I Pierced my WHAT?! || Nipple Piercing Experience

I Pierced my WHAT?! || Nipple Piercing Experience

Okay guys, I am here with Makenna today,
and we are getting piercings done! I am getting my nipples done. Okay wait, pause. I know that nipple piercings are not everybody’s cup of tea. Some people
think they look horrible, some people think they look really trashy. Personally,
I think they look really hot, and I’ve actually been wanting them done for a
long time now. I’ve done a ton of research when it comes to getting my
nipples done, I actually plan on doing like a full in-depth video on my channel
about this so if you’re not subscribed to my Caty Culp channel, the link is in
the upper right hand corner. But this video is kind of going to be more of a my experience with everything this is a play-by-play of what’s happening, and if
nipple piercings are not your thing, that’s totally cool! You can skip to this
mark in the video to skip ahead of all of this stuff. And at that point we’ll
probably get into the rest of the vlog. Though I will not lie, that the nipple
piercings thing will be a dominating factor in this vlog, pretty sure. So I
just wanted to throw that out there and let’s get back to this! And if you want to know what Makenna is getting done, step on over to her channel, link in the
upper right-hand corner. It’s gonna be, it’s gonna be wild. Also, this car is like
“what are you people doing?” Look at how beautiful all of this is! Oh my gosh. I
love these little gold pieces those are gorgeous. Look at how pretty these are. I’m filling out the release right now, and I’m terrified. Picking out jewelry right now. So exciting, and so cool! It’s such a hard decision! I know they’re so cute! It’s happening. I’m like chilling out. Everything’s being autoclaved right now,
and all sanitized. It’s gonna, it’s gonna get really real here, really quick. What?! Just laughing at us. I know! This is so crazy. I’m like getting nervous for you, I just didn’t want to say anything. Is this how they would rest if you didn’t have a shirt on? Yeah, I would probably just take it… all the way down? I would do it the other way. Oh, like this? Ohhh, that makes sense. We’re doing horizontal, right?
Yes, horizontal. Just marking up. You said you did three of these today, already?
Yeah. That’s nuts. It’s been a busy day! Right now, we’re just marking them out. Having it even is the most important thing, which is kind of why I had you adjust that shirt a little bit. The reason I’m kind of like, flaying these lines out is just for you, when you look at them.
I’m focused just on the center part, where I’m piercing. But I want you to kind of visualize how those angles are gonna be. Placement’s pretty key too. If I go too far
back, we’re into your areola, which means you’re really never going to heal properly. Too far forward, then they’re shallow. I’m so scared. Which one do you want to do first? I hadn’t thought about it! Which one do you want to do first? I normally start with your right. Okay, that’s fine, let’s do it. I’m just gonna get lined up.
Okay. When I do that, you’re going to have a little pinch. You’ll just kinda breathe through that. When I’m ready to go, I’m gonna let you know. And then you’re gonna let me know when you’re ready.
Okay. We’re just gonna focus on our breaths. Big, deep breath in. Then out. On our second exhale is when I pierce you. Okay.
So you’re kind of letting me know when you’re ready.
Okay. I’m just gonna get lined up.
‘Kay. I’m ready, are you ready? Yes. Big, deep breath. Out. And again. All the way out. Keep breathing, good job. Daaaang. Hey, I did it!
Wow. You did really good.
Thanks! There’s still one more to go. I can’t believe I just pierced my nipple. Worse than you thought? No, actually. I thought it would be worse than that. I kinda It was quick! I don’t really remember it now, to be honest. Even though it just happened a second ago. Oh that’s nice and cold! Yeeeah.
You already know! You have a slight inversion on this side. I think I knew that, actually. This is gonna correct that. Oh! Well that’s a nice benefit.
Oh, whoa! You ready?
Yeah. And, out. Good job! Oh that one was way worse! That brain!
Oh, dang! Getting everything off, and the beads on.
Okay, cool. You did so good! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I did that. Just enjoy the adrenaline!
Yeah, I’m all shaky, it’s great! It’s over!
I know! I’m glad you drove. I know! I’m all sweaty. My hands are so sweaty. That first one, I was like, I totally… it was like I forgot about the pain immediately It was so weird. That one hurt, though. That actually looks really cool.
Does it look cool?
It looks really cool! Oh I’m excited to see it! I haven’t even looked down yet. I’m kind of like, waiting for a minute.
Yeah! I’m excited for you to see. It’s like they’re numb. Like, I can’t really feel them. I’m gonna feel them, though. Oh my gosh, that is SO cool! Those look SO good! That’s awesome, thank you SO much!
Yeah! Thanks for sitting so well. Oh that’s awesome. That’s awesome! It’s fine. It’s all good. We did it!
Nice! Guys, if you need piercings done, you need to come to Ryan. Ryan is the greatest person in
the entire world, and he does such good work. All of his links are in the description bar below, so definitely check him out. Right now, he is at Higher Ground Tattoo,
and he does awesome. We love you Ryan! Yeah! Ryan’s the best! Oh-kay, I cannot believe I went
through with that. I thought it was one of those things that I’d be like “oh yeah, I’ll
do that one day!” and then not because it’s terrifying. But I went through with
it and everything is good. Right now everything feels like it’s on fire, a
little bit sting-y. My left one hurts a little bit more than my right one, but
that was the second one he pierced, and the second one definitely hurt more than
the first. The first one, it was a really weird thing that happened because, he
pierced it, and it was like I almost immediately forgot about the pain. It
hurt pretty bad, I remember it hurting, but like, I can’t remember the sensation,
the exact sensation. Pretty weird. So, for now, I’m gonna take some ibuprofen,
because I know gonna be hurting later. And honestly, I
might park myself right in front of the TV, and just sit on my butt all evening,
and taking it really easy. Kitty! Do you hear this cat? She’s going crazy. We
also got boba on the way home. It’s so good. I always get taro. So good. I love
it. Well, somebody dumped out all of the
clean clothes again. It looks like she tried to make a nest, and then just gave up
and went to her actual nest. Is that what happened? It’s a new day. A quick nipple
update: actually they don’t hurt at all right now.
