Ice Water Facial – Massage Monday #459

Ice Water Facial – Massage Monday #459

Hi everyone. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. I recently came across Dr. Oz’s YouTube
clip titled Women’s Secrets to Looking Half Their Age. The women on the show looked amazing for their
age and they were sharing their anti-aging secrets. One of them was to dunk your face in ice cold
water. I’ll tell you more about it as I try it
myself. Prepare a bowl big enough to fit your face
and fill with ice and water. I’m going to do this for 10 seconds 5 times. Have the towel ready. Ok. Here we go. Take a deep breath and go. The benefits of ice water on the face are:
reduce puffiness and inflammation. I’ve used ice for puffy eyes but this will
remove puffiness from the entire face. It’s so cold. I don’t know why I’m doing this but it’s
cold. Ok second round. Here we go. I read this is also good for calming the acne
inflammation. Oh my god it’s cold. Ok third round. Here we go. Ice water helps to tighten your skin and reduce
wrinkles. I’ve read both “it will tighten pores”
and “no it will not tighten pores.” I am hoping it improves my pores by doing
this. My face is so cold it’s numb. It’s a good idea to have Kleenex too cuz
you may have runny nose. Ok. Alright. Fourth round. Let’s go. Ice water improves circulation. Your blood vessels constrict while your face
is under the ice water. After your face is out of the water your face
will actually feel warm from circulation. Ok. The final round. I’ve also read the ice facial is not for
all skin types. If you have any skin condition, please consult
your doctor if the ice facial is for you or try it and decide for yourself. It’s so cold. I think I was counting faster and faster because
it’s so cold. My face is like frozen but feels good actually. The lady who shared this secret mentioned
it was a Hollywood secret. So I looked it up and it was a daily beauty
routine by Joan Crawford, an actress from the 1930’s. She would cleanse her face and splash ice
water 25 times on her face. I also tried splashing the ice water 25 times. My face could take it but my hands couldn’t. It was just too cold on my hands. I prefer to dunk my face in this bowl with
ice water to save my hands. And as the lady on the show said, it will
wake you up. You don’t need coffee. What I like about this is that it’s so easy
to do and it doesn’t cost anything. Just ice and water. That’s it. And my face felt very refreshed for sure. I’ll include the link to the Dr. Oz’s
video clip in the description below so you can check out other beauty secrets. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t
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  1. Oh Yasuko – that looked painful. Bless your heart. I'm not sure I'll try this one. But the massage for tinnitus was helpful.


  3. This seems like a good way to cool the brain and reduce stress levels too.. like an Ayrovedic remedy or approach… I wonder if opening and closing eyes would be therapeutic, as well? Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I did it once for 10 seconds and I felt like nerves are dead of my face for next 1 hours. And it burnnt! Yes burnt like hell. And had rashes on the face for next 2 days.

  5. I’m
    Thinking on a hot day
    This would be a ideal
    I might do it in the hot sun on a hot day
    For my of the day

  6. I've been meaning to try this! I give you much credit. Ice cold water face dip for 10 seconds, 5 times, Wow! Did you notice any after effects like super numb feeling for hours?
    And yes, I was amazed that Joan Crawford did such a thing. In Mommie Dearest, Faye Dunaway had hand scooped up ice cubes and held it on her face. The thought that in real life, Joan Crawford did that every single day, just blows my mind😬πŸ₯Ά Whether it be 25 splashes, or face dips, or ice cube masks….πŸ‘ 🀯πŸ₯΄πŸ€ͺ😡😁

  7. My goodness, I’ve never heard such whimpering, lol! And I might’ve noticed before you that your β€œten seconds” got shorter as you went along. Can’t blame you…
    Thanks, Yasuko, for taking one for the team. We appreciate that you always try your products or techniques for us first and give an honest report. As a β€œyounger” looking 65 yo guy I appreciate anti-aging tips. I’m not sure I could do this on a daily basis though. Brrrrr…

  8. the things we'll do ha ha . I like to use the shower hose up on my face with cold water but I'm not sure I could take the ice

  9. I put ice on my face any why it is really good for you also I use rice water my skin looks lovey πŸ€—πŸ’

  10. Thanks Yasuko, you've got beautiful skin anyway xxx I did the quick test and I have the skin of a thirty year old which is pretty close because the first time I met my aesthetician for a facial, she thought I was in my early thirtys and couldn't believe I hadn't had botox or fillers!

