I Had A Teenage Pregnancy

I Had A Teenage Pregnancy


  1. My dad and his first wife got pregnant at 19… all they had in common was drugs and a baby so they divorced (because mom left the baby at a bar but it was the 80s so mom always gets the spawn no matter how crazy she is) and now his first child doesn't speak to us because his first wife is a liar and a nutjob.

  2. I fell pregnant at 14 and had an abortion… a year later i fell pregnant again, I had twins at 16 …and was the best decision ive made in my life.
    So both of these i could relate to

  3. I got pregnant at 18. I had my daughter when I was 19 during my freshman year of college…March 28th, 2016. I'm now a 5th year senior at Ole Miss. I have my own place, a decent job, and am able to still be there for my child. I wouldn't have it any other way. 😊

  4. I had my son at 15 at 1st my dad was so upset more sad than anything and it would break my heart . My 11 year old son and dad are so close when he was little he would call him "otro papa" which translates to other dad 🙂 I would of not been able to do it with out my familys support.

  5. I was raped at 19 was pregnant w my first child seeked a abortion but my state has a abortion ban so I wasnt able to get it or even aford to travel for 1 so I had her n I couldn't give her up for adoption with out both me n the biological father gave up our rights best way to protect my daughter was to keep her becouse if I gave up my rights he would of got full custody n I didnt want a rapest raising my child

  6. My school is giving out free protection and everyone thought it was ridiculous
    Guess they haven’t heard about teen pregnancy

  7. Lol the women who had the abortion obviously doesnt actually understand how it goes when you give birth lol. Your vagina gets stitch and if you do vaginal exercises you can literally be back to normal in a couple months. Haha you dont stay ripped up 😹

  8. I was a teen mom . My only thing was I was married at the time. My husband was older than me . I had support and help both my parents and in laws . So I’m considered lucky . Everyone has different experiences but mines was definitely a positive one . I did graduate college but like I said I had help . Most teens don’t have help and aren’t in a committed relationship. Good luck to all the teen moms and dads . It’s a hard road but I loved every step of my path because I got my beautiful baby girl from it who now turns 14 . Good luck 🍀

  9. Pregnant at 19 whilst in university. Finished my second year with a 2:1. Had my son at 20, now 21, son is 8 months old and finishing my 3rd year! It is possible! All the women or young fathers in the same situation, carry on x

  10. It has been proven multiple times, even in Scientific research studies.

    Teenagers pregnancy are a Blight and hurts our society.

  11. So she had an abortion because she made poor choices and didn’t even try to prevent pregnancy. This is what we’re talking about!!!

  12. "Educate yourself"… no, you are a teenager, you are not considered to be able to make good choices all the time. That's why are only an adult at 18 (in many countries), the US doesn't even let you drink alcohol until you are 21, but you are supposed to educate yourself about your changing body and desires? No. This is the job of a functioning education system, it needs to provide classes about the legal, biological and psychological aspects of human sexuality and pregnancy. This should be mandatory with no exceptions for every teen starting at age 13.

  13. You didn’t have to Abort the baby you could have gave it up for adoption someone else could’ve wanted them

  14. I just realized no one ever talks about getting an abortion cause they know they would be attacked by pro-life people

  15. Yeah they were teenagers but like…. there’s 14 year olds who go through this most definitely harder then they would have got it. Just saying

  16. I don’t care what you commenters say both of the girls are complete and total. S.L.U.T’s

    Incase you don’t know that means sweet little unforgettable thing .

  17. i think the 19 yr old yes she was an ADULT in laws eyes however she was naive and never taught to have some damn common sense and also she lacked freedoms so she went wild when she had a lil freedom plus she mentioned a catholic school seems like those are the worst i had a friend who went to religious school she was deff wild and did drugs..she got preg and also did drugs while preg….her parents had been strict. but my point is she was 19…not really teen pregancy just cuz she has the word teen in the age she was still technically able to be on her own by the law…most seen teen preg as 17 and below cuz 18 is an adult…in USA at least.

