Jillian Michael’s 6 health keys to conquer aging

Jillian Michael’s 6 health keys to conquer aging

Aging is a subject matter that for no good
reason seems to be shrouded in all kinds of mystery. And the reality is that there is nothing in
our genes that tells us to age or tells us to die. So we naturally have to ask then why do we? And it appears that there are six hallmarks
of aging, six body processes that are responsible for how we age and they can work for us or
they can work against us. And how we live is what determines the outcome
of those results. So the first key, this is kind of how we’ve
listed them, myself and my cool author Myatt Murphy who is fantastic, is stress, stress
adaptation. So when we think of stress we often think
stress is evil, stress is the devil, it’s so bad, but in reality stress is designed
to make us stronger, whether it’s emotionally or physically, like we can be literal here. Somebody has osteoporosis or osteopenia, their
bone density is becoming compromised with old age. Well, why do we recommend working out, in
particular with weights? The idea is that stress is an injury, we’re
injuring the muscles, we’re enjoying the bones, stress with regard to fitness in this
particular case, and it creates these little micro fissures in the bone. Well of the body, we jump to our second key,
which is inflammation, has an inflammatory response, sends in bone cells and says all
right whoa we’ve got to heal this, we’ve got to get all this back together. The bone remodels and becomes more dense. So again, stress when properly managed, be
it emotional or physical, is designed to either make you wiser, smarter, stronger, more depth,
more empathy or your bones become more dense, your muscles become leaner and stronger. And when you look at all of the amazing things
that our body does to adapt to stress you see that it’s there to make you better. The second being inflammation. So without inflammation you couldn’t cure
the common cold. However, when information becomes chronic,
just like stress you’ve got this little army of white blood cells are like we’ve
got to go to war with somebody, well when the key of inflammation becomes ongoing and
chronic it starts to attack healthy tissue. This is when you get into issues like rheumatoid
arthritis, for example, a perfect example. Another big one is metabolism. we’re looking at a body process in particular
called autophagy. So autophagy is really where our body goes
in and culls dead cells. It’s like the garbage trucks come in, they
break down the old and they rebuild the new. When we’re eating constantly, so food timing
is very important, and not only that but how much we eat is very important. So when we consume food we’ve got to break
it down, we oxidize the food, which creates oxidative stress. So okay the less food we eat, within reason
we’re not trying to starve ourselves, but we also don’t want to eat too much food
and we put this in a place of what I call calorie restriction. So calorie surplus you’re at a healthy weight
and you’re eating more than you burn in a day, that’s too much food we need to restrict
that and match calories in with calories out so it’s the simple law of thermodynamics. And unless you have weight to lose we don’t
want to get into calorie deprivation because now we’re starving the body. So unless we have fat stores or stored energy,
that process of autophagy where we cull the dead cells, turns on healthy tissue and go
after healthy bone, healthy muscle and so on. So food timing of eating every three to four
hours, breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner in particular, and creating a 12 to 16 hour window
of fasting. Fasting not to be confused with starvation. And it has become synonymous with that concept
these five two diets and days of eating 500 calories, that’s not what fasting is. Fasting is a period of your day where you’re
not eating. It actually has nothing to do with how much
you re eating, that thermal dynamics and that’s what we just talked about with calorie restriction. So that 12 to 16 hour period is really optimizing
your body’s ability to, A, not focus on oxidizing food and free itself up energetically
speaking to focus on other things like boosting your immune system for example, culling those
dead cells through autophagy. And in addition it’s less oxidative stress
because you’re not eating all day long and you’re not eating as much so just one example
on the third key. Another one, telomeres, the length of our
telomeres. So our telomeres are those little caps at
the end of our chromosomes and every time our DNA replicates itself we shave off just
a little bit of those telomeres. Well, when the telomeres are gone our chromosomes
can fuse together, you can get genetic abnormalities and that can build up over the years and cause
a host of health related issues. In addition this is how we start to see things
like gray hair because our pigment cells start to die. Telomeres super, super, super important key
and you have your epigenetics or your epigenome. So people say this is genetic. This is all a genetic. What is? The way your genetics express themselves is
fluid. It’s not static it’s a dynamic and, of
course, it is effected by the way we live, but what’s most responsible for that expression
is your epigenome. So your epigenome is kind of like that overbearing
parent so if all of our cells share the same genetic information what’s telling this
cell to become a bone cell or that cell to become an immunity cell and so on? Well, that’s your epigenome. And what’s choking off certain parts of
your DNA and loosening up on others saying okay express this component, choke off that
component and we can make this work for better or for worse. And in fact studies are showing us that our
epigenome is actually effecting what we’re passing off to our offspring. So, there was this study on Holocaust survivors
and it was found that their offspring, their children have a better resistance or more
resilience to emotional stress. So again, this can be a super wonderful fantastic
thing just like all the keys can really work for us and make us the best version of ourselves
for years and years to come, or conversely they can predispose us to cancer and what
have you. And here’s another perfect example of what
the epigenome can do and how we can make it work for us, when we say muscle has memory,
it’s true. It’s your epigenome that’s remembering
and marking your muscles so to speak so that when you start training again your body gets
in shape more quickly. So it’s easier to get back in shape than
it is to get in shape the first time. Moving on to our macromolecules, which is
our cells, the health of our cells. how our cells are communicating with one another,
how they’re duplicating and so on. But our cells are literally our macromolecules
are made up of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. Macronutrients, protein, fat, carbs, macromolecules
made up of the same things so that should be a foreshadow that any diet seeking to remove
a macronutrient is inherently horrible for you.


