Joe Biden Responds To Allegations Of Inappropriate Space Invasion | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Joe Biden Responds To Allegations Of Inappropriate Space Invasion | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. As much as I liked Joe as a VP, I think his time is past. It is not the time for old white men to run the democratic party; the future is much more diverse.

  2. Even aside from all this, he shouldn't be running. But for the record, you can watch video highlights of him making young, underaged girls so terrified they wince and turn away. Relentless kissing and whispering, touching… it's disgusting. This doesn't reflect the values of the modern Democratic voter in any way whatsoever. He needs to forget about running.

  3. Silliness, shear silliness! This woman is clearly trying to snipe him out of politics; that's very undemocratic, the people should choose, not this one woman. If she really felt offended then she should have addressed it privately with him, it is not her place to try to politically assassinate him over something so minor!

  4. Your personal space… You are crazy selfish.. For this reason I will not vote or support any woman running for office.. Women are EVIL

  5. She's changed her tune already. She first said it was sexual harassment. I guess that all the people saying she was full of it made her moderate her story. Isn't it convenient, after legit complaints of sexual harassment and inequality in Sanders campaign, a Sanders supporter tries to smear Sander's strongest competitor. This type of bogus complaint is as damaging to real complaints of sexual harassment.
    I disagree with the female commentator who says bipartisanship is bad. It is essential for a functional government. She is utterly clueless.

  6. I came here expecting an April Fools about space invasion. This did not live up to expectations. Needs more aliens and ships bro.

  7. John Rahlston?? You’re using him as a source?? The guy who lied about Bernie Sanders supporters throwing chairs and creating chaos in the Nevada Democratic Caucus in 2016???

    Wow you are fake news indeed…

  8. Hey MSNBC show the other pictures of him sniffing children and other women! It’s all over social media morons

  9. Run JOE Run!!   Do It!!     Run JOE Run!!!    The WHOLE WORLD will see your FETISH!!!     Little Girls!!    Touching their breasts…..groping their bodies……unwanted touching  of a child……pulling them into his crotch……kissing them…..sniffing/smelling them….. OH!!  JOE!!    You have to run.   And they will all become forward to let the WORLD know how you made them feel!   Touching/Groping ..sniffing/smelling…kissing another Senators wife???  Doing this same PERVERTED BEHAVIOR with numerous other females.  No Female is safe…6 to 60..blind..cripple..or crazy….Joe will grope you.  The SICK PERVERT even GROPED KILLERY!!!     YOU GOTTA RUN!!!       PLEASE!!!     Way to many SKELETON's ????   HaHa!    Stab him with a fork……He's DONE!!         TRUMP 2020     WWG1WGA       MAGA         Q

  10. I don't expect one prominent Democrat to come to Biden's defense with any energy. They'll either attack him indirectly, or slink into the shadows. They are ignoble. Those prominent Democrats are the ones that really love posing as self-righteous, while behaving uncharitably. I don't expect any one of them to show courage and display kindness. After being a public servant into his late seventies, Joe Biden will be THRASHED. Elizabeth Warren wasted no time. That crowd likes to pretend to be morally superior, but they do not behave with kindness on the political stage. . It's more reason to dislike the Democrat leadership

  11. Let me throw the dice, and guess that the first to come to Biden's defense will be an old, grey haired Republican that has known Biden for decades. All the old guard know him. It will be interesting to watch how they behave.

  12. @MSNBC you are literally defending a pedophile and everyone in the comment section needs to view the clear evidence of creepy uncle joe inappropriately touching little girls.

  13. Creepy Libturd Joe "BITE ME" Biden!!!!!

    🚫🚫🚫 MSNBC 🚫🚫🚫

    Trump MAGA 2020

    🚫🚫🚫 Libturds 🚫🚫🚫

  14. I help customers everyday at my job, and there was a couple of times that men, around the same age of Biden, are so happy that I was helping them, that they put their arms around my shoulder, but I can tell that they were being grateful and there was no sexual context, I can tell the difference, but I would rather they would not touch me at all. Now, if I felt that it was more than being friendly, I would definitely put him in his place, I've done it before.

  15. This is just so silly… I cant believe this is news!
    As a man, I have had more from female workers than this crap. Its ridiculous!
    I will go out on a limb here an scream GOLD DIGGER -because its so friggin ridiculous it is insane!