I slept basically on my back and kind of like 3/4 turned, cause usually I’m a side
sleeper, so I was really nervous, like how am I gonna get through sleeping, but I
actually did really well. I just slept on my back, kind of, and turned a little bit
but not too much. Actually, I woke up early on my own. It’s
only 7 o’clock right now, I didn’t even have an alarm to wake me up. But for the
past two days, I’ve also been waking up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym, so
I think my body is kind of used to it, which is good.
Today is my gym rest day, anyway, so I timed this really well, because I didn’t
want to workout right after getting them done, because that sounds like the most
painful thing in the entire world. Okay, somebody needs food right now. There you go! Noel, you want breakfast? You gettin up? I gotta clean up all the clothes that you
knocked over. So right now, they actually don’t hurt at all. I’m actually kind of
amazed, because I thought they’d be a lot more sore. Honestly, right now it just
feels like it’s a really cold day. Ladies, you know what I’m saying? And so I expect
when it’s actually cold outside, it’s going to be like that sensation times
like a million, but right now that’s like the only thing that I’m feeling. And I’m
so stoked about that! No pain? I’ll take it! For aftercare,
it’s really easy, basically don’t touch it, leave it alone, don’t use your hands
to like do anything with it, don’t twist it, don’t like move it back and forth.
When I was young and I got my original ears pierced, I got these pierced, these
are my first piercings I got when I was 13 I think. I went to Claire’s and I got
it done with a gun, which, PSA, don’t ever do that.
Don’t get your piercings done with a gun. There’s a lot of different reasons, I’ll
link in the description bar below a huge write-up of like all of the different
reasons why you shouldn’t ever get a piercing done with a gun and you should
absolutely go with a needle. The biggest reason being that you can’t
properly sterilize a gun like you can with a needle, and there’s a lot less
trauma to the area when you use a needle, and it’s quicker, it’s faster to heal, and
the people who are doing it are properly trained, there’s literally a million
reasons why, but anyway, when I originally got my lobes done when I was young, they
told me like twist it, like move it back and forth, but I know now that is like
the complete opposite thing that you’re supposed to do. The more you touch it and
the more you play with it and the more you move it around, the longer it’s going
to take to heal, and especially nipple piercings, they told me that it’s going
to take between like six to nine months to have like be fully healed, and it’ll
probably take even longer than that. I’ve been reading a lot of stories online and
people with their experiences and stuff, and most people said like they were
feeling 100% healed like after about a year or so, so that’s kind of what I’m
expecting. And that’s actually exactly why I decided to get it done now, when
Blake isn’t here, because when he’s not here, I mean nobody’s gonna be up in
there for multiple months in a row, so it’s like the perfect time to get it
done. And then, Noel you gotta go potty? Come on, let’s go outside. But for now, I’m
going to make some coffee and a saline solution to soak the area and I start
editing a video. And I’m heating up a little bit of
saline solution, basically it’s just water with some sea salt to soak my
nipples so that way, they can heal. Also, I mentioned yesterday that obviously I was
spending money… bending over is weird. When I got them done, I was thinking like,
oh man, I should probably have some like comfortable bras to wear around that are
clean. Because I only have a couple bras. I really like the ones I have, and I use
them constantly, I wash them constantly, but they’re getting a little stretched
out. I probably just need to go straight up like bra shopping soon. I wasn’t sure
what kind of level of compression was going to be comfortable. I wasn’t sure if
like a padded bra would feel more comfortable, or a sports bra, or something
a lot more light, so when I left after I got them done, I was actually just
wearing a normal bra. It’s a, it’s a Panache bra like by Cleo, and it’s like
molded cups and it fits really well, and I love that bra to death. By the way, OG subscribers know, but if you guys haven’t seen my bra fitting video from
years and years and years and years ago and me and Blake we’re just dating, you
should definitely check it out because chances are you’re not wearing the right
size bra, and that will be linked in the upper right hand corner. It’s from my old
channel, but anyway, I was thinking like oh, you know what, I should get some of
those like Calvin Klein bralettes, the ones that are really thin and obviously
are really like popular right now, especially on like Instagram and stuff.
But they’re not sports bras, they’re they’re like bralettes, they’re a lot
thinner, they don’t have like the compression that like sports bras do, so
I figured maybe that would be a good idea. It was like a whole ordeal because
I was thinking like I think I’ve seen them at Costco, I looked online and then
they didn’t have it at Costco, and so I was like alright, well, I’m just gonna
look on Amazon Prime Now and see if they have it, and they did! So I literally got
like three of these bralettes on Amazon Prime Now and they were delivered to my
house like two hours after I ordered them. So I got a gray one, a white one, and
I’m actually wearing the black one right now, and this texture is legit! So
comfortable after getting your nipples pierced. I slept in this bra last night
and it was so comfortable! It didn’t feel
like I was wearing a bra at all! So like that is awesome. Okay guys, it is
time to end the vlog. I hope I didn’t scare too many of you away! This was
something that although I had been thinking about for a really long time, I
know that I never really talked about it in the vlog, so it might have been maybe
a shock. But I’m hopefully not too shocking, and I hope you guys enjoyed the
vlog anyway. For today’s question of the day, tell me all about your piercings!
What do you have done? What was the most painful piercing? What was the easiest
piercing? What do you want to get in the future? Anything else?
Tell me about all the piercings, or maybe the coolest experience that you ever had
with a piercing. Let me know all your piercing stories in the comments down
below, and I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog, if you did, make sure you give it
a big thumbs up, and subscribe if you haven’t already, and I’ll see you next
time. Bye!


