Is IVF a painful procedure?

Is IVF a painful procedure?

Hi, I am Dr Richa Sharma, Senior Infertility
Consultant, Medicover Fertility, today lets discuss about the topic which many couples
enquire when they come for consultation to me that is: Is IVF painful? The joy of having a baby is immense, but many
couples are not able to experience this feeling even after trying for a long time. In this case, they should be aware of their
problem and visit an infertility specialist at the earliest. Many such couples during their visit to an
IVF clinic have a lot of questions to ask. And the first question they usually ask is,
how painful is IVF and how many injections they need to take? Well, the definition of pain for every individual
is different. Many people dread at the sight of injection,
and for some, it’s just a small prick. During an IVF cycle, there are many stages
where a woman may experience discomfort. The initiation of an IVF cycle starts with
injections for the development of eggs. A woman from her second day of periods needs
to be injected with hormonal doses for 10-12 days so that the ovaries are stimulated to
grow more mature eggs. And these injections are painless and can
be self-administered like insulin. After the stimulation process, when the ovaries
begin to enlarge a lady may experience lower abdomen pain and bloating, but in this case,
we adjust the dose of drugs and limit the number of eggs that grow. Here the experience of a doctor counts in. In a well-controlled stimulation cycle, a patient
usually does not experience any pain. After 3-4 days of stimulation, a lady needs
to visit the clinic for ultrasounds for follicular monitoring and blood tests. The next step is the egg retrieval process. During counselling, couples are well explained
about the process of IVF in detail. So, their next question that generally comes
up is – Will there be any pain during egg retrieval process? In an egg retrieval process, we remove the
eggs by piercing the ovaries through the vagina using a long thin needle, so a woman anticipates
immense pain. But, there is no pain in this process as it
is done under anaesthesia. The final step involves the embryo transfer. Usually, after 3-5 days the fertilised egg
now called embryo is transferred back into the uterus. This process is almost painless, but one might
experience discomfort only during the insertion of a vaginal speculum which is done under
ultrasound guidance. We resort to transfer of at least 2 embryos to increase
the chances of pregnancy. In 95% cases, there is a single live foetus,
but in 3-5% , there can be twins. So, throughout the procedure of IVF, there
might be some instances when a patient can expect pain and discomfort, but again the
definition of pain and discomfort differs from individual to individual. Some may say we experienced pain; some may
say there was minimal pain and others may say we didn’t experience any pain. Well, being a doctor, I would add on that
this journey towards motherhood where you either conceive naturally or through assisted
help from us there would be a certain amount of discomfort that you might experience. But if you are explained and counselled well
then you will have a smooth journey. Proper guided information will decrease your
stress levels and thus increase success rate. Thank you for watching this video, if you
have any questions or concerns regarding the procedure of IVF You can drop your questions
in the comment section or call us on 7862800700. Do subscribe to our channel for more informative


  1. Thank you Medicover & Richa Ma’am ❤️❤️❤️😊😊 I forgot all my pain after seeing a positive result today itself😊😊😊

  2. Hello mam. I want to know is there any pain in embryo transfer step? Please tell. I saw so many vedios related with hsg. They told that these is no pain but I felt so much pain during hsg while my tubes are open. Please tell me exact about the pain in only embryo transfer process.

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