Jordan Peterson – Women in High Paying Jobs

Jordan Peterson – Women in High Paying Jobs


  1. WHO THE FUCK could hate this man…. Him I swear he's the ONLY one to state the real wage gap debate and follow it up with, WOMAN ARE SMARTER for wanting to be with family and live their dam lives… Sometimes it takes an articulate person to explain common sense.

  2. Something interesting i just noticed. Mr.Perterson REAAALLLY holds eye contact with students. There must be quite the tense atmosphere in there; yet everyone appears to be comfortable. It seems to me that this is what effective teaching is expected to produce. A unique intimacy between strangers, the sharing of knowledge and understanding.

  3. I kind of disagree with the, "Once you make about 60 000$ a year for your family/yourself, additional income has 0 impact on your quality of life. A person who makes $60,000 or even $100,000 a year quality of life is VASTLY different than… lets say Lebron James. There's levels to this. Different health care, different access to doctors. The James family has access to so many different things that affect their overall quality of life that a person who makes $300,000 a year will never have.

  4. I am homeless I work at McDonald's weather is extremely hard to deal with washing my clothes being on time trying to smell descent bathing in random bathroom sinks I just started man it's tough but hearing this makes me feel like I can do it I am a MAN I think the gender battle is stupid luckily my survival is more important than kids and relationships I want those things but I will not bite off more than I can chew I have more fun working than anything else we will see how long that lasts

  5. I've yet to hear, or see one bit of video that shows Jordan Peterson to think or feel any less about women than he does men. I find it so aggravating that he is always having to defend himself against this. If anything, this lecture shows just how highly he does regard women. It was also refreshing to see him in this format where he wasn't being attacked. The two questions that were asked, were asked out of genuine intellectual interest, and the pursuit of understanding, as opposed to so many of the questions that Peterson gets on TV, that are just thinly veiled attacks by somebody wanting to argue on behalf of their own ego. This allowed Peterson to be more relaxed, and genuinely contemplate the answers, as opposed to feeling like he need to fire back with a defense of himself or his ideas.

  6. There's some truth to this, but not all women in high-paying jobs have to do without sleep, without a social life, and without seeing their kids. Some manage to make it work. Laura Vanderkam wrote a book called I Know How She Does It where she goes over the time logs of hundreds of women who 1) make more than $100k/yr and 2) have more than one kid. They had crazy days here and there but not crazy lives. Granted, some people will not have the options some of these women had. But these timelogs show it can be done. Whether you want to or not is a separate issue

  7. When they talk about moment to moment happiness not improving as incomes go past $60k they ignore the fact that other studies show that overall big-picture life satisfaction continues to improve well past $100k. So let's not pretend that extra money is meaningless. Especially when you see how much a person's agency in life is dependent on their resources

  8. So why is he discouraging only the women? So men do not have the same pressures too? Why is he not telling the men that it is 'not worth it'? This guy has an agenda and it is not pretty.

  9. It is a fact. The highest paid men do the least amount of work. It is usually their personal assistant or shall I say, team of personal assistants – usually lowly paid women, that do all the dog-work. I know because I did that job myself.

  10. I think he's wrong here. Its child care, if you work 80+ hours a week and you make 300-500k a year, you still can't afford a full time nanny in NYC or SF. To have kids, you need to go through pregnancy and after birth etc. That require a job that provides maternity leave.

  11. Loving the cardigan 👌 at the end of the day, women are made opposite to men. So when they try to do male roles, they are always inferior and always unhappy. Women be maternal, be domestic, be soft, be sweet, be nurturing and caring. Those are feminine qualities you were made for. Care for a man and he will shelter you. Be still and soft like a vagina not hard and penetrative like a dick. Be what a man is not. Give him what he hasn't got. Then he will protect you and provide for you and guide you. This role reversal has made the world chaotic. The powers that be want to destabilise the world and it's you stupid feminist types that they are using to do it. Soon they will just wipe us all out because we are out of place and thus too weak to fight back.

  12. Paying someone else to care for YOUR children that YOU birthed IS NOT the answer! Children are impacted greatly by not having their Mother available while they’re developing. It’s better that women work part time or produce income from a small “cottage industry”.

  13. I am just focusing on the well-educated 38-44 years old childless ladies in my country Hungary, and I really have no clue what do they want to do in this world 10 years later without family. The only thing I know they just paid back their university student loans and now they have a 15 years bank loan after their 1 bedroom apartment in the city.

