IRONMAN 70.3 BOULDER Day 3: Touring RallySport Health and Fitness Club with Erin Carson

IRONMAN 70.3 BOULDER Day 3: Touring RallySport Health and Fitness Club with Erin Carson

(birds chirping)
– Morning, Trainiacs. It is day three in Boulder,
I am loving it here. Still trying to get in as much real, solid, quality training as possible. It’s an on week, we are almost exactly a month away from Half Iron
Man Worlds in South Africa, so this is like, this is serious stuff, hence really big swim right
now, little bit of strength. Rally Sport in Boulder is
owned by Erin Carson who is an awesome strength coach
to professional triathletes. We’re gonna do a podcast with her. I’ll show you around the place. All kinds of fun this morning. The swim is fun.
(upbeat music) (electronic music) – Welcome to Boulder,
Colorado and to Rally Sport. – This is awful scenery, by the way. – I know, it’s a tough job,
but somebody’s gotta do it. – So what do you have here? I’ve been living here for
the last couple of days. – It’s our 40th year being here in Boulder providing health and
fitness for our community, and we’ve definitely grown
up with endurance sports, whether it’s marathon, triathlon, cycling, and we’ve become a really
nice hub and a place where athletes, professional
athletes and amateurs, can come and really have a
great training experience. We’ve got some pretty old
walls in our building, but for the most part, our
equipment is the freshest and high tech and well serving to our athletes and our community, so that’s our most important thing is that we’re taking care of
everybody who wants to train. – What’s the rundown of all
the facilities that you’ve got? ‘Cause I just wandered around by myself. – Well, I think the foundation starts on that first floor where the pools are. So, we have an indoor four lane pool, an outdoor five lane pool
that stays open year round, so it’s a lot of fun to
swim and do your training in the winter in a pool that’s heated. We keep it about 80
degrees, 81 in the winter, and it feels super warm
when it’s cold out, but it’s just nice fresh air to breathe and the view doesn’t suck. And we also have a lot
of specialized training provided to us by Techno
Gym, because to me, as we were talking about earlier, the most forward thinking
company that provides equipment to those of us who wanna move
well, get stronger and faster, so from strength based, ground
based, stability equipment to killer treadmills and definitely all of the traditional
strength training equipment. So, we’re a Techno Gym facility
from what we can provide. The rooms have allowed
us to create environments for different kinds of athletes to train. So, if people are really serious, we don’t need them intimidating the people who are just kind of weekend warriors, and it can be intimidating to
train alongside Tim O’Donnell, even though he is incredibly human, he’s still one of the best
athletes in the world. – Never heard of him.
– Sometimes that can make people feel intimidated,
so we have these rooms where we can put Flora and Remy and Tim and lots of other world class
athletes all in the same room so that they don’t bother everybody and they still get their needs met within that small group setting. And as we all know, our
pros, in triathlon at least, they don’t make millions
of dollars, so we need to find a way for them to train
with the best in the world from a leadership coaching standpoint and not drain their piggy banks, so that has been a really fun thing and it’s not, at Rally
Sport, it’s not unheard of to have names like that all
just doing the same movements right next to each other
three times a week. So, that’s been super fun for us. – You got yoga.
– Got our indoor cycling. – You got cycling. You’ve got a bay.
– We’ve got indoor cycling. We’ve got great food. I posted a picture a
couple weeks ago of Remy, she’ll come over and get breakfast, and the burrito that we make for her, we should actually name it after her, I call it the burrito
that’s as big as your head. – The Rem-rito?
– The Rem-rito. (laughing)
I think we might have to talk to her about that, but it’s one of her favorite things, ’cause that glycogen window
and just being able to fuel up right away and prepare
yourself of the next work out. We wanna facilitate good food
in an easy accessible way. I know you had a good lunch today with some fresh avocado and
I think maybe some quinoa. – Some sweet potato.
– Sweet potato. – A little bit of egg. – Yep.
– Oh yeah. – So we try to just kinda have that full, well-served environment
for people to come and do a good job and no excuses. – And what was the class
we were talking about? We were talking big business today. – Yeah, we’re talking
about the master class for strength and
conditioning for triathletes and endurance athletes, and
I couldn’t be more excited, ’cause I think we share
