How to use a menstrual cup? How to insert a menstrual cup ?

How to use a menstrual cup? How to insert a menstrual cup ?

Hi everyone, today I am going to do a quick video on how to use a menstrual cup, so I’ll keep this brief and just give you tips that are really really needed by a beginner to learn how to insert and remove a menstrual cup, if you want to know more about what is the menstrual cup and why should we use, you can watch our other older videos.. so I’m going to start with a quick look at the female reproductive system this diagram shows you the fallopian tube, uterus, where the ovaries are, the cervix and the vagina. so this little opening is the cervix and this entire canal is the vaginal canal or the vagina and that’s the opening of the vagina. if you look at it from the side this is our value really bladder and this is our urinary bladder and this is the urethra, this is where we pee from and this is the uterus, cervix and vaginal canal and this is where we bleed from during periods, so why I’m showing this is because a lot of women get confused that if they’re wearing a cup where will they pee from, so when you bleed from the cervix through vagina this is where we have to insert the cup and we pee from a totally different opening so you can easily use the cup and go to the toilet you don’t have to remove the cup.. okay so now i’m going to show you how to insert a cup this is a little model of the female reproductive system so like we just looked at it ovaries, uterus, this is where all the blood is collected it comes out, this is.. sorry the lighting is a little off.. yeah so this is the cervix, thats where the blood comes out and this is our vaginal canal so the cup needs to be inserted here to collect the blood. There are different kinds of folds that you can use to insert a cup. for example the C Fold, where you fold the cup like this into a C and you insert OR you could use the punch down fold, where you punch like this and it becomes a narrow opening like that and then you can insert like that. so let’s start i’ll show you a demo with a punch down fold the best way to punch down is to look at the air hole on the cup and punch on top of that when you’re folding on the air hole it’s easier for the cup to open when it goes inside. i have folded the cup with a punch down fold and .. this is the vaginal opening so you insert the cup like this inside and push it in and when you leave it will pop open like that and form a seal with the vaginal walls like this. so now the entire cup should be just inside your vaginal opening, if a little bit of the stem is also outside it might irritate you while you walk so you have to make sure you push it all the way deep in so that the stem is also inside. in case you inserted the cup with the fold and it did not open, it stays like that inside. you will feel a little feel a little dent in the cup and of course it will not form a good seal with your walls and it might leak. so if you’re feeling the dent and the cup has not opened up there are few ways to open it and I’ve done more detail separate videos as well but I’ll quickly tell you the most easiest way to do is you pinch the base of the cup like this a few times and then it will just pop open like that one very important thing we need to consider while insulting the cup is the direction in which we inserted so our vagina canal is not vertically straight like this and that’s what mostly people end up doing is that they fold the cup and they try to insert it vertically upwards like that and then they find it difficult or painful to insert because our vaginal canal is actually tilted slightly tilted toward the back at an angle like this so if you’re going to insert the cup- up like this it won’t go in so we need to insert the cup in a direction like this. what we can do is try to insert the finger in first so you get an idea of which angle we need to insert the cup and then it will be a lot easier for you to know when you can slide it in like that. so now once the cup is inserted properly you can leave it till the time it gets full. so once it’s full or you have been wearing it for eight to ten hours you need to take it out wash it with plain water and wear it again. so to remove the cup you need to slightly move your index finger and thumb inside the vaginal opening you find the stem of the cup or the base of the cup and you need to pinch it, the moment you pinch the base of the cup, air goes inside through the air holes and the suction of the cup with the vaginal wall is broken so it is easier to remove it. so once you pinch the base you need to move it slightly left-right-left-right and pull it out like this and it comes out. some people might find this a little painful because the mouth of the cup is quite big and if you are taking it out of the vaginal opening it can hurt, so to avoid that once you pinch the base and you aren’t doing it to bring it a little lower and then with the help of your index finger and your thumb, you can fold the cup so you insert.. so the cup is little outside, the base of the cup is little outside your vaginal opening, then you insert your index finger and with the help of index finger and the thumb you bring it back into a C fold like this so how we were inserting, so you bring it back into a c fold like this or U fold so you bring it back and you bring it back into this position of a c fold and so that makes the cup a little smaller and then you continue to take it out so this won’t be painful while removing. once the cup is out, you just dump the contents into the sink or your toilet seat, wash it with plain drinking water or regular water and insert it again another thing i’d like to add here is that this length is the different for different women, some have a very high cervix, some have a low cervix and some have a medium so women with the low to medium cervix tend to find their cup always just at the opening so it’s very easy, they just have to insert the fingers a little bit then find the cup their, and they pinch and remove but some women would have a very high cervix and the cup would have moved deep inside so when they insert the finger they can’t feel it at all and that is also totally normal infact most women do have a very high cervix or high cervix so if you cant feel the cup or its stem there’s nothing to worry about and that is something actually very important if you stress over it that I can’t find the cup, its gotten lost inside me that makes your muscles quite tight and tensed, makes it even more difficult to remove the cup. All you need to do is squat on the floor that would bring your cervix a little lower, and push like you’re pushing a baby out so what these things would do is bring your cup closer to the opening and then all you need to do is grab hold of the base, pinch it and remove like we’ve already discussed so the most important tip I’d like to give is to stay calm while using a menstrual cup whether you’re inserting it or removing it. the more you stress over it, the more your muscles will get tensed up so just relax and go for it you’ll be fine