  14. One thing I LOVE about Peterson is that he admits when he doesn't know something. 'I don't know the answer to that.' or 'I don't know if we'll ever figure this out.' Way too many smart people hate to admit when they don't know something.

  15. Wow!!! I've been there & done that — except it was burn out from too much University. Two kids, single Mom, taking Commerce degree at the UofA. I got behind because of the work load (1 hour of lecture = 1 1/2 hours of home study + full-time Mom)& frustration with job prospects (the previous summer I couldn't find a job & had to "go on Welfare" again for a month) so I went to Spring & Summer terms between my 3rd & 4th year in which case I went 20 months straight 🙁 Plus they "allowed" me less in student loan & grant money — it was bad enough living in low income housing project in Millwoods but to get even less money than I would on Welfare was pretty pathetic (besides I couldn't even get welfare because I was going to University which is another backwards attitude of our society — it promotes staying on Welfare). Anyways, I was extremely fortunate to have a supportive family and that's why I have kids 🙂

  16. a major problem for women,they have to look good all the time or at least they think they do,so they'll be attracting to their male protectors,& looking good for a woman once requires a lot of things.start with #cosmetics..just think of all the products & the procedures a woman is forced to deal with in the world of cosmetics.."cleansers,toners,foundation,blush,face powder,lipstick,lip gloss,lip liner,eye liner,eye shadow,eyebrow,mascara,nail polish,nail polish remoer,manicure,pedicures,fake fingernails,fake eyelashes,face cream,neck cream,eye cream thigh cream,foot cream,day cream,night cream,cold cream,make up remover,hand lotions,body lotions,bath oils,shower gels,perfumes,colognes,toilet water,astringents,moisturizers,depilatories,facial masks,shampoos,conditioners,bleaches,bobby pins,hair pins,hair nets,hair curlers,scrunchies,ribbons,tiebacks,headbands,curling,eyelash curling,eyebrow plucking,armpit shaving,leg shaing,crotch shaving,crotch waxing,leg waxing,eyebrow waxing and a PURSE,a big fucking purse so she can carry all this shit around with her,especially the makeup which must be close at hand at all times"

  17. "If you make mistakes, you're done" There are entire fields where that's totally false. Politics, banking, and sometimes even academia (sorry to say). I've been watching Peterson for some time now, and I really resonate with his ideas, but I start to think that it's another sort of utopia, one where "responsability" really entails some punishment in case of failure. Of course, you may argue that this is due to letf-wing propaganda, except it's not true. Classical, conservative societies also had that, for the offspring of the well-off.

  18. Respect the question about for women to first start with kids and then work, I will say no: The kids needs their mothers from 0 to 7 years at least. No nanny will do the work of a mother, and by the time the kids are more or less independent it would be hard for a mother to start a career.

  19. From: "Not My Real Name". Power for power's sake is a false premise & a goal you should never strive for. I am a white male, who was recently medically released from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), & was released, due to injuries I suffered in service to my Country. Ten years (of my total of 34 1/2 years) of my career in the CAF was as a Military Policeman (MP), & as an MP I had so much "power/authority" it was (to me) 'insane'. I COULD decide by my normal everyday policing powers & actions, whether a person would be charged, & as a result possibly lose their military career… depending upon the infraction, &/or what I ultimately charged that person with (i.e., whether I gave a person a 24 hour Road Side Suspension, versus charging them with Impaired Driving). Yes some of my co-workers really got off on the policing powers they could exert over others, but to me, I just wanted to help people, help themselves. After working & working, I came to realize that the job/career was just not worth it. Especially when I asked myself, who was going to be with me when I retired (& it was not going to be my career). Just because you have a high paying job, does not mean you are going to have the same level of happiness. Thoughts?

  20. Too dogmatic. While it's good to be passionate in making your point, a university professor shouldn't talk as uncritically as he does here.

  21. https :// www. aauw. org/ research/ the-simple-truth-about-the-gender-pay-gap/ – remove the spaces for the link to work. This article goes over that what he is saying is pretty much untrue.

    There is a pay gap in much lower paying jobs. For women in the same job as men, they simply get paid less. They get hired for less.

