Introducing Your Baby to Cow’s Milk | Parents

When your baby turns one, he’s finally ready
for his first taste cow’s milk. Start by offering a cup of whole milk as a snack or a dinner.
Don’t forget the straw. Even though your toddler can now digest the minerals and proteins contained
in cow’s milk. It should still be a supplement to solid foods he’s eating, not a meal unto
itself. Make sure he drinks between two and two and a half cups of whole milk or 16 to
20 ounces per day. Some babies love the taste of milk and might drink too much, so watch
out for how much he consumes. On the flipside, if your baby really doesn’t like the taste
of cow’s milk, try adding some breastmilk or formula to help him get used to it. Just
keep reducing the amount you add in every snack or meal until he’s accustomed to the
taste of real milk. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends that your toddler
drink whole milk until age two before switching to reduced fat. But if you notice any signs
of a milk allergy or intolerance, like hives, bloody poop, or excessive gas, consult your
pediatrician. Until then, your baby will get all the calcium and vitamin D he can for strong,
healthy bones and teeth.

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