  1. A very insightful video if you actually watch it with an open mind; unlike all of these pre-programmed meme-bots with their down-votes. Cheers.

  2. Jillian Michaels isn't really an expert on anything and listening to her like she is a god figure is a bad idea. Her advice to cut calories and run more is not the best strategy to lose weight. It misses up a person's metabolism and makes them hungry all the time. The failure rate of doing this almost 100%. If a person cuts out foods that make them hungry like sugar and carbs then they lower insulin which makes a person fat, and they are not hungry. It works and is very simple. And a person can sit on the sofa watching TV and win. Two thumbs up!!

  3. What did I just watch? Oh I know it's a health and fitness celebrity talk about Genetics, Physiology, Psychology, Microbiology, and Cellular Biology… I guess her certification in Kettlebell Concepts, Wellness and Nutrition from American Fitness Professionals Associates makes her completely qualified… Would watch again…. For the laugh!

    Enough of these pedestrian speakers 'Think Big' we don't need arm chair theorists talking about subjects they are frankly unqualified to talk about!

  4. She is not an expert!!! (Me screaaaaaming this from a rooftop). A personal training certificate can be purchased for $100 and a few online classes to ANYONE and is in no way a professional license. Listen to the people who have the background knowledge and experience not someone trying to create a brand a stay relevant

  5. So, correction here… you CANNOT conquer aging, not at this time. At best, you can slightly slow down aging conquering you.

  6. I’ve honestly never thought YouTube’s like/dislike mechanics to be problematic until I watched this video & realized I could only dislike it once, which wasn’t nearly enough to accurately express my displeasure.😐

  7. Take control of your light environment and also get plenty of sunlight on your entire body, including into the retinas. Check out Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse folks.

  8. ''Simple law of thermodynamics, right?"

    0th law ≃ ''If the temperature of system A is equal to system B, and system B is equal to system C, then system A is equal to system C.'' Not sure how this is applicable here.

    1st law ≃ ''Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed.'' Well true, eating food is about transforming chemical energy into kinetic energy, among other things. But again, not sure how to actually be applicable to aging or weight gain.

    2nd law ≃ ''The disorder of an isolated system always increases over time''. Hmm sounds a bit like an explanation for dying…

    3rd law ≃ ''Atoms dont move at absolute 0.'' Surely this cannot be what she is talking about.

  9. Big Think my ass. There's more wisdom on the tip of my dick than in this video… and my dick is a damned fool. Seriously, gringo culture… the cult of empty headed youth, salesman smiles and the power of positive thinking. Land of the free-falling con artists.

  10. 0:12
    12 seconds in and she's already lying, holy shit. 🤦‍♀🤦‍♀🤦‍♀

  11. This doorknob doesn't know if she's Bi or full on gay and big think brings her on here to give medical advice? gtfo unsubscribed.

  12. I don't listen to people who are on tv shows about losing weight and 95% of the contestants put their lost weight back on AND MORE WEIGHT ON TOP.

  13. The 12 hour fasting rule is not universal; it may benefit some but harm others. The BMR is a better measure of an individual's daily needs. In fact fasting starts at the 8th hour after eating and starvation starts at the 12th hour; starvation isn't a good thing especially for those building muscle. Also many patients who suffer from inflammatory diseases, report no benefit with fasting but instead many do report variable benefits of certain foods, including olive oil, black seed oil and kefir.

  14. The hypocrisy is real guys! People blame vegans for being hateful of someone eats meat, but God forbid anyone talk about the negative sides of the keto diet, and keto people will destroy your career! Definitely another “cult” on the rise lol

  15. Thank you Big Think for introducing me Jillian Michaels. Fantastic information and it aligns with much of what I have been learning as of late.

  16. Your example of grey hair is little confusing me. When I was teenager I had more than half portion of hairs grey. Now, I am over 30; I very few grey hairs. So, how can can I link my hair with aging?

  17. Big Think, do you look at your comments? Like to dislike? Do you listen to what these people say before you release the video?

  18. Never trust a young person telling you how to stop ageing. If she was 88 and looked like this then yeah, maybe I'd listen.

