I’m Pregnant + Gender Reveal! Pregnancy Announcement | Angela Lanter

I’m Pregnant + Gender Reveal! Pregnancy Announcement | Angela Lanter

hello gorgeous welcome back to my
channel I just wanted to stop in and do a quick life update with you guys and
let you know that I am pregnant a lot of you guys follow me on other social media
platforms you already know that prep for those of you who don’t surprise you
might have already figured that out on my last video because I clearly had a
bump but I just wanted to put together a video today and let you guys know about
what all’s been going on in my life so Matt and I found out back in May that we
were pregnant but we didn’t announce to you guys until early August so if you
follow me other places and you’ve known for a while if you don’t then in August
we actually launched a podcast that’s called hello bump you should go check it
out it’s available on iTunes stitcher and then I also posted on my blog and
we’re doing a weekly update every week along with the pregnancy and just giving
feedback about what my symptoms are and how I’m feeling and just the crazy up
and downs of pregnancy because this is so new to both of us and either one of
us have obviously ever been through this before so we’re sharing it all with you
the good the bad and the ugly and there are so there’s there’s some ugly moments
I’m telling it like it is so make sure to go check that out if you haven’t
already currently right now I am 6 months pregnant I’m in my second
trimester and I’m feeling really good first trimester was a little bit rocky a
little bit bumpy so if you want you can go back and listen to those episodes on
iTunes and find out just how everything was I went through an episode or I guess
an experience I don’t know what you want to call it with a really horrible cyst
talk about that and all those kinds of things and you can also catch up on my
blog Angela Lee intercom unless I have listed every episode and just recapped
what’s happening so that’s what’s going on there part 2 of what’s going on is
that Matt and I found out that we were pregnant in May we found out well let me
let me back it up we found out on a Wednesday that I his show timeless got
cancelled we found out on Friday that we were pregnant and then on Saturday we
found out that his show was actually getting picked up and it was moving to
LA so good thing is that we get to stay here at home in
LA while Matt starts his new show or at their season 2 of his show timeless and
I just get to be pregnant at home in LA alright so most of you guys know
probably from my blog and I’ve probably mentioned it here too that I suffer from
endometriosis so this pregnancy was just a little bit of a surprise it was in a
shock but it was a little bit of a surprise so Matt and I actually found
out back in May that we were pregnant and just to like give you a quick little
timeline on this particular Wednesday we found out that his show timeless got
cancelled Friday we found out that we’re pregnant
Saturday we find out that his show got picked back up and it films in LA so we
were just completely ecstatic so happy because a we’re getting to start a
family together and B we get to stay home in LA so it was just a really
really awesome thing the thing with my pregnancy that I have not been so lucky
about is that I was actually sick like feeling nasty before I even found out
that I was pregnant so I have had like a little bit of a turbulent first
trimester I had the everyday nausea like when I say everyday I really mean
all-day nausea I didn’t have morning sickness I had all day sickness I never
threw up even once thank goodness because that is like the worst thing I
have the worst fear of vomiting but I did have a lot of nausea I had a lot of
food aversions a lot of bad headaches I was kind of textbook for every symptom
so we didn’t actually announce publicly that we were pregnant until early August
we were actually in Florida vacationing when we decided to announce and the day
that we announced we actually also announced that we launched a podcast so
if you haven’t already checked it out Matt and I do a weekly podcast called
hello bump and we just recap weekly what I’ve been going through with my
pregnancy and then what his experiences as well because he’s the first-time dad
I’m a first-time mom we are just brand new at this so go check that out if you
haven’t already it’s on iTunes is on stitcher I’ll link it in the description
bar below it’s just like really fun we just you going to get to learn more
maybe too much about me but you also get to see how we are together and learn
more about our personalities it’s just it’s
just fun so as I’m filming right now I am currently 25 weeks pregnant it’s all
running together it’s crazy so I’m second trimester so first trimester like
I said was was pretty rocky I felt pretty disgusting I went through a
period of time or an experience where I had a cyst and I recapped that whole
thing for you on the podcast I don’t want to go into detail here with you
guys because it was pretty graphic so if you do want to learn more about that go
check that out there but I like I said was textbook for a textbook for
everything but then when the second trimester hit it was as if I was my old
self again the nausea went away I felt good it was just I don’t know I don’t
know how to explain it so second trimester I have felt a lot better I’ve
had a lot more energy there’s been days where I’ve actually felt good enough to
do some yoga or pilates and get up and move around and I’ve had a lot of energy
to get things organized and done around the house I’m starting a little bit to
experience a little bit of swelling in my feet at this point but it’s not
anything dramatic it’s very very little I have a OBGYN that I’m seeing regularly
but I’m also seeing a chiropractor regularly as well just to keep
everything in aligned and together and make sure that I’m feeling my best I put
together a blog post with my first like 15 weeks of pregnancy favorites or 20
weeks of pregnancy but I think I’m putting together a video for you guys
too with all of my favorites for my first trimester and then once I get my
third trimester I’ll probably do another one with all of my favorites of my of my
second trimester so that you guys can always come back and check those out
because I’ve gone through and tested a lot of products so I can let you know
exactly what has been approved by me you know and if you don’t already know
we’re so excited I’m so excited I wanted a girl so bad that says I’m a terrible
person because I wanted a girl but it’s not like that he’s just giving me a hard
time I would have been totally happy with a boy too
I really would have but I’m just over the moon we’re both over the moon he’s
so happy to have a girl too and here’s the thing from the very moment I found
out that I pregnant until two days before we found
out what we were having I was convinced it was a boy I had a dream it was a boy
I felt for sure it was a boy then two days before we got the gender-reveal
information in which we opened it and written like did a like full-fledged
like reaction to like the news on our podcast again if you want to check that
out but um two days before we found out what we were having I was getting
changed in our closet and I look in the mirror and I see myself and I yelled in
the other room I was like babe I am having a girl because I noticed that I
had put on a little bit of weight in my thighs and in my hips and to me
aye-aye-aye always know I feel like when I’m looking at somebody for having a boy
or a girl and I was like I’m definitely having a girl and sure enough two days
later we found out we’re having a girl okay so now on to names this is the most
requested asked thing of all because now that everybody knows what we’re having
they want to know the name so here’s the thing Matt and I think that we have a
name we are pretty sure that we have a name but we’re not going to release it
until she’s here and we see her and we make sure that that is the right name
for her so just to let you guys know we’re not gonna be telling what the name
until she’s born so she’s here so sorry so that’s really it the first trimester
went by super slow because I was feeling so sick I ended up losing 8 pounds but
now I’m in my second trimester I’m feeling good we’re starting to get stuff
in from the different brands if you follow me on instagram you see it on my
insta Tori’s and I have so much more to share with you guys and I’m so excited
to bring you along on this journey with me thank you so much for being a part of
the gorgeous family and I can’t wait to share this with you alright guys thank
you so much for watching I love you all so much
au revoir


