How to Tell What is Causing Numbness In Your Leg And Or Feet-Common Causes

How to Tell What is Causing Numbness In Your Leg And Or Feet-Common Causes

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet. In our opinion Of course Bob we did one on this earlier as far as regarding the upper extremities but this today, we’re gonna go how to tell what is causing numbness in your feet or legs common causes So yeah, and there we’ve got about half a dozen things that could possibly, we got at least seven. Well actually we got bonus we got 8 I know you don’t like that number eight you like seven Liz likes even numbers. She likes the eight okay, so carry on Alright, so, by the way, if you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload every day Also go over to the Facebook and like us because Brad and I as children were not liked So we’re trying to turn things around. It’s Bob and Brad You can find us, just look Alright, the first thing we’re gonna talk about this is just these are some common ones that happen to people sometimes, it’s happened to me not necessarily this first one but especially women if they cross their legs like this They’re putting pressure right on a nerve right here as it goes over the fibula just below the knee. Yep Just below the knee and you can actually that can cause numbness especially if you do it, you know Repetitively day after day. So it’s the perenial nerve and so in order you know, if you start getting tingling down the side of your cap, you’re like Well, what’s causing that it may be as simple as that there. Just pressure on the nerve when you cross legs So just don’t cross your legs anymore. I’ve seen some bony people that even laying, you know, like if they sleep on a hard surface So the other one is if you take a big thick wallet like Brad has it’s so full of money I don’t even have it with me, gave it to my wife She’s going shopping, there’s the old joke about a wallet. Did you hear that my Wife’s wallet was stolen, but we figured it was cheaper for the thief to have it than for her to have it Hope our wives’ aren’t watching. They never watch. So anyway You put a thick wallet in your back pocket You can get pressure on your sciatic nerve. Sure This happened to me when I was driving one time and my leg started going entirely numb and I couldn’t hit the brake I mean it was terrible. Yeah scary. I had to switch feet That’s why I put my wallet in my front pocket, that’s what I do I usually just put it on the seat next to me, alright moving forward okay, next thing so those are very easy things to correct now the Next one is called tarsal tunnel syndrome. And this is a you know, we have a nerve that travels Brad’s going to demonstrate here We have a nerve that the posterior tibial nerve that Travels right down behind the medial malleolus or the inside Ankle bone. Yeah right there and there’s a little tunnel that goes through just like carpal tunnel you know and up in the upper extremity you have tarsal tunnel in the foot and this can get worse by if he’s got like Flatfoot and putting stress on it, you know, yeah if you sprained your ankle, sure either swelling, stretched whatever It’s gonna put pressure and you can test it by just tapping, right Below the ankle bone and the heel bone there in the hollow spot And just start tapping there for about 30 seconds and see if you start getting symptoms into the foot Sometimes you’ll even see it swollen there. Sure. I mean you can so yeah anything happening Brad no, I think I’m pretty clear My coloring is coming off So I’m getting better. All right, the next one Brad very common especially nowadays with diabetes is peripheral neuropathy now with peripheral neuropathy Peripheral means out to the sides, you know central neuropathy would be you know The trunk or spinal cord and neural means nerve and pathy means abnormality. So usually your nerves are damaged and they can get better I mean they can heal especially depending on the damage but there’s really a lot of different types of neuropathy There’s like a hundred types. It’s one of those kind of Words, that’s may be abused and people don’t really understand it and, just well it can affect the motor nerves it can Affect the sensory nerves it can affect the ones that are sending signals up and the ones that are sending signals down so you can get burning a cold sensation Anything that involves the nerves. You know, it can be shiny looking, usually its global It’s not just on one side of the foot or the other I call it stocking distribution Like if you pulled a long stocking up wherever the stocking is, it’s probably both sides too, oftentimes yes so that’s gonna be a clue and that’s obviously something generally your doctor is gonna diagnose We don’t have any stretches or any tricks to get that in except for maybe exercise with circulation Yeah Hopefully the more circulation, the more it would heal, we’ve done a video on that before sure so next one is a peripheral artery disease now instead of the nerves being affected it’s the arteries and Generally what you’re finding that is the arteries they don’t have as much blood flowing through them There may be some atherosclerosis, you