  1. First time I tried, it was so painful. I was doing it wrong. My second attempt worked with tolerable pain. By my third attempt, it went in easily and now I can’t do without my cup 😍

  2. Very good and detailed information, thank you so much! I've been looking for this exact info for a while after buying my first menstrual cup and freaking out about using it. The model of the vagina and uterus really helped to make sense of it.

  3. M using mensual cup from last 4 months and it's way more comfortable and easy to use than the ichiness and sweat around vaginal portion with pads .. m happy with mensual cup

  4. Ma'am pls suggest me something I started using cup before 2 month and didn't leaked for a single time but this is mah third cycle and I need to go washroom again and again becoz it's leaking I fit again after few minutes it starts leaking plsss suggest something

  5. It's my first day to use the cup and I'm glad I was able to see your video. This is helpful among the other videos I have watched. First, it doesn't hurt, and lastly it feels nothing once you relax your mind and get used to it. πŸ™‚

  6. hi … thank you … I m a first time user and ur suggestion of using punch down fold and against pelvic bone suggestion (TMI) helped me use soft cup and it's perfect … thank you

  7. Hi everyone! Ive been using my menstrual for some moths now and its I think the nest investment ive made in my life so far. Its easy, secure and i face no problems in my periods at all. But there's a suggestion i need from you all users now. The cup Ive been using seems to have lost its rigidness. The rubber product bends too easily making it hard for me to insert. Is there any way i can make this thing rigid or do i have to end up buying a new cup altogether? Thanks a lot for reading. Just help me out a little here

  8. I must have a very deep vagina, because the only way I can even reach the stem is bare down and push the cup outwards, cus I'm reaching as far as my finger can go and I have large hands, only then I can grab the stem.

  9. I'd used this cup…all is good im really liking it but the problem is….i think the cup didn't pop up while insert n i even can't find any dent at its bottom but i can surely tell with my experience of removing it….pls if u cn help me with any suggestion to make it open

  10. I'd used this cup…all is good im really liking it but the problem is….i think the cup didn't pop up while insert n i even can't find any dent at its bottom but i can surely tell with my experience of removing it….pls if u cn help me with any suggestion to make it open

  11. Menstrual cup andar to nhi Jayega na..???use krne se dar lgta he.konsi bhi size Ka use kro agr andar khi ghum ho gya to.plzzz reply use krne se dar lgta he.

  12. Is it safe if we hold cup for more than 12 hours? Nobody has talked about it yet what will happen if we dont remove cup after 12 hours.