  18. There are so many dead babies in heaven who didn’t get a chance bc ppl wanted them dead for their inconvenience

  19. My sister got pregnant at 18 or 19 and her child is 2 and a half years old and last Wednesday she had her 2nd child who is also a boy the kids names are Kingsley and Everett

  20. My mom was shamed and bullied being a teen mom. My mom had both my brothers at 17 and 19 years old and she was always there for them and making sure they had what they wanted. She worked late at night then took care of them in the day because their dad wasn’t around. My mom basically raised both my brothers by herself. It’s terrible that people shame them and are disrespectful to teen parents. Most of them work so hard to take care of their children and do so much for them

  21. I’m much happier with the 19 year old keeping her child. She knew what she did and she took care of it. That’s what should be the norm. Much love. ❤️

  22. My friends sister has a baby, she had it at 17 and she had to move out she moved in with her gf and they got married

  23. My mom got pregnant with me when she was 19 and she had a hard time raising me bc my dad was an alcoholic and was out drinking every week but now my dad is drinking way less and my mom is a full time nursr and student and my dad works in the coal mines and i have a little brother and two dogs and were not perfect but we all love each other 💜💜💜

  24. My mom got pregnant with me at 14 and had me exactly one month after she turned 15. I was born in 94 so back then, teen pregnancy was extremely taboo and I'm also biracial with is even more so taboo. My mom was and is the best mom ever, she was my mother and father being my bio father has never been involved. I'm the oldest of 6 and she's an amazing mother to all of us. We all grew up very privileged, never went without, that's a lot considering dads weren't ever involved. I am 25 years young and I have a 16 month old son – he is my moms first grandchild. Not all Teen Moms are bad moms… Because my mom is proof.

  25. I get the whole not wanting to bring the baby into dysfunctionality but why not give it up for adoption instead of aborting I haven’t watched the full video just first question

  26. My grandma had my aunt when she was 17 then my Nan had my dad when she was 19 then my dad had my half brother when he was 14 and again when he was 16 then again at 19 with then my 12 year old sister getting pregnant 🤰🏼 so now she’s 14 and I have a beautiful little niece

  27. I would get an abortion if I got pregnant now (I'm 18) because I am absolutely not ready for a baby and probably won't be for a long time, I think my mom would support the baby because my sister got pregnant at 15

  28. i think it be interesting to do a version of this with men who became fathers as teens. obviously not the same but maybe it could be about situations like marriage, co-parenting, etc

  29. The whale looks like she couldn’t get pregnant if she wanted now…she looks like she ate her abortion and the father too… she’s a great nanny… if you want your kids being ate…

  30. This conversation is horrible. You have one responsible brave young woman… then you have a selfish fat stupid cow who only cares about her vagina (which isn’t getting any action from any self respecting man)

  31. Im 15 and my ex boyfriend asked me to sneak out in the middle of the night and i did. He locked the car doors and it was 2 am and we ended up doing something I shouldnt have done and didn't want to do. Hes three years older than me and im still having a hard time realizing that it really happened. And after it happened, about 3 days later,I realized we used no protection and I might be pregnant. I'm going to take the test about a week from now, and I literally cant stop watching these videos. im so so so scared, my parents will definitely throw me out and i know he won't support me at all.

  32. I feel like there is a big difference between a 17-year old (who generally is still in HS and at home)& a 19 year old (especially in a case like this, where she was away in college and has experienced at least a little bit of independence.)

  33. I have no children and it took me 11 years to get my bachelors degree. I don’t regret this. Everyone has their own story.

  34. I hate being mean but the lady in red is SOOOOO funny worrying about her vag being stretched out by a baby when her whole body is stretched out!!!!!! I think when people get that overweight there is a deeper psychological issue poor girl so I hope she gets healthy

  35. I believe just because you’re a teen mom like this girl in this video (18-19) doesn’t mean you will fail at being a mom. Sometimes older women are not good mothers either. Depends on the individual. Everybody circumstances is different older or younger. You see she was able to finish school still. A lot of moms do. Or they go back to school. It is common. In my state it’s a women’s state so we have colleges with on campus daycare they watch your babies when you go to class & also most young women are able to get free daycare here. My son goes to a family friend daycare. Completely free for me. I had my son at 19, I’ll be 20 when he’s 3 months. And I’m still able to go to college which i get to go for free having scholarships as a young mom in my state & they provide baby items & I have
    help from my family & church. Everyone loves my son. And my friends where supportive through my pregnancy. Your support & love matters to you and your baby! My advice is to check your resources they have so much out here for moms in general! Don’t think you are limited. It isn’t the 60’s anymore! Times changed for young & older parents. I loved this video 💛

  36. Abortion ruins the mental health of woman and those around her. Instead of telling a woman she cannot do it how about supporting her throughout the way. <3 Spread the love, accept life, move on forward and teach others. The young girl in the video continued even though she had struggles in the way.

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