instasmile Covers 4 Missing Teeth For A Complete Smile Transformation

instasmile Covers 4 Missing Teeth For A Complete Smile Transformation

– Hi, my name is Tabitha. And I’m doing a review on INSTAsmile. I just wanna start off by giving a little background
information about myself. I was a meth addict for a while, and I’m currently 11 months clean. And it really ruined my teeth. That’s the reason why I started looking into stuff like this. Well, about a few months ago, I’m still suffering the
consequences from meth, so a couple months ago
the teeth just fell out. And so I did the impression kit. I failed my first two times, but on the third time
I finally got it right. It wasn’t honestly that hard, I just kept, I didn’t mix the putty
well enough is what it was. But by the third try I did really well. INSTAsmile answered any questions I had, anything like that. They were great with
responding back quickly. It’s a really good company. But it comes in this cute
little case and it has a mirror. I already took mine out of the bag, but this is what they look like. So I’m gonna show you my
real teeth first okay? (exhaling) That’s my real terrible, awful teeth. And you know I was really
nervous with talking to people and all that with my teeth missing. And you know, I’m a
really outgoing person, so it’s really hard for
me not to talk to people. But I’d always feel like I
was being judged and all that. So I guess we’re gonna
try these now, all right? So. And this is with it on. I mean you can’t even
tell that they’re fake. Some people had a lisp
when they first got theirs. I haven’t had a problem
with a lisp at all. And I’m constantly smiling now. People are complimenting
I have a pretty smile, and I definitely, definitely
recommend this company to anyone who is looking at it. I honestly love this company. It’s amazing, it’s fast,
and it’s affordable. So I recommend everyone to get it. Thanks.


  1. Hey can I get in touch with you via Twitter or IG I have questions!! Plz watching you put those in made me cry!!! Plz can we get intouch

  2. Congratulations on being clean. You look great. I ordered mine and they should be here tomorrow. Thanks for the review. I was nervous they wouldn't look or feel right. You gave me hope. Peace and blessings to you beautiful 😘💪🏽💯

  3. You look good, and your teeth also look good. By the way, could you eat something with that artificial teeth on?
    I'm finding for the best one for me.

  4. First of all you’re gorgeous and congrats on your recovery! Thank you for your review. I can’t wait to try them out!

  5. U r so pretty and ur personality is like a Care Bear, so sweet! I am so happy for u… I think I'll order them for me😄

  6. Hye i want buy this upper teeth can you give me where i can find??and what's are type the teeth?

  7. Congrats on 11 months!! Thats a huge deal!!! You look beautiful! Im also a recovering addict 16mo strong and dealing w same issue.Keep on keeping on!

  8. Thanks for the video. Lost my front tooth in a fight and felt weird about it for a long time. And congrats on recovering

  9. thanks for this video!! I will look into it if my dentist doesn't let me pay in instalments they look really good!

  10. Wow you got back to everyone, what a lovely person you are, your new teeth look amazing, it’s you that shines remember x

  11. En España las están vendiendo y lo pagas cuando lo recibes en casa a 49 € a contra reembolso en oferta .. 98 € fuera de oferta cualquier cosa me avisan y les dejo donde hacer el pedido

  12. Omg! God bless you well done and your so brave for sharing ur story and now ur smile matches ur face it's beautiful they look amazing.

  13. I just went on there website and it says it’s not suitable for people with missing teeth ? I’m hoping to be back to work soon so I can afford this because while it’s cheep it’s still pretty expensive. Hopefully I can get back to work before my teeth come out

  14. Girl, instasmile aint for everybody but they look great on you. Simply beautiful. It changed your whole face

  15. I'm glad you got your life together and you'r clean and you're still here for your family. Please try not to relapse and don't hang around the people that you use to use with. Congratulation on your new replacement tooth they looks good. 🙏💜

  16. Im curious. I see your picture on Instant Smile, instasmile and other teeth ads. So which one are you wearing?

  17. Congratulations on your recovery! 🎉🎊 you look beautiful! Do you still like them? I just ordered mine. How long did it take you to get your expression kit? Hope you are doing well.

  18. I have ordered from them 4 different times. Perfect product each and everytime. I accidentally threw one pair away 😭 so I switched to the backup I ordered. That one, my wife’s puppy got ahold of it- enough said. Two very expensive mistakes. Lesson learned.
    Point is when I called them and explained what happened. The 12month protection plan took care of me right away. I had another original and a new backup piece. Within 21days for the first and 5 weeks for the second.
    Amazing product. Great company, very understanding. Good people.
    I am satisfied. Ty INSTASMILE.
    by the way- yours looks amazing also !

  19. She looks beautiful I hope you stay clean amd realize that drugs is satan way of taking you out but Jesus died so we can be free of all that try and destroy his people. Keep smiling and realize you are loved and created by God. Take care ❤

  20. They look great! You look great and keep up the good work that’s all you and be proud of yourself for keeping yourself healthy and clean!

  21. Hi you look great I am also an ex addict am purchasing these. Could you tell me what shade you got a2 or a1?? Thanks from the uk

  22. Wow!That's the best instasmile i saw on Internet, perfect size.
    i am waiting for my impression kit, in wich there are  3 different coloured trays each of which is a different size. 
    Can i know what size u used please?

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