“I’M PREGNANT” (prank!!!)

“I’M PREGNANT” (prank!!!)

Alright you guys so, Ken is actually at the gym right now. And yesterday, We thought that I had food poisoning cuz’ I was like really really sick. And we thought it was what we ate. But I took a pregnancy test today. It takes forever to ring.. :/ Hello? Babe. What’s up? Can you come up real quick? I need to talk to you. Can it wait? I’m on the tread. No. Are you sure? Are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine. Alright okay. I’ll be up. I love you. It’ll be a minute. Alright. Love you, bye. What’s up? Everything alright? Yeah, I want you to sit. Are you okay? What’s up? Well you know how.. we were talking about yesterday? My stomach was hurting. Uuuum.. I’m actually pregnant. How do you know this? I took a pregnancy test. When? Today when you were gone. Why you ain’t tell me? I was waiting for you to come back.


  1. I'm not pregnant (smack) I just be eating good ??????????☕?????????????????????????????????????????????☕????????????⚱

  2. I swear if they actually was gonna have a baby for a girl it could be Ke'arra or da'maya For a boy maybe Kenny or Ken Jr.
    Like if u agree

  3. Y’all should prank the people that is watching your videos like say something like we broke up and be all serious about it and then at the end say it’s a prank

  4. Hii was so happii to her dat from her ken was so so so happii ur time is coming soon de'arra lol look out fi it omg

  5. Ken was happy af ? man.. he was ready for it all. Wish the rest can be like that.❤️ #shoutouttoKen

  6. This was a good prank dearra but I felt bad when ken was showing her love to not be scared I was like that’s why they are meant to be ?

  7. I remember watching they videos and being like I love this channel now look how far they’ve gotten in just 3 years ??

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