  1. So… I'm pretty terrified to post this, not gonna lie. Obviously there's a lot of (censored) skin here, and the topic might turn a lot of people off. But hopefully you guys can support this decision. Above all, I hope that if you're debating whether or not to do this yourself, that this video can provide a positive reference point for you, and that this experience might help you decide. I'm so glad I went through with it, even if it hurt in the moment, and I hope you will be too. 🙂

  2. I have been really wanting to get them pierce but I am so scared of how painful it will be! You are definitely brave! I guess for now I will tackle my next tattoo😅

  3. Ahhhh I love it!! So glad you shared because it’s been on my mind for so long!! You go lady! I think you gave me my courage 😬😬😬

  4. I had my tongue done and wore it for years ( I'm 43 now) It broke my tooth so I took it out. I have my nose, a Monroe, lots of ear ones going up but on one ear I have my tragus done and the other ear I have my daith done. I have my nipples and ( to keep it pg lol ) I have down under done too lol. Trying to think…. I have a very high tolerance to pain because I have MS so I'd say maybe the daith piercing, but it still wasn't bad at all. I want to get my septum done with small jewelry but I dont think I will unfortunately. Not because I'm scared, but because I am 43 and not sure how it would look going into church and all lol. They dont judge me for my piercings and tattoos now, so I dunno.. Glad you go them done!

  5. I went with my college roommate when she got her's done xD this video brought back some interesting memories!! Good luck with your healing process!

