John Breaks the News That He Is Leaving to an Emotional Pastor Joel Osteen | Book of John Gray | OWN

John Breaks the News That He Is Leaving to an Emotional Pastor Joel Osteen | Book of John Gray | OWN

JOHN GRAY: Hey pastor. Big John. How are you, sir? Good to see you. Oh, it’s good to see you too. – You well?
– Oh, I’m doing great. How about you?
– I’m good. Thank you for taking some time. It’s taken me a few days to
muster the emotional currency to have this conversation
about this potential move to Greenville, South
Carolina, with Pastor Joel. I believe in honor. I believe in
leadership, and I don’t want to make this
move to Greenville without my pastor’s blessing. You know, God has presented
something to my wife and I that I wanted to
talk to you about. A pastor that I respect
called me out of the blue, and he said, “I
have an opportunity to be the lead pastor
at Redemption Church in Greenville, South Carolina.” My wife and I prayed about it,
and we believe in our hearts that that is something
God wants us to do. But I want to make sure
that I have your blessing. Every time I’ve been gifted
to stand on your platform, I have endeavored to be an
extension of your heart. We are so grateful to have
you, John, you have served with excellence and integrity
and so much honor, and so we just– you know, just– I want you here for 50
years, but more than that, I want you to fulfill
God’s call in your life, so, you know, we’re going to
be your biggest supporters. I’m just grateful. and I know I speak for
Aventer when I say thank you. I didn’t know you would come
here to make me cry, but– JOHN GRAY: Hey, you
got me crying too. You know it, but you what?
It’s true. You’re a dear,
dear friend to us. I remember when you came, you
said I won’t be the weak link. Yes, sir. And I can promise you that you
have never been the weak link. You’ve Always done anything
we’ve asked, and more. And so, we just celebrate you. And this is a happy
time, because I feel excited for
what God is doing, because I know you
have so much in you. It means the world. Thank you, pastor. That’s awesome, John. We are proud of you, really. Appreciate you.


  1. For all of the people that are on here speaking negative mess go get a life! If you believe that these two men are not true men of God go follow someone who you believe is true to God and the gospel! JESUS last command was for us to love one another not judge and criticize one another! If we took as much time praying for each other as we do tearing down each other's character. Then we can see the change that you are complaining about and not only these two Pastors but in Pastors around the world! We could see a return of Holiness righteousness and true gospel preaching if we would take the time to pray one for another!

  2. Let me translate
    Scammer john told Scammer joel
    That he like to scam alone.
    He wan all his money to his own, but scammer joel support scammer john.
    Scammer joel felt proud he raise a great scammer like him

  3. Was this filmed in Osteen's home? If so, he lives more like a king than a disciple of Christ! He's more about money than preaching the truth…😖🙄🤨

  4. I'm sorry but that is the fakest thing I've ever seen. Oprah says every one has their own way to the father and Osteen agrees with her. A Christian knows there is only one way to the father only one and its through Jesus Christ our savior.

  5. What?!?! "The Book of John GRAY"!!!!!! Does the mocking of God ever end with these people that now they have to name a TV show after a book and disciple in the bible and add their 'own' pride? I wouldn't want to be them on judgement day for anything. Unbelievable!!!!!

  6. What the man you have got to be kidding me Joel Osteen as none other than the devil's disciple and he's leaving many many Souls rat straight to the pit are you kidding me with this garbage come on man

  7. I wouldn't want to be in either one of your shoes your punishment is going to be greater I guarantee you than you will ever be able to bear for what you've done to the church in God's name

  8. The first time I’ve ever seen Joel Osten cry 😭! And he was crying for himself! What a joke this man and his wife are. Oprah Winfrey is no better off her tongue is set on fire 🔥 of Hell!

  9. Here we go with Another Prosperity Pimp like Joel Olsteen birds of a feather flock together huh! You wont get my money nor my time with y'all lame dry deceitful sermons These two wanna be preachers have a lot of blood on their hands that can't be washed off. I wish I had more hands I'd give this video 4 👎

  10. 2nd Timothy 4:3
    "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables."

    These men are false teachers bringing false hope to starving sheep. Wake up America, judgement is upon this nation.

  11. God still LOVES these men so do l, if we believe they're fake we should PRAY for mercy that the Holy spirit will give him discernment. 🤔 the Lords loves and mercies are everlasting.

  12. Preachers are doing reality t.v now…this is too much lol
    And calling it the book of John gray? Isn’t that considered blasphemous

  13. Sniff sniff sniff…
    Playing a game with blind people! Hey, but there are some born again children of G'D out there and they have open eyes and a sober mind AND the knowledge by the Holy Spirit! You clowns of satan can not fool them!

  14. Only a few shall inherit God's Kingdom. Now indeed there are only a few born again Christians. Joel walks the wider path with a bag of lies and deceit and he knows he will end up in hell but he loves the earthly pleasures so much he's willing to trade his life for that.

  15. HE is not a "pastor." He admits he is a motivational speaker. Never went to seminary. Doesn't know the bible. And those who are blind follow him, and they listen to what their itchying ears want to hear. Make them. In 20 years, he's NEVER mentioned hell or sin. Figure it out. Jesus talked more about hell than heaven. He talked about sin. Many times, you'll find lists in the NT that tell you who won't see the kingdom of heaven. Are any of you on that list? Do you study the Word to show yourself approved, as God asked you to? Jesus said that not all that call Him Lord will see the kingdom of God, but only those wh0 obey His Father in heaven. You can't obey, IF you don't know your bible. Do you even own one?
    By the by. The best translaters have voted the New American Standard Bible to be the best interpretatioin. It's not the King James. We have over 30,000 more pages since that was translated, and they were found in archeological diggs, caves. Do the research. So many Gree words, especially, can mean more than one word, so you have to put things in context. This is August 28, 2019 – Wednesday –

  16. Why is it aired on OWN? Goes to show that they're both bagged by the old lady Miss O'.I just pray that God have mercy on these two Pastors souls as they are leading many astray.Lest I b wrong, God have mercy on me too!.

  17. I just know pastor ron carpenter is absolutely regretting calling john grey…he has absolutely ruined redemption…!!!!! And made a mockery out of God, his church and his family….Ron carpenter is indeed a true man of God…but he missed the mark big by making john grey his replacement..!!!! Smh

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