a hard day. Had to really force myself to get out of bed and go to work. Wanted to call in sick. Then once I managed to get to work, I kept thinking of an appropriate excuse to go home. I stuck the day out and I’m glad I did, but the energy it takes is monumental. I miss the old me.

  43. Dr Marks, I hate going to my therapist because I often leave therapy more depressed than when I got there. Is that how it should be?

  44. What if you have many of these, but only a few hours a day, a few days a week, not all the time, but chronically? Like for the last forty years in my case. Is that more dysthymia? Or what? Thanks.

  45. I have every single symptom. It sucks cause I've always been a really happy person up until a couple years ago. It's like the person I am now isn't even me. Definitely a weird and scary experience

  46. Hello Tracey! I just wanted to start off by saying thanks for posting these videos, I definitely recognize some of these thoughts in myself, and I really do want to get better, I am tired of feeling alone/like I am worthless. – I know I have made mistakes, in fact we all do, humans are imperfect beings, we all have our own set of issues we deal with, and it is admirable you are out there trying to help others!

    I had a high level of depression before this year, and after recent events I feel as though it is back, albeit not near as strong as it once was, and I'll explain why that is, still I do fight depression here and there.

    I have never been that social, I was called anti-social by a friend in high school. I was friends with a girl back in high school, whom I never dated, but I misread something and it caused me to think less of myself after that relationship faltered, and soon after all of my other friendships soon went the way of vcrs. xD I lost contact with them all because I didn't want too hang with them, I prefer to just stay home and game, I managed to get a few friends online, but frustratingly they ended up just like my friendships in real life, people have moved on, granted the difference between the friendships online and the ones in real life is how things fell apart, the ones in real life, I allowed it to fall apart, the ones online its more that they chose to have a life elsewhere and they stopped caring about having a conversation with me. I guess you could say I prefer deep relationships and I thought a lot of online friends were more capable of having a deep connection with each other. (Make no mistake about it I was depressed/I often had those 'passive' thoughts… like I wouldn't care if I died/almost begging someone to just run me over/shoot me with a gun. – Though I am glad this hasn't ever come to fruition/I hope it never does when it comes down to it.)

    Fast forward 8 years out of high school, I finally get a first job, (this was with my father) that I admittedly hated, I didn't care about it, I was constantly late/but managed to quit on my own terms, 2 years (with a different family member) after that another job I didn't particularly like, but was on time more often/appreciative to be there, after about 6 months there, I knew it wasn't what I wanted in life, to be depressed/just happy with what I got so too speak, so finally I did something for myself and I lucked out I got a job much closer to what I love to do, I even did some of this 'profession' in my darkest time in life. – I got lucky to receive a job in/near technology, it was here during a training class that I came out of my shell a little, and they noticed something about me, and they pointed it out. Granted it was all me who stood out, they noticed it, and this caused me to have a different perspective on things while there/my time away from them.

    Sadly something happened with that job that caused the need for us both to go our separate ways, it has left me with those all too familiar questions, am I good enough… am I loved/am I worthy etc, well that and personal matter (I went into some detail of this on another of tracey's videos about toxicity)… both happened within a few months of each other which really didn't help my mind set/me falling back into those thoughts. – Now obviously none of them owe me a thing at all. – I now feel like I am in a bit of a corner, but instead of blaming them I refuse to 'swing' at them, I want to "swing" around them. — That bit about refusing to roll up and just say forget life leads me to think I refuse to allow depression to have the same hold on me it once had.

    I like me better when I focus on myself/bettering myself, I love to analyze things, but I know I can get too caught up in thinking, and will sometimes just act due to this, but 9 times out of 10 I have at least pondered about the consequences to my actions, even small ones.

  47. The only thing keeping me alive is my mother and the devastation it would cause her if I ended it. I have a plan for when she's not around any more. I know how to enter a certain high rise car park and jump to my death.

