I Survived Depression – My Journey Back To A Happy Life

I Survived Depression – My Journey Back To A Happy Life

I was born in India and I was pretty much
born up and raised there for most of my life. So when I was very young, I was moving from
one part of the city to the other, so my dad had to move me to this big private school. So, when I moved to that school, I was often bullied because I had severe weight issues when I
was little. And it was really hard for me to fit in but
that didn’t matter because I still had my dad with me. He was like my best friend, he often took
me to bookstores on the weekends and we’d read. Basically sitting with him and just reading
was some of the best memories that I ever had with my father. But unfortunately this didn’t last long, when
I was in the fourth grade my dad passed away. And that was the worst moment in my entire
life. That day was when everything came crashing
down. Not only did I lose a father but I lost a
best friend as well. After my dad passed away, I didn’t know how
to go on with life I was just so little and I didn’t understand anything. My family was getting so upset. We started having financial issues. It was the worst thing that has ever happened
to me and that was kind of why my depression started. I really didn’t see the point to living anymore
and the years went on after my dad’s death and my depression started to get worse and
my self-worth started to go really low. I often had suicidal thoughts and there are
moments when I just couldn’t take it anymore. My mom remarried to this really horrible man. He would often verbally and emotionally abuse me. That further contributed to my issues with
depression and anxiety, and to make things worse, I hit puberty. I was really vulnerable and I started hanging out with the wrong people and I started getting into really bad things like drugs and my life just couldn’t go on
anymore. One day I just decided to just finally just kill myself. I didn’t want to face life anymore but I had
this fantasy of what would it be like if things were different. I kind of had like these fantasies of having friends
and having a life that wasn’t really shadowed with depression and other issues and stuff. I often have this thought in my mind- What
if my life were different? What if I was given a chance to restart my
life? What if I was given the chance to kind of
go to a place where nobody would know me? And I would live my life the way I want to. Those thoughts kind of just kept me through the night. When I went to school, I saw these posters for the study abroad program,
which I gladly took on. Now, I live in Boston and coming here was the
best decision that I’ve ever made. Now, I’ve actually gotten the chance to restart
my life. Depression is still a major part of my life
but I’ve come to a point where it’s not as significant anymore. I still do struggle with it, but now its come
to point where I can control it and I have friends and I’m surrounded by people who love me
and give me positive thoughts. And I’m finally doing something that I love
with my life. I’m in college, my grades are good, and
like I finally saw the light to the end of my tunnel. Now, its like I’ve been given a chance to relive
my life and if so thankful for that.


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  2. Yah that's a very difficult life parental loss and not only dealing with bullying at school but abuse at home man that's a double whammy although it didnt seem to happen at the same time so I guess it doesn't make it quite as hard but still no wonder you got depressed

  3. Im glad you're alive. Someone in k-pop killed them selfs they tried twice but she apologised this is what happend with bad comments, being rude Saying worser things she killed herself yesterday

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