  1. Angela, i had a question for you as a Mom to be… what are your thoughts on posting baby photos on social media, like Instagram for example? I know some people post that very first photo right when the baby is born, and everyone loves those (family and friends) but, i know others wait, and don't want to throw around photos online, so i wondered your thoughts on that… i know its one of those things that is personal to each new mom, there isn't a right or wrong, i was just curious <3
    These days i feel like it CAN BE scary to have all these baby photos posted all over…so i wondered your opinion.

  2. I think it's a girl( before watching). Omg, it is a girl. May you have a healthy bouncing daughter. I can also tell most times what people are having. ???


  4. Lol when your dog looked up… it shocked me cause I thought it was a white fluffy pillow ?? congrats on your and Matt!!!!

  5. Congratulations! I'm glad you guys don't have to pack up and move or face being majorly apart for filming on top of everything~ That has to be a huge relief! I've been picking up a few episodes of the podcast here and there including the gender reveal and I enjoy the candid nature of it. I always appreciate when people are genuine and honest and real. You guys are amazing — keep being you!

  6. Thought you had a fluffy blanket on your lap until about a minute in and a dog head pops up. So stinking cute!!!

  7. So excited for you guys!!! I have been following y’all throughout this pregnancy by listening to all the podcasts! Can you do a makeup tutorial on the makeup you are wearing in the podcast cover??? It’s so gorgeous!!!!

  8. Congratulations! I wish you strong health, good mood and easy next month of pregnancy! You are so halo from inside! Gorgeous! Say hi to Matt from me please) love you!??