  48. hello! iam a medical student.i had sinusitus and throat infection 1 and half month ago.i got treatment in a hospital, where i was treated through antibiotic injections etc for 3 days.after that i felt weak. there was shortness of breath etc. i thought it to be a weakness.i visted a doctor.he gave me a medicine alparazolam for 10 days.i used them ,i did not know that what is their function.then he gave me dulexitine 30mg. i used it for 2 days (2 doses).my condition was nit good after that.i consulted physhitrist.she abandon that medicine,s he said i have not any problem…now i have severe headace, pressure behind eyes , in face and head…i think that the medicine made my condition bad…i did not require medicine …1 month has gone since i left medicine…tell me what should i do? this will recover with time?

  49. i hate my depression. its killing me. i go to work and function pretty okay, but when i'm home i just want to sit in a chair. and i am trying to help my parents and i'm living with them. i'm 60.

  50. I've read about suicidal thoughts on so many websites yet this is the first time I'm hearing about 'Passive Suicidality'. Proves why Dr. Tracey is awesome.

  51. I've battled with depression for years now. I can't keep a job, I go a few days without bathing and cry every day. I mostly just want to lay in bed and chain smoke. Even with my venlafaxine and olanzapine combination, it's still really tough for me to want to do anything and I sometimes hope that my cigarette addiction will kill me soon. I've switched consellors often but none of them seem to understand. It's mostly due to a lot of painful memories. Whatever it is, it's horrid and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    The thing I've noticed about antidepressants is that they may make it easier for me to cope, but the feelings are still there, they just don't affect me as much as they did before i went on meds. Right now I take 150 mg of venlafaxine everyday, along with 10mg of olanzepine. It's the only combination that has worked, before this I've tried escitalopram, which gave me bad side effects; and fluoxetine, which didn't help at all. I've also been on risperidone, which made my arms get stuck and I couldn't move them at all, so they switched to olanzepine.

  52. Its hard to have depression undiagnosed, I have all of the symptoms, but I can't let anyone know. Psychologist are costly and having this would be too expensive :((.

  53. me before the video be like I'm always sad I'm not depressed right

    me counting the symptoms I have

    me getting all of them

    ok that explains a lot…

  54. so if i don't have desire to do anything and everything is hard to do am i depressed or just a bum that like s to sit inside all day and do nothing

  55. I've seen therapists on and off for 25 years and started medication 20 years ago. I've had brief weeks of better moods but these days it's worse than ever. I live in fear of my own feelings and my behavior is getting stranger and stranger as I try to avoid things that cause stress. I'm concerned that the weird antisocial behavior will permanently isolate me even if the mood should lift.

  56. What if you’re just going through a very hard time in your life, and you’ve lost a lot of things in a short period of time because idk if that’s depression or just life and you’re trying to get through it. I don’t know…

  57. Dr. Marks, Where would put apathy in the spectrum of symptoms? Depression was the order of my day in some shape or form throughout my life, so needless to say it’s a struggle. I had a breakdown when I was 20, now I am 44. I take medicine and receive therapy. I get up in the morning, and a somewhat active life. I have a spiritual community that I belong to and that helps a lot. My familiar relationships are very good and improving, and I enjoy having relations, but with all of this I am still plagued by apathy. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, and the symptoms are quite daunting, the one being “apathetic”. My apathy seems to be connected, and while I am relatively high functioning, I only do the bare minimum. I have so many thoughts swirling around my head and it’s very difficult to care, or I guess I submit to the disorder of the day or night for that matter. I am just consumed with the question, of whether or not I am making sense. I guess maybe you might have at least some insight about how to deal with apathy and turn it around Thank you!

  58. I have all of these symptoms but I don’t feel depressed I just kinda feel eh about everything. I think about dying and other people dying often. Everyday in fact. Am I crazy? I haven’t hurt anyone and I think it would be a waste of time to do so.

  59. where have you been all this time. I just found out that I was depressed also really random but your hair is awesome

  60. I remember I forgot to wash my hair, body, face, and teeth for a week. I refused to eat and I slept 11 hours a day constantly. Thankfully it only lasted for a few months, but it still sucked

  61. Dr. Tracey, do you recommend Prozac? It helped me for a few month but recently I tried taking it again, and i slept way more..I'm not sure if it was the prozac or life changes however. I stopped it about a week ago and only started it for almost 2 weeks.

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