  6. I only have my ear lobes pierced. I am thinking that I want to get a tattoo but I am not sure what I want to get done. I like the idea of possibly some type of constellation or a vintage type looking image with color and a word. I recently found an artist in my town that looks like she does a good mix of simple and vintage looking tattoos.

  7. OH MY GOSH! I completely did not expect this lol but I’m so glad you posted this! I think nipple piercings are hot too lol but I cannot imagine getting them done lol maybe I have more sensitive nipples. Also question( this might be a dumb question butttttt…) so are your nipples hard more than they were before you got the piercing?

  8. Girrrrrrl oh my gosh! This is so dope! I would have never guessed!! Hahaha. I've been itching for a piercing lately and this definitely is pushing me for one. All of my piercings have been super easy, but my nose closed up even after 9 months 😐 I gotta redo it but no biggie. Loved seeing this side of you (:

  9. Hey Caty! This is pretty funny, because I just got mine done a month ago! (my husband is deployed too…perfect time to do this!). I was pretty terrified to get them, but I absolutely love them and I'm glad I stayed in the chair 😂. Happy healing, girl! ❤️

  10. I think you posted in such a way that was informative but respectful to yourself. Good for you!! Life is worth living and having the experiences that make you happy!!!!

    PS I'm boring only ear piercings lol

  11. I pierced my own belly button with a sterile sewing needle in high school because my mom wouldn’t take me lmao my body rejected it, it scarred. So, at 17 my dad took me and I got my belly button redone AND got two microdermal hip piercings! So cute!! Thought about my nipples, but haven’t done much research yet. Thanks for the video!

  12. You go girl that is awesome! I want to get mine done but I might be getting a boob reduction so we will see how that goes first haha.

  13. A nipple piercing is what I plan on getting, hopefully next year. I recently got my TONGUE pierced few months ago! I love it. Getting it pierced was a piece of cake, it was the healing process that was a b****… couldn’t eat solid food for 1 week.

  14. Okay so Base did on the teasers I saw on your Instagram videos, I for sure thought you were getting your nose pierced…..clicked the video and saw the word nipple and had to cover my boobs to watch this 🙈 you do you girl! I’ve got my septum and nostril done! I couldn’t do my nipples personally but I think they are a cool piercing and give kudos to the folks who get it done because my pansy butt couldn’t handle it.

  15. I’m simple. I only have my ear lobes pierced. When I graduated high school I pierced my nose. It lasted a whole year, but my job wouldn’t allow me to have one. I do want to get more piercings in the future though.

  16. I got my nipples pierced last month! I love them so much. It's really surprising how quickly the pain goes away. Mine are healing really nicely & it doesn't hurt at all even when I bump into things. I usually just clean them off in the shower. If you start getting a little crusty/dry, it might be from the sea salt. I usually just leave them alone and they haven't given me any trouble yet. Touching/ playing with my nipples doesn't irritate the piercing at all. I found that bralettes work really well. After 1.5 weeks, I started wearing regular bras again. Getting my nips pierced was honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made!

  17. Wow you handled that so well! I was freaking out for you! I have had triples on my ears, my cartilage (which I did myself in 8th grade lol), and my nose. I only have one of my ears and possibly my cartilage left cause I got annoyed with the upkeep of all of them and took everything out. Do you have any tattoos?

  18. I just have regular ear piercings that my mom did herself when I was a baby (or toddler?) So I have no memory of it obviously. I think piercings look nice on other people but it's just not my thing.
    Is it too weird to say I wish your nipples well? Have I crossed the line into creepy comment? 😂 But seriously, I hope you heal quickly.

  19. Ahhhhh flashbacks to when I got mine done 🙈 TMI: one of mine was healing decently and the other was HORRIBLE with getting infected so took that one out and then felt silly having only one so took the other out too. 😩 After becoming a mom and trying to breastfeed, I found out the side that didn’t want to heal was pierced on a “flat” nipple whereas the other side is “normal”. So sometimes I miss having them but I’ll never attempt again knowing the difference in nipples. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  20. Quick nipple update not something i thought i would hear today 😂 well done you got through that like a champ , the thought of getting a nipple pierced makes me cringe so hard lol. Glad to hear the discomfort and pain subsided quickly

  21. Omg go Caty!! I was close to getting my nipples pierced a year ago, I was too afraid so I didn’t! 😱
    Also, I am trying to find that video where you talked about where you purchased your glasses. I love all of the glasses you have, could you let me know the link? I’ve been looking for like 30 min now lolol 👓

  22. I got mine pierced in October and I LOVE them! The healing process is definitely a pain, and even though I know everyone heals differently, you will definitely find your nipples will get a a tad dry during the day.
    A found lighter sports bras more comfortable when I first got them. And it’s a key to make sure they don’t catch anything and trust me the smallest things will get caught lol!
    They’re super cute piercings!