  9. So happy for you!   Haa Haa I thought you had a pillow on your lap until your little cutie popped her head up!  Congrats on having a little Girl! TFS – Hugs, Christal

  10. Instead of gaining weight she looks more cat-like in her face. I'm excited for her baby…it's gonna be so pretty!

  11. I’m so happy for you! I work at a chiropractic office and it’s great for pregnant moms! It’s also amazing for the baby! The birth process can be very traumatic for the baby and regular chiropractic adjustments can really help!! Love you and Matt!!??

  12. I'm so happy for you guys. Me and my best friend are both big fans from Matt? so I found you on YouTube. And we were always like "Angela and Matt would be such wonderful parents". But in Germany it's difficult to follow everything. I wish you guys lots of luck?

  13. I am sooo happy you are feeling better!! That baby is so blessed to have you both as parents <3 P.S. Ginger Tea is amazing for nausea! My chiropractor was the one that recommended it to me and honestly I am so glad he did because now I can heal that symptom naturally 🙂 ily!!

  14. I totally understand the "wanting / wishing for a girl" thing. I hoped for a little daughter too and was more than happy that I got one. Most people don't understand the preference (mostly mothers who already have a girl ^^). I wish you guys all the best and hope you have lots of fun decorating and shopping for your little girl… She will be a cutie pie with those good looking parents :). take care

  15. Loving follow along with "Hello Bump"! Congratulations again! Praying for you to continue have a safe pregnancy and a safe delivery! May God continue bless you all!

  16. You are SO BLESSED to have not thrown up with that kind of nausea. I was nauseous 24/7 throughout the entire pregnancy with my son and threw up several times a day. Haha and I still feel like there are people who had it worse than me ? there’s always a bright side!

    Also been really loving the podcast. It’s so fun to listen to y’all on this journey. Reliving some of those fun pregnancy moments with y’all!

  17. Yay! So happy for u both! (At the beginning of the video I thought u had a fury blanket buyt then he peeked up & realized it was your dog??)

  18. You don't look pregnant from the top!! Some people have the masks of pregnancy (swelling face, dark patches, oily skin etc)by this time. It's like your baby's saying she's put you through enough during the first trimester ??.. #hellobump.. Luv u

  19. I can’t believe you only have 125k subscribers you should be much sooo bigger. You will definitely get 10 million subscribers one day ❤️ I just subscribe ?? I can’t wait to see you and your family blossom

  20. Just wanted to give you guys a quick Congratulations shout-out! So very happy for you!! When I was pregnant with my daughter (19 years ago ?), we didn't do a gender reveal. But we did have an ultrasound @ 3 months. The tech told us she was leaning towards a boy. I wanted a girl sooo bad. I already had my son. I, like you, would've been happy with a boy, but I just felt like this baby was a girl. My sister even told me, "If that baby isn't a girl, I've never been more wrong about anything."
    So, we had names picked out for a boy AND a girl just in case. In June 1998, my beautiful daughter was born! I know you guys are so very excited. There's no feeling in this world quite like it. I am glad you are feeling better for your 2nd trimester, so that you guys can enjoy your growing baby.
    Again, congratulations! 🙂

  21. I'm so happy for y'all!!! Ive said it before but I swear you and I would make good friends! Lol…we have seem very similar. Anyway, I'm pregnant with my third right now and I think it would be SO cool if you did some sort of pregnancy give away. Of course it would have to be on YouTube cause I'm not on any social media. Lol
    Love you and congrats to you and Matt!!

  22. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!Girl honestly i have a 16 month baby girl and let me tell you i am #daughterobsessed i want 3 more little girls!!they are the best??❤️????????

  23. Congratulations!!! I had a girl first & I love it!! She is turning 9 on Thanksgiving (USA) & she has 2 little brothers. 🙂

  24. Congrats! Order yourself the free welcome registry box from walmart! I just got mine. Filled with great samples for both you and baby 🙂 https://walmart.cesampling.com/babybox/order

  25. my cousin was pregnant and she said she had a dream that she was gonna have a boy but then she end up having a girl it's funny bc she said she was for sure having a boy ?

  26. She literally repeated the same I formation like 3 different times in the video… “mommy brain” is real, y’all. Lol. So cute. Really happy for this sweet couple! ❤️

  27. I know that star crossed was made in 2014 but I keep watching it it is my fav I had no idea matt was Roman in star crossed I wish that star crossed wasn’t cancel I’m sooo upset ik I’m soo late for it tho

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