    This happens to many minority groups too. There have been studies done on resume submissions with everything the same except one had a common name and the other an uncommon or ethnic name. Guess which was about %50 more likely to receive calls back with the same resume.

    He's a psych professor and knows very well that all people have inherent biases about others. It is a well known fact in psychology that we all stereotype others at a very deep level.

  22. Women are not inherently more agreeable than men. That's just one false generalization, like pretty much all of his points. This is a stupid waste of time, more suited to the fairy tale beliefs of the 1950's.

  23. But so many men are already doing it. Why not women do that? Those women will live with young and good looking husband especially who is so happy with household and kids. And her kids will enjoy better education etc. I want that life. At least I want to be able to choose between to keep going or stop at THAT POSITION rather not being able to reach there. Some men are better taking care of households and kids than women.

  24. So according to what he says, don’t pursue any high paying career whatsoever if you are women cause you will end up wanting to be a house wife and mother. So just get married with a man who has a high paying job. 😉

  25. As a man who has studied arts I can attest that the absence of men in the humanities will be disastrous for our society.

  26. Hey guys… Australia is being inundated with these bullshit radical left wing “ad” campaigns designed by gender studies feminist snowflake SJW types: Please write “constructive” comments ousting out their bullshit and stop Australia and the ultimately the world from becoming retarded.

  27. Why will men stop working? Why there will be less men in non-Stem fields? He didnt give any argument apart of statistical, did he?

  28. When I was young I was a cocktail waitress in a casino and I married a bartender. I decided that I didn't want to be running around in that little dress when I was 40, so I went to college part time and got my CPA. I was 35 when I graduated and my husband and I had 2 kids. Fast forward 5 years and I have a surprise pregnancy of our third child and he leaves me for a cocktail waitress. So, I find myself a single mom to 3 kids and a Finance Director at a high stress job but it was a government job so I knew better then to go partner track at the CPA firm, as a mother, I saw that right away. I remarried a man with a higher paying job and two kids at home himself, so I quit working to stay home with 5 kids. I was 43 years old. But what happened? A divorce at 60. Now, that ex is 64 and looking for a 30 year old Ukrainian bride.

  29. I do not agree with Jordan's arguments here. he has never walked a day in a woman's shoes, so how would he know what our perspectives are? Good for him that his marriage is intact, but let's not forget about the 60% (and climbing) divorce rate, which leaves single mothers in quite a lurch. men can walk away and conveniently forget to pay child support, etc., but this is not a fun existence for women stuck in this situation, and a lot of women are. In Edutopia marriage lasts forever, but that's not realistic. The second thing is that a woman's marketability in marriage lies within her youth and beauty. Three pregnancies takes a tremendous toll on women's bodies/beauty, which render her less attractive than other women. This is not to include the fact that most men would likely prefer to date a woman without children. His argument is naïve and not realistic. I think it's self-righteous in the sense that he only sees it from his nuclear family perspective, which is disappointing from a man of his level of intelligence.

  30. I thought this guy was fairly well balanced until he got into the part where he thought most womens' primary objetctive by the time they're thirty was to have children. If not, he goes on to state, then there's something wrong with them. Nietzsche thought very much the same thing. In the tone of his time though, he thought of them as "sterile" which meant, I guess, not feminine and not wanting to fulfill their true role. Gee whiz, then I guess I'm just one of those outliers with masculine inclinations who doesn't care about children. No, I really don't. So what. I Like it this way.

  31. I cant see how any of these issues as it seems he are preseting them only affects women. I know that there is such a thing as maternal connection, but doesnt a father have the same issue with not being there for the child? i can see his point, just not how it relates only to females

  32. Ironic the libtards here will not understand that hes describing President Trump. Non-stop worker and highly competitive and pretty intelligent. Lol after reading those facts, libtards will be foaming at the mouth and smashing the keyboard ready to type, "hes gone bankrupt 6 times. Hes a failure."

    (about to face-fuck your nostril) Ahem! 6 out of how many hundreds of business dealings????

  33. I think ppl misunderstand that most men dont want to live there lif like that either and they just here him say women and get in an uproar

  34. Damn! Jordan Peterson is so right on so many topics and he nailed it on women in the workforce. This man is "the intellectual" of our time. God bless his heart and soul! I wish I had heard this lecture thirty years ago when I was thirty . . . I was such an idiot!

  35. In generel women are more likely to want kids than men. Women are also more prone to seek meaningful relationships, while men tends to focus more on status etc.