  16. Anybody in the central eye of politics has dirt or skeletons hid in their closet,I find Joe to be a good front runner for president,this guy already knows how the world's clock ticks! Besides I guess the guy that said what he did on that bus and still elected president is fit to run another 4yrs huh. Stuff on both sides are getting out of hand,yes land of the free but still u need equal laws and fair government to make this land stay the way it has for so many years

  17. Not everything is "invading space". He's an entitled groper. Does MSNBC also not believe the secret service agent's wives & spouses who wouldn't go anywhere near the guy and ended up cancelling parties at his residence as they were fed up with attempts at groping them? This is the final straw with me ….. Tuning out of MSNBC for good. We do not want yet another groper for Prez after Trump and Clinton. No way!!

  18. Joe, Joe..give it up…you can't remember how many you have done it to…..don't waste or time…don't run…..

  19. It is the insensitivity of Joe Biden that is being exposed, let’s assume that his intention was not sexual, but being that close to women that he does not know is abusive. May be that is why he treated Anita Hill, so horribly, during Clarence Thomas's Supreme Court hearing, because he probably felt that it is OK to treat woman like that.
    No Joe! Joe Biden’s disastrous legislative legacy

  20. Biden gives eskimo kisses and touches shoulders and the left equates it to egregious acts of sexual assault.

    The Democratic party is the epitome of a preschool classroom.

    (Save the "wah wah, what about Trump!" logically fallacious moronic slop for another person, I'm not dumb and I'm not a Republican)

    I know there are a great many white, middle-aged suburban women who are lunatic-brats and haven't spent an ounce of the last two decades of their life learning a speck of anything. That is baked into my comment.

  21. How much longer will the media try to clean this up for Biden? She does not support Bernie. Good try.

  22. It seems like "metoo" is becoming "her too". That's not right. If a woman has a problem, she should speak. People looking at photos of a woman and trying to guess what's happening, that's going too far.

  23. Some defending Biden probably also feel nothing is inappropriate with touching, kissing, hugging, and holding on for too long an awkward time without consent. Vote for Biden and Make All Groping Appropriate!

  24. If these allegations against Joe Biden gain any traction, then we should widen the net and coral every politician who ever kissed a baby and charged them all with pedophilia ! Afterall , they all kissed the babies without their consent right ? Let's round them all up ! This is the official launching of @ movement, Who wants in ?

  25. In 2018 John Solomon wrote in 'The Hill' that Gropin' Joe Biden bragged
    about the time as vice president he strong-armed Ukraine into firing its top prosecutor.
    What he neglected to mention was that the prosecutor he got fired was probing a firm for which his son Hunter Biden worked.

  26. The issue not about what the crowd feels either way. It's how the recipient felt. Uncomfortable but not at all sexually threatening. It's good to have these conversations and figure out the perimeters. But it is A far cry from my visceral reaction to seeing the Kavanaught photo shoot at the Whites House and seeing 45's hands on Kavanaughts tiny little daughter. Kavanaught was in his clueless bubble of entitlement. Immediately I thought… small sacrifice.

  27. Beth Fouhy said the voters want the best candidate against Trump. Just like 2016 with Hilary? That turned out well didn't it.

  28. Way-Hay!! "Women", "Women"! What about the children? This is their plan, say its Women hide the children, too many of us do that in politics. People are getting sick of me too so we'll just say "Women". Plenty of videos of him touching little girls on youtube.

  29. Time for every season…he's had a long career and been successful! Time to let younger candidates offer their service! Thanks Joe!

  30. Well, you could have just told Joe Biden that you felt invaded. Instead you went on television. #15MinuttesOfFame

  31. Please run "creepy joe" can't wait to see Trump rip you apart…. there's so many pictures & video of you touching kids…. RUN YOU FOOL

  32. Remember when liberals said you must believe the woman no matter what. Their kavanaugh strategy is coming back to haunt them now

  33. I see the liberal left media outlets are ALL out in force right now, trying to defend their 'long shot' of getting Trump outta da whitehouse for 2020! Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

  34. Does Biden sniff the hair of men, or plant slow lingering kisses on men's head from behind, or clasp a man's face and pull it in for a nose rub?
    He does it exclusively to women and children. He thinks it's okay to violate their space and force them into unwanted behaviour.
    Which shows he feels he is allowed to violate women and children, against their will.
    He calls it affection, but it's unwanted and he doesn't hold this "affection" for men.
    With all this taken into account, his behaviour is clearly sexual, dominant, subjugating and disrespectful.
    In short he's a sexist selfish and bigoted old man.

  35. To anyone dismissing what this woman says, look up Creepy Joe Biden videos on youtube, there's ton of footage of Biden touching kids in a very, very inappropriate ways. Not criminal, but clearly not normal.