that passion to help people. Too many people have been
sidelined with injuries that could have been prevented
from a really good program of mobility, muscle activation, and I got asked that question today by somebody, “What’s up with muscle activation?” Well, the truth of swim, bike, run is that there is an inherent tightness that comes from the
front side of our body, and we need strategies to open
up the front side of our body and strengthen the back, and it comes at different phases
for different athletes, so we’re gonna give them the ability to kind of self assess and then just have some daily strategies to
avoid some of that tightness that might lead you into
compensation patterns and just going down
that road of overloading muscles and joints that aren’t designed to take that kind of impact
and keep that balance in the body so that you
can be really competitive and you have that joy. There’s no joy in running in pain. There’s no joy in not feeling good in your bike.
– Training around your injury. – Right, when your back
hurts and stuff like that, so I’m psyched, along with Taren, to be able to bring that
master class to everybody, and yeah, I’m pretty excited about that. – Thanks for having me here. – Yeah, thanks, Taren.
– This is awesome. The energy this way and that way and we’re not living up to our potential. I want you to live up to your potential. And then I did a podcast
with one of the nicest, most genuine dudes in
triathlon, Hugo Mendez from Dig Deep Boco, go
check out his stuff. We’ll put it there. – Who’s in the house today? Somebody who knows a
little bit about triathlon, just a little, Mr. Triathlon
Taren, how are you? – I am phenomenal, Hugo, thanks
for having me here, buddy. – Thank you for being on the show. Besides connecting to a flight in Denver and having to stay overnight
once about two months ago, this is the first time that I’ve spent any length of time in Colorado
period, and it is nice here, however, the altitude is kicking my ass. Speaking of nice people, how many of you remember Sarah True? Sarah True, two time Olympian. Sarah True, recent first time Iron Man professional triathlete. Sarah True who put out
one of the most heartfelt Instagram posts that we’ll link to in the description below
about how when she got out of the Olympic triathlon
development program, she was like, going through
literally severe depression, and the desire to get back
into it and qualify for Kona, in addition to getting some help, is what pulled her out of it. I’ll link to that Instagram
post in the description below. So, Sarah has been in our
show two, three times. Had her on the podcast,
such a nice person, gives back to the sport. Her and her husband and Des
Linden and Des Linden’s husband started Linden and True Coffee. Now that I’m in the
states, I can order stuff, actual things, Linden and True Coffee, hats, hats, and more hats. I actually paid for this
stuff, straight up, full price. I wanna support Sarah. Everyone should support Sarah. Go check out her Instagram post, link in the description below. Go check out Linden and True Coffee. Tell her that you came
for me, she’s awesome. One of the nicest and
funniest people in the sport, along with Erin Carson and Hugo. There are a lot of nice
people in this sport. Tyler’s pretty nice, too,
he’s put me up all week. It’s not even fair to the other men. Alright, Trainiacs, if
you aren’t yet subscribed, hit the subscribe button below,
and if you are subscribed, you are the peanut butter to my jelly.


  1. You need to travel more. Your videos are fantastic when you do. Enjoy Boulder Taren and soak it all in. I just finished Ironman Boulder and I’m jealous I’m not there now 👍keep it up and can’t wait for your visit to KONA

  2. I heard Erin Carson on a few podcasts and I purchased a strength training plan on the ECFit app. It’s been great so far and anyone interested in starting strength training should check it out.

  3. Do you notice the altitude on your training? I havnt lived here in a few years but luckily it hasnt effected my training, hopefully thats consistant on sat!

  4. holy crap, I made it to Triathlon Taren's video! I'm one of the background swimmers when he's talking to Erin. See you at 70.3 Boulder!

  5. I'm actually recovering from straining my IT band during a run session earlier this week. Thanks to watching videos like this and seeing the stability work you've been doing it has highlighted my need for more strength and conditioning training. Thanks for the continued great content and looking forward to more info about that master class.

  6. Awesome show, I met Erin during IM Boulder and you are right on, she is awesome – must agree with the elevation comment, it kicked my ass as well. Thanks for keeping us motivated and best success.

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