  11. I'm old enough to remember all of these things… and observant.
    I understand why Yasuko would adapt Joan Crawfords beauty regime…
    HOWEVER…I think that Joan Crawford would splash or hold ice on her face ONLY… AND NOT DUNK her face in the bowl…BECAUSE, you should never subject your delicate, facial skin to gravity, by unnecessarily leaning forward like that. Sorry, but, its the truth. I have a mom who looked like Sophia Loren/Gina Lollobrigida, NATURALLY. ❀And she would do these things, as she got older… But, she would never lean over like that, stay, wait and keep doing that over and over…. ( She would only bend SLIGHTLY, if she was using a facial steamer…)
    Just like you should NEVER TUG your facial skin and you should only apply cremes, lotions, makeup, etc.. in an UPWARD MOTION, UPWARDS STROKES, ONLY. NEVER DOWNWARD. Women, ALL KNEW THIS, back in the 1940s, 50's and 60s…
    Until Feminism struck and it was no longer cool or, chic to worry about your appearance, so much…( No more worrying about preventing wrinkles. ) We used baby oil on our bodies and faces and sat in the sun.
    Heck, women burned their bras…Or, just didnt wear them, anymore! Lol!
    Few girls learned how to PROPERLY take care of their skin. (Other than the standard acne problems, or, taking off your makeup at night. Or, the occasional witch hazel, or, toner…Lol…)
    Or, nightly scrubbing our faces harshly, with a wash cloth…Lol…
    (VERY BAD. )
    Fyi…Women who know better, NEVER SLEEP on their stomachs or, on their sides. (Wrinkles.)
    Its pretty much the same principle, as this, even IF this dunking is a lot faster…
    I guarantee, whenever you dunk your face??
    You are squinting your eyes HARD and making OUCHY facial expressions, under the water, as well! NOT GOOD. 😒
    Kim Kardashian has taken all of this advice to such an extreme, that she doesnt even SMILE, for fear of getting smile or laugh lines…SMH! Ridiculous, I know….😒 Sad. Silly.
    And…despite all of her Botox and injections??? Kim REALLY DOES, know her stuff, when it comes to preventing wrinkles on her face…
    Ice and cold dunking for your body, alternating with heat, like Swedish baths, saunas, IS EXCELLENT AND EXTREMELY HEALTHY! ❀
    But, please keep in mind, the skin on your FACE, is totally different than the skin on the rest of your body and it is EXTREMELY DELICATE ! Facial skin, does not just bounce back, like the rest of your body does…
    Eating a lot of organic, sources of good quality collagen, is excellent for your face, as well! ❀
    Thank you Yasuko, for this video! πŸ’–
    Be well, everybody! πŸ’œ

  12. Why is it that you have to hold the basin? Just put the basin on top of the table and submerge your face into the ice watet

  13. BONUS: If you have trouble with anxiety related to amygdala triggers (they can't be calmed rationally), ice cold water to forehead helps tremendously! So, calm your mind and make your face pretty atst. Win!

  14. Not for me! I splash cold water on my face and back of neck when I get overheated from yardwork, but I don't want a dunk. Besides I have rosacea, so that's my excuse. I will stitch to my refrigerated jade roller. What do you think of them?

  15. What about the neck? Maybe an extremely cold towel left in the freezer and then wrapped around it! Tyft! πŸŒ»πŸƒπŸ‘Œ

  16. I'm wondering if you could just dip a cloth in the ice water and apply to the entire face as tolerated and do it repeatedly.
    Or – use an ice pack?

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