  23. I used to have 6 piercings, 2 in each ear lobe, tongue and belly, but I took the tongue piercing out after a year, it just kept getting in the way. Every single one of my piercings got infected when I got them, I think it's because my body just rejected them. Was holding my boobs through this whole video! So scary! I'm glad you found the courage to do something you have wanted for so long! I also have a tattoo

  24. I think it’s hilarious how you explained why you timed it out to get them now instead of later 😂😂😂 you’re the best!

  25. Yaaaaaaassss!!! I love that you shared your experience with it! I use to have mine done but took them out when I found out I was pregnant.
    You just talking about it makes me want to get mine done again! 🙈🤗

  26. I have my helix pierced, my nose pierced, my septum and my belly button pierced. Most people would assume the belly button piercing hurt the worst but in all honesty my nose hurt the worst. My nose is really sensitive so that one was just too painful. But the septum was the least painful, I am thinking of getting more ear piercing but I am unsure at the moment. Also my lower belly button but idk I’ve been focusing on tattoos recently 😊 I’ve got two so far this year

  27. Yesss, get it girl! So glad you were brave enough to go out and do this. Even happier that you were satisfied with the results! Best of luck to you during your healing process and thank you for sharing your experience with us. <3

  28. Go you! Nipple piercings aren’t my jam but I think it’s so awesome that you got yours done and I bet it’s so fun! I have no piercings (never got my ears done, don’t care to cause I’m not a jewelry person anyway) but I’m looking to get my first tattoo when we PCS back to the states in June! I have a good 6 tattoos that I want lol

  29. You did awesome, I can't even bring myself to get an ear cartilage piercing 😂
    Thanks for the reminder about your bra fitting video. I was planning on watching it again earlier this week but forgot.

  30. Your courage to finally get your piercings have inspired me to finally go out to get the tattoo I’ve always wanted! So cool!

  31. You get 1mil points for actually going through with it AND posting the vid. My bff has hers done, I’m way too chicken for that, although i think it’s pretty awesome. You did so good.

  32. I only have one pierced but it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be! I definitely love piercings and i got it done on a whim with one of my friends. I only got one done, and i’m fine with being different and not having both pierced. So happy you shared your experience and that Blake like’s them too lol. My boyfriend is the same way and totally supported my decision to get mine done as well (:

  33. Perfect to get it while Blake is gone so when you see him again they'll be a little heeled! I've gone back and forth for the past 2 years about getting mine pierced or not

  34. Props to you girly! I’ve thought about nipple ones before but I don’t think I’m ballsy enough haha I have regular lives done and then I got my cartilage done back in October lol I really wanna get a second lobe piercing done soon

  35. I have my belly button, nose, rook(R), tragus(R), double helix(L), and I have my first, second, and thirds on both my lobes. So 5 piercings on each ear. I've been thinking about getting my septum pierced and putting the smallest thinnest hoop possible so its basically snug against my nose. If I got it I'd want it to be super dainty

  36. YOU ARE SO AWESOME FOR THIS!! Girl you do you and you’re so bold and brave for sharing this!! Love ya!!! 🖤🖤🖤

  37. Wow! From the last video, I thought you were going sky diving or something similar. Was not expecting this lol. I had one of my nipples pierced in my mid 20s. Took it out a long time ago though.

  38. hey caty, first time commenter here! so crazy that you got your nipples pierced! ive been wanting to get mine done for years but im too chicken lol. anyways i have 6 ear piercings, i have my smiley pierced (the piece of tissue that connects your upper lip to your gums), & i have both my nostrils pierced which i love

  39. Had nips pierced when I was 35, was painful and decided to retire them, as well as my eyebrow piercing that I rejected. Also had my navel pierced a long time ago. I am apparently allergic to jewelry now. Lefty hurt me more too, btw. I really really miss my left eyebrow piercing, and now I just succumb to my tattoo addiction.