  19. All these people in the comments think they know more than Jillian Michaels. Just because you listen to joe rogan doesn't mean you know shite.

  20. Taking advice from a rich person talking about subject matter that made her rich? No thanks. Rich people will say whatever they need to to keep rich.

  21. "There is nothing in our genes that tells us to age"
    According to evolutionary biology, there is. As long as genes get passed on to the next generation, they proliferate. Therefore any malicious genes that cause cancer or whatever in ages beyond reproductive age have a chance to get passed on. The older an organism gets by this logic, the higher the chance it will deteriorate because of genes.

    I don't see the point in making such an obviously false claim.

  22. LOL a woman with botox and make up on is going to tell us how to prevent aging… Extreme aging is the result of glycation which happens when you eat to many carbs.

  23. Pure hidden commercial for her products. Stating a blah-blah comment about research on Holocaust survivers' children being more resilient to stress – in this wellness-hype video is downright a shameful disgrace.

  24. Were Peter Attia or Tim Ferriss not available for this topic? Seriously, better experts out there to properly address this. My ultimate thumbs down on this video is my unsubscribe to this channel.

  25. She's lost her credibility. Can't trust her advice anymore after her totally wacky & uninformed criticism on KETO. And she continues her disinfo…In fact, Keto lifestyle, (cutting out sugar & carbs) promotes the growth hormone which IS the promotion of healing. Much more to this as you can't lose weight with carb consumption since elevated glucose blocks weight loss. Carbs do not promote autophagy . CALORIES DO NOT COUNT if you're eating right…. And. .she is not telling the whole story on telomeres … Can't, if leaving out Growth Hormone production.

  26. I remember when I was little, my mum and aunt would buy her vhs workout tapes. Riddle me this tho, how is she still attractive?

  27. "What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."


  29. After "coconut oil is pure poison" by a Harvard professor, now is this video same from pharma/ food propaganda  strategies gonna disappear in internet!!!! It's really a BIG LIE!

  30. They must have filmed this at the same time they filmed the other video with her and said "eff it…we filmed it already, just put it out there."

  31. She obviously doesn't know that babies are in a state of ketosis when they're breastfeeding. I guess they're starving themselves; what an "unnatural" state to be born in.

  32. Granted: this is big thinking, but unfortunately big misinformed thinking…☹️ How about someone who could theorize on what makes blue zones? For examble that these are mostly economically less developed regions. What does that say about the best economic systems… I'm just sayin'… some real elaborate thoughts on some real data. Isn't that what this channel is supposed to be about?

  33. She has some of her facts wrong.
    Here is a response video backed up by studies.

  34. Okey..
    I am lissening while writing..
    stress is make you be able to waik up and stand out of bed..
    butt stress..like passiv form of stess..
    or talk stess..
    thats not stress..thats..wel it dosent matter..
    Just as you know..
    Its a mix of truth ..and..
    wel..i will not..follow "her"

  35. Is Jillian REALLY a good source for health information? She hasn't really denounced or come clean about the Biggest Loser controversy. Her video on the Keto diet is so full of bad information it's pretty embarrassing. And in this video her lack of knowledge about the benefits of fastingis just cringe worthy.

  36. what a washed up shill. no hard data to back anything she says. pathetic. i bought a lot of her dvds in the past and NONE of them worked as fast as my keto lifestyle. it's time to retire, jillian.

  37. 12-16 hours of Not Eating is just when we start to fast burn fat and autophagy starts
    It also depends on what how much we ate prior

    Not eating for such period of time doesn't do much

    Intermittent fasting is good for skipping breakfast

    Besides it's a joke

  38. People say the person is not an expert, if what she said is true, then that is all what is required, right?

  39. This sound interesting and I bought your book and I really like it. It is so fascinated to learn something new. Way to go, Jillian!

  40. Rejuvenation therapies don't get a mention? Piss off with this woman and bring on Aubrey de Grey or anyone else involved in rejuvenation biotechnology.

  41. I didn't realize "Keto" was yet another cult to add to a long list, and if you're dismissive of the ideology, your get a lot of butt hurt…

  42. How much did this woman paid big think to promote her products? Keto bullying to buy her product. Nice job big think. Not!

  43. The beneficial effects of fasting she's talking about have been observed in MICE, and not in humans, at least so far.
    Telomere are also much more complicated than what she makes it sound.
    That's just two of the things to take with a grain of salt from what she's saying. If you want to hear from a real bio-gerontologist (someone who is working on research against aging) look up Doctor Aubrey De Grey.


  45. Julian, the older people I know.. I’m talking late 70s and 80s… they fast, eat low carb high fat, and lift weights. You’ve never talked about autophagy till it got popular with keto diets. Please stop giving people bad information!!! You’re not helping anyone pushing your yoplait!!!

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