know, some buildup of fat, they’re getting plugged up. Yep They’re getting plugged up good way of saying it Brad and there’s not as much blood flowing through there So what often you’ll see in this case is Someone will walk so far and they’ll go oh I’m getting pain in my calf Right, right And it’s kind of a lot of times equal The concern with this is if you have this if there’s blockage down there there could be blockage In the heart and there could be blockage up in the brain So you’re at risk of a heart attack or a stroke So you definitely want to get that diagnosed to see if that’s the case. Yeah I’m very familiar with that because my father had it here. He had it in his coronaries And his heart was plugged up, he was pretty much plugged up head to toe his last two years So and he always after he had walked a few blocks He would say everything is painful and he thought it was an arch problem He was convinced his arches in his shoes weren’t any good. I’m sure it was this blood flow issues. Exactly very common I’ve seen it when I’ve worked with people with Amputations because of the loss of the limb. All right next one is a herniated disc So a lot of back problems can send pain and numbness And tingling down into the legs If it’s a herniated disc one of the simple tests you can do, so the disc is pressing on a nerve is just have the person lay down and So let’s see he’s getting the pain on this side a lot of times it’s one-sided And you can bring the leg up like this Straight knee. Yep, and you can put that one down. There you go I’m going like this and then I’ll go up to the point where he starts to feel a little bit of pain I’ll back off and then I’ll push the foot down like this. Mm-hmm this is called a straight leg raise and We’re checking and if this increases not the stretching pain if it increases your numbness and pain and pain in the back Pretty good sign you have a herniated disc, particularly go up to there Let’s see you start to feel some pain there And then you add that dorsiflexion of the ankle movement and that really hurts here not here That’s a real positive test You can even have the person bring their head up too. You do that it really stretches the nerves and the spinal cord all the way along there So just a little helpful hint you may need a little help there to do that one if you want to check It’s hard to do that one by yourself Now Brad can speak to this next one these next two really kind of spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis Right, in both of these cases You’re gonna probably gonna be getting pain down the leg And in both of these cases, it’s gonna feel better when you kind of bend forward So they call it shopping cart syndrome like it feels better when you lean on a shopping cart when you’re walking. Yeah Yeah, walking typically is uncomfortable. But if you lean forward a little bit, it feels better. I know myself you know if I squat down like this that feels so good because we’re opening up taking the pressure off the nerve and Sitting feels better it gives you These are the people that will say I can walk so far and then I just have to sit and when you sit down It’s immediate relief right it feels better right away. You do that one where you put your foot up on a stool too don’t you Yeah. Yeah. I’ve been fortunate I’ve been able to treat mine So it’s not near as bad as it was and that’s gonna be case by a case but I do this and that helps and I think I’ve got An SI issue that compounded with it. Is there anything else you got Brad? I’m afraid to go to the doctor and find out. I’m really impressed with Brad. I’ve said this before, if Brad wasn’t a therapist I think you’d actually be disabled I mean, I think you would probably have had surgery already and I think you would have been, yeah, who knows Instead of just mentally disabled you’d have been right From the neck up. We don’t want to go there but from the neck down things are okay So the bonus issue is sometimes they have what is called false Sciatica where you actually have the piriformis muscles involved piriformis is a small muscle in your butt goes across the sciatic nerve or sometimes the sciatic nerve pinches or Pierces it goes right through the muscle, you were born that way You’re born that way, they call that an anomaly So generally, one way to test it is, you know, if you’re having pain down the right leg I usually bring the leg up and pull it over to the opposite shoulder. This one goes down, right? Yeah I usually do it down and right there’s where that piriformis and if you test one side to the other And this one feels really tight and then I do this one and this one goes much further and feels good. Yeah It’s a possibility. There’s other signs that we could go over but we’re gonna try to keep this video simple So we just wanted to go over just the basics, You know if we went to detail on all these we could be here for about a week. Yeah And people are already tuned us out. All right, everybody. Remember we can fix just about anything, except for a broken heart. There ya go. But we’re working on it. Thanks for watching


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