  36. Allegations
    of Biden grouping KIDS with Video as they say Allegation. If this was Trump, they
    would be saying we have video of Trump grouping kids, Impeach send the FBI as
    snot bubbles out of their nostrils These people are protecting the Grouper They are no different than a used car dealer selling you

    a beater

  37. "online fundraising base" for Joe Biden, lmfao. Get real, grandpa. So tired of the old guard, they brought us the last 30 years of either milquetoast tweaks, dumbed-down public education, top 1% economic focus, ignored climate change, gun violence, endless military excursions that have made us LESS safe, radicalization of uneducated white folks and the elderly by the Fox propoganda network, etc. Please go away.

  38. bidens BEEN molesting and assulting young girls just look on youtube. He should be charged with sexual assault

  39. His behavior has never been acceptable. You're giving him cover and trying to discredit Ms. Flores by bringing up that she was once a Bernie supporter.  I don't know if nuzzling and kissing young girls and women excites Joe Biden sexually, or it is just an abuse of power. Ether way, it's gross and he doesn't seem to get it.

  40. The fire has not been put out. He didn’t apologize or explain the creepy pattern of behavior we’ve all seen in videos

  41. She says she didn't feel assaulted or harassed, but it was inappropriate. OK, I can accept that. So going public five years later to immediately derail his potential presidential bid is your best option?
    I agree Biden is the past, not the future, but I see this as nothing more than a political attack to hurt Biden. This will not put any focus on anything other than attacking Biden.

  42. MSNBC will see to it that Uncle Joe will not make a 2020 bid. They have invested serious airtime in spinning Russia and need to faciltate a Clinton bid. In the 2020 dem field there is no challenger to Trump.

  43. Yep no bad intentions smelling a woman’s hair. It’s the woman’s fault for smelling so good, he couldn’t resist.

  44. VP Biden's life has had more down's than up's. He lost his wife and daughter in a car accident, then his son Beau died of brain cancer. Now, that he is away from the limelight which helped with the loss he had to endure, it most likely is giving him too much time on his hands. The man is lost. Getting elected to the Presidency is not going to make the pain go away. He needs time to deal with his emotions. And that is going to take some time. Most of us have husbands that retired. Unless they have hobbies, they're at a loss. They want to frequent diners or take long naps. I could be wrong and Mr. Biden sees himself acting paternally to women. I think he should stick to shaking hands with the men and maybe once in a while a hug or two with his best male friend. My opinion for what it's worth. He's too much of a 'nice guy.' Trump will devastate him while Joe Biden is in this state of still mourning.

  45. Why worry about forcibly  putting your story out in the media, and stating that because of his actions he should not be allowed candidacy for President, if you now say you didn't say his intentions were bad? I worry about YOUR candidacy for any elected position, or even as a role model like a teacher. You consistently shout and angrily talk with such hostility as if your loved one was recently murdered.  Frankly, I would be equally offended with you in my air space with such hateful gestures.  Doubt I would take it to air time though.

  46. This issue is important. It's gotten out-of-hand. I know a victim who worked in the U.S. government. She was a whistleblower. (One strike against her.) She sought her union rep and after a few visits with him, he asked her to move in with him because his girlfriend left him. Not a date. Asked her to move in with him. This issue needs to be taken seriously. There are those who like this attention and there are those 'who find it offensive.' Thank God!

  47. But wait………SHE initiates a selfie with him,  takes a podium and embraces his hand (made it sound previously like she didn't really know him) and political support to her advantage?????????????????????????????????  This is very repulsive to me, soon men will need a me too movement also.  Why would you want this person helping support you if he is such an unappropriate person???????  Wrong is wrong, and these clips are disturbing on her part!

  48. I'm currently volunteering for a Beto's campaign and don't want to disrespect Lucy but I think she is hurting everyone. not just Joe Biden. We're too much distracted by her actions. And she doesn't even know she's distracting people.

  49. ….Well…of course Biden should be more respectful with the
    ladies…the "inappropriate" touching……but paradoxically.., the US
    has now a President who hasn't touched the ladies….but he had Insulted
    …"Gross and Unacceptable Insults"….! to women, reporters,
    journalists, minorities, judges, politicians world
    leaders……insulting reporter Megyn Kelly referring to her Menstrual
    Blood…..and bragging about touching a woman P….y…all of that live
    on TV ( no Fake news ! ) during the last Presidential
    Campaign…..double standard…? ..Biden is not even officially a
    Presidential Candidate yet….and Americans did elect Donald Trump as
    "President " of the US, despite all of that !!!!! In the case of Biden,
    …there was no "sexual intention"….unless proven otherwise…,
    In the case of " President" Trump…there was, beyond any reasonable
    doubt…the real intention of insulting ..!.
    Disrespectful, Irrational, and Unacceptable behavior !!!! ….Double
    Standard….or Unwise and Fanatic voters …?

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