  13. I just tried to use a menstrual cup for the very first time and failed miserably 😒😒 and came online searched n got this video.

  14. Thanks for thie info…It was very well explained….But I will never be sure of the quality of silicon that is used…As the demand grows( which I am sure it will), companies will resort to fake silicon and chinese cheapies…and going by the ethics of the medical.companies all across the globe….this may well be the case…So personally speaking I will need to be mire convinced about the material being usef.

  15. Hi, I tried inserting the cup both c fold and punch ways..But once it gets inside, I am unable to open the face of cup properly, as I can feel the folds of the cup inside with my finger. Please help…If there is any other way

  16. Very informative video…the explanation was so good with the chart and model….I'm in 12th std (17 yrs), so do you think I should be using it??….I, personally want to use it to help reduce the waste we, humans produce on our planet Earth….should I go with it??

  17. Mam i au new user. My cup is open successfully. There is no leakage at all. My problem is that when I go to toilet my cup slides down. Actually everytime I feel it comes down. Pls give some advice

  18. I respect you maim..
    par… jo log is video ko dekh rahey hai.. ya comment padh rhey hai.. mai unhe warn karna chahti hu.. please ye cup naa le…
    mai is cup.. ko use ki.. 1st time.. 2nd time.. and 3 rd time.. 3rd time me mujhe vaginal infection ho gya.. private parts me.. ghav ho gye.. mai doctor ke pas gai… mai.. 1 month tak baith nhi paai … so nhi paai.. Ek hi request aap sabse please isey use naa karey…. please….

  19. Mam i boughy a size M cup nd m facinh lot of difficulties.The cup goes in easily but it doesnt open inside.i tried many different positions but all fails.what wrong?

  20. Hi mam.. After watching your video I have tried inserting cup.. But the cup is not coming into its original shape and remains in the shape how I have inserted. Aslo tried pinching down but no use. Can you please give more tips on this

  21. Mam ye easily insert ho jata hai kya mera ho nhi ho raha hai insert karne me problem ho rahi rahi sanja nhi aa raha hai

  22. Hello. Ma'am, I am using wow menstrual cup although I am right 19 in age. The problem is that i don't think that menstrual cup secure a good seal around the vagina because whenever I pull it back it comes as usual although I used all your techniques to make a seal. But it does not working out. Anything you would like to sggest me. One more is it necessary to cut nails so i don't get cuts over there.

  23. Hii ma'm i use menstrual cup first time and after some time it comes out from my vagina when I doing some work. What should I do ?

  24. Hello!
    I'm 18 years old but i look like 14.
    So i bought small size and when i tried to insert that cup it's not going in as my pelvis is small i guess or i don't know what the reason is
    Please suggest me what should i do!!!!please

  25. Hi Your video is very inspiring and I have shared it with many of my friends n relatives. I bought 1 medium size Me Luna Cup in dec 2017 from ur Hygiene and you till date it was perfectly working fine , but since yesterday when I am inserting it , it's not opening up inside , it has become stiffer than earlier , Can you please guide with this situation . Is there any solution to it. See I will tell you one more thing , what happens is Everytime it is not possible for me to boil it in water for 5-10 min so I keep the cup in steaming hot water in the bathroom itself. Is it the reason why it's not opening up or became stiff??. Please guide me through this. I don't want to stop using it. I m very uncomfortable with the regular pads. I have ordered a Lunette size 1 cup is it ok or shall a cancel the order . And take size. I m 35 year old with a child and had C section. Plz guide

  26. Thank you so much for the detailed video…. I just want to ask from where we can buy firm cups in India?? I have been using sirona medium cup but it is difficult for me to open it as it is way too soft. Please suggest….

  27. ❌️❌️don't use cups, ❌️❌️
    βœ”οΈβœ”οΈuse reusable cloth pads βœ”οΈβœ”οΈbest

  28. Very very helpful video guys. It just took me one try to put it in after watching this video. Incidentally I own a Soch cup 😍😍😍

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