  40. Nursing three babies then watching this gave me the heebe jeebies!

    But I have the normal two earlobe piercings. I don't think I want anymore except maybe the one at the top (forgot the name) because I think a chain from the top top the earlobe so pretty! But we'll see. Lol

  41. Ive had my right nipple pierced twice. The first time I got it done the bar wasn't long enough for my nipple so had to be taken out within a few days. I got it done again about 10 months later and I had it for about 2 years but I don't think I took care of it and never felt like it heeled properly so had to take it out a few years back 😞 . I would love to get them both pierced again but I think I will stick with my ears now.

    Talking about the bra fitting – that's how I first found your channel.

    You go girl! ❤️

  42. This just shows how good of friends you and Makenna are! A best friend is someone who will record you getting your nipples pierced and then tell you how good it looks! I love it since I have been watching both of yalls videos long before Kyle and makenna came back from Okinawa! I love watching y’alls friendship grow!

  43. I only have 1 in each ear on the earlobe i got them when I was about 10. I am terrified of needles and was very close to fainting when I got them done. I love having them pierced now. But knowing how I react, I don't think I'll get another one.

  44. Ooooowwwwww! Oh my gosh! I am allergic to all piercings so piercing anything other than an ear has never crossed my mind! You seem crazy happy about them so that's good!

  45. I got my lobes pierced in 6th grade also in the fall, and then in like august I had to take them out because of a major infection on my ear, because of getting my lobes pierced, and their were a lot of girls getting their ears pierced that day, and since they did it with a gun, not a needle, they just wiped the infected part with a paper towel, and that's why I can't have any more piercings, until I'm 18.

  46. My nipples are my favorite and I have had them down 2 times. This second time was 10 years again I sometime forget I even have them lol I have ears eyebrow lip belly Tongue.
    Id say the second time getting them hurt on my left side cause I had a small scar.
    I'm glad u like them.

  47. First, I came from Gott Love to watch this! I was so excited to watch it. I got mine done about two years ago and I feel like we have a very similar experience. I had wanted them forever and finally my best friend talked me into letting her take me. I was so scared, they first one wasn't too bad but the second was TERRIBLE I even screamed 😂. I read up on it and watched tons of videos before I went and most were so scary. Most of them said you would be in pains for months and months but mine only hurt for a week. This is a great video and I wish I could have watched this one before I went! Also, sorry I typed a book. 😊

  48. I got my ears pierced when a baby, but I think that's what every parent does for there baby girls. The only thing I got when I was an adult ( out of my parents home) lol that's for the younger people to read, and married was a belly pierced which I regretted and now it's closed and just there. Same with tatts. Lol no more inking Or extra holes in my body. I have already did something to it that wasn't meant to be there because that's not how I was born into the world. 3 regrets so far and I can always get them removed or just ask for forgiveness. That's just my thought. Not being religious to anyone or judging anyone. Lol and not gonna comment on this.

  49. I swear I am a perfect cross between you and Makenna. I would love to have mine done but my husband is weirded out by it.

  50. OMG!! How am I just running into this video!!! I was so confused when you said "I'm still healing from my piercings" lol I did not think it was this! Wow give us an update! I think nipple piercings are super hot as well!

  51. It's so nice seeing someone going to a credible APP piercer w/ all their stuff where you can tell that they're clean and they use high-quality jewelry. I see so many people take the cheap route and then complain about something to do with the experience/results. You get what you pay for.

  52. the reason why the first one didn't really hurt is because your adrenalin kicked in there but because that all went to the first one the second one hurt more

  53. Just found your channel while researching nipple piercings lol. I have triple lobe piercings on both ears, I have a mid helix, an upper helix and my rook done on my left ear, and an upper helix, double forward helix, and my conch done on my right ear. I also have a tattoo on my ribs (which I don’t recommend) so I am seriously thinking about getting my nipples done because pain obviously doesn’t factor into my decisions lol.

  54. After the initial piercing, mine has hurt less than other piercings (industrial, tragus, daith, orbital, rook, conch, upper cartilage floater, and double nostril) I've had.

  55. Thanks for sharing! Do you have an update video on how you’re doing since you pierced them? Would like to know how they’ve healed for you and if you are still happy with it.

  56. Can you tell me how running and ab workouts are with the piercing ? I get mine tomorrow and im worried how im gonna work out 🙁

  57. I had my penis pierced in my twenties. Unfortunately I had a reaction and my penis developed a painful swelling, went to the doctors and asked him to take the pain away but leave the swelling.

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