Jennifer Lopez’s Guide to Reinventing Yourself | Woman with Desk and Chair | InStyle

Jennifer Lopez’s Guide to Reinventing Yourself | Woman with Desk and Chair | InStyle

Welcome …to the center of health and wellness. That’s why I’m dressed a little bit
like a self-help guru. Hi, I’m Jennifer Lopez and this is how you reinvent yourself. Who says you can’t start learning
how to play the piano at 50? You can.
You’re here until you’re dead. So, might as well do sh*t. I don’t know (laughter). It’s such an antiquated way of thinking that women over a certain age…
What’s that age? What is that age? What did that age used
to be? It sounds so crazy to me. Was it 25? Was it 35? Was it 40? Is it 50? No baby. I am open and receptive to all the goodness and abundance the universe has to offer. I learned all this from Louise Hay. You should read some of her books.
She recently passed away, but, but helped me so much in my life. Just her philosophies and the idea of thinking positively. Do women feel the need to
apologize for wanting it all? We shouldn’t. We deserve whatever any other man on this planet
has and deserves. And why not? Look at your whole life. Choose one thing. Pick one thing that you know you can handle.
That you can fix. Whether it’s work, or relationship,
or this or that, or whatever. You know, and just go,
“Okay, I’m gonna handle this part first.” And when I handle that?
Everything else is gonna fall into place. When you feel good inside, you kind of,
like, you start pimping yourself a little bit right? Get my hair done. My nails did.
It’s taking care of yourself, being healthy. Going to the gym. Eating right. You know, telling yourself kind things. Ok, you can run that back. Those type of things that… starts inside, but also
manifests itself on the outside. It’s such a cliche thing to say, like, “be true
to yourself” and all of these types of phrases. But it’s so true. It’s just, like,
you have to always be checking in with yourself and making sure, like, am I happy
where I am? Is there something I should change? Am I not fulfilled in some way? And it’s your responsibility
to take care of yourself. And that is how you reinvent yourself ladies.


  1. Why do you stop at age 50? I really respect you, but this is ageism. Life for us ladies doesn't end at 50. It can begin an 60. Or 70. Or 80. Or 90……..

  2. It touched me basic little things and yes allow yourself to be u and what u came here to do and reinvent yourself because I'm allowed to have what I want and be free

  3. Jeremiah 6:15
    Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? No! They were not at all ashamed; Nor did they know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; At the time I punish them, They shall be cast down,” says the Lord.

  4. 1 Timothy 2:9
    Women, for their part, should display their beauty by dressing modestly and decently in appropriate clothes

  5. I remember watching jlo when I was a teenager and thinking someone should study this woman because she is impossibly flawless. Now I’m in my early thirties and never has that thought been more true. I have never seen a woman look so effortlessly beautiful and youthful and perfect at her age. Every woman wants this but it so rarely happens, that’s just the truth. Even with surgery and every supplement/hrt on earth. She is functioning on another level physically.

  6. Reinvent herself? Jlo is the same thirsty, attention loving diva, shes always been. Only her lovers keep her relavant. No puffy, no ben, no casper, no marc, no jrod, no JLO

  7. She's amazing! I'm turning 45 next year, I have a disability and I'm going to do my yoga teacher training! She's so true in her words and I've said for years live your life and never apologise for the things you do. I remember a young girl being apologetic because she was hung over and I told her not to. Enjoy life while you can because no one knows what's around the corner xx

  8. I can't believe I've been wanting to hear from Jlo and then this interview happened. The power of positive thinking! Amen!


    1. Age is just a number. (Do as much as you can).

    2. Ask for help. (Be receptive what the universe has to offer).

    3. Don't apologize. (Women deserve what any other man has on this earth).

    4. Start small. (Look at your life and pick one thing you can handle and fix).

    5. Check in with yourself. (See where you're not fulfilled and take care of yourself).

  10. In a humanistic way, she is right. But in reality, what makes us HUMANS happy is RELATIONSHIPS…. especially with our Creator.

  11. Jlo you have a problem with me .deal with me straight up my on face .who you predent to be .I ain't the fool here.

  12. Agree with all she said. But one last accomplishment for her w would be publicly giving back to the less fortunate..which she has on some level. But if she spokr of its importance, she would really make her mark by using all of her self growth & success she mentions.

  13. It is so beautiful to hear that she believes in the law of attraction, creating your reality, and manifesting positive thoughts/affirmations!! It makes you ❤ her more.

  14. Jlo is almost like a superhero for me. She is a strong, hardworking and inspiring woman. Since childhood i look up to her! Go ahead Jenny!

  15. Nice. I know you worked hard to get where you are & that your ego was there before you were from what I heard. I also see you re-invented your top lip. But all that aside, I bet you do have some pretty insightful pointers.

  16. ..? Easy not all got "opportunity… only be . .I love and are were am on try do all I want …us not about be.looking , whatever your image is…?¿ … outside if ithers like yiur sucsess they try got u …or be u friend is so sad and low confidence beauty my self" comes from my dreams and real and what i be and not just show .I be beautiful to attract what i need or men ..but my happiness is commiing g from within ..and my love 🖒👀👃💌 less fake and if u be pure and live healthy and comf in all place it not what others low conf …is … do what feels you or …. mirror is just reflecting your … 👃❤😋*😍

  17. cristina cristina Official ……. Junne tu look es profecional estar en mercosur es un trabajo.July llo llamo al tu reinna Le avisare.

  18. I always loved Jennifer Lopez, but now that she is preaching about Louisa Hay, loving yourself, and using positive affirmations I love her even more!

  19. This video literally spoke to me. I felt everything she said, she said it to me. Her words gave me peace to want better and more for myself. One little piece at a time. Every so often I re watch this to remind myself I am responsible for my happiness, jlo told me.
    Thank you this instyle and Jlo. Sounds corny but I never knew how much I needed this.


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