    Isnt that basically what Psychology is? – Major genralizations about humans through out history? It doesnt mean it applies to everyone. It doenst mean there arent a lot of women who wants to focus on their career. Every women who doesnt want kids dosent need to comment that…

  36. Why not have children? What's the objective in life? If you die and its all over then why work so hard? Why pursue so many objectives? Why build a savings? Would you write a book if it took you your whole life and no one would ever read it? Having kids is essential

  37. What is the point of his fervent repetition that "most women leave high paying jobs" and "most women desire children over everything else" and "women who don't want children are disagreeable and uncompassionate"? What is this professor truly impressing upon the developing minds of the young men and women in his audience? Are his "truths" substantiated by empirical evidence, or is he spouting anecdotal opinions about women's lives?

    I do not see a professor teaching students, here. I see a tired, bitter man shouting at people who don't know enough to challenge him, desperate for validation of his cynical and repressive view of humanity. I see a man who is angry, sad, and lonely… and who believes that if he just tirelessly puzzles and shouts hard enough, he can somehow figure out why.

  38. I have this reoccurring dream where I get a meeting with JBP and I bring a list of everything I did wrong in my life and show it to him and he says “woah ur a real piece of work” and I say “that’s why your here” and then we solve all my problems

  39. Men should be able to choose what profession best fits their unique personalities, interests, and carefully crafted abilities culminated by complex life experiences and years of reflection. Women’s calling in life is collectively based on their fertility. Got it.

    “Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it… except if you’re a woman.” -Stephen Hawking

  40. Mr. Peterson doesn't know the answer because there is no answer within the confines of a system driven by profit and competition. Let us start thinking about how to transform the basic structure of society so that it would be geared to satisfying genuine human needs.

  41. This last year, I started making $65,000 a year give or take, the highest I've ever made in my life. I have flexible hours, 30 days paid vacation a year, and a modest health plan. I honestly can't imagine a better job for me, and the idea of working even one hour more than I already do, simply to add a few thousand to my salary just doesn't seem worth it. We're all dying, and thusly our time is our most valuable asset. My job pays my bills and maximizes my personal time.

  42. ……dont forget – if you get Ill or injured and cant work either at all or diminished…….you can EXPECT to be discarded like a used napkin.

    Leaving you to realize the only relationship you ever really had with your family was financial.

    I got sick 11 months ago. And within a few months my wife realized I may have to go on disability.

    1 day she is declaring her love in that rote – repetitive way she does, 2 days later shes gone with the kids.

    It's as if my wife and lovely fraternal twins were killed in a bus crash.

    Then she files for divorce and I'm served dec 26th (which I'm sure she was trying to time just before Christmas
    … that holiday means anything to me anymore anyway.)

    P.s. I raised the kids and passed on school and career ops while wife pursued hers.

    I feel dirty.

  43. Jesus himself actually warns against having children on two separate occassions. Isaiah jesus & paul all bless women without children. Isaiah jesus & philip all bless eunuchs & jesus describes three different thpes of eunuchs: born that way, what we call asexuality today, made that way by men…sterilizations & some holy oath for kingdom of god…celibacy. Jesus then demands anyone to accept those facts if he can.

    But you say…women not wanting kids have something wrong with them. Ok then.

    Are men who dont want kids feminine then? Cuz i dont want kids & am sterlized.

  44. First I need damn money 🤣
    Second What entered this to women? If a man does not want to marry a woman who works too much,even woman does not want to marry a man who is addicted to work. What is the goal? Do you want to say OK Women after the age of 30 do not have to work while men can
    Third, what entered this in gender equality!!
    Did you want to say women can't be leadership or should not let them and that's men job!!
    Fourthly the official is the policy of the damned companies and capitalized companies that treat the employees as a cattle head or slave
    Ohhh or you want to laying on your students to convince them to keep women in house and not had financial Independence to let the Right satisfied and keeping money for just white men!!!
    by the way in the Scandinavian countries working there is like no more than 6 hours a day for both gender

  45. Here is the video in a nutshell folks.. women do well in university to eventually snag a well paid husband. Men do well in university for the prestige of supporting an educated wife and kids.

  46. I for one am an example of a woman who did it all, had it all, and tried to make it work. But in my early 30s, I cut the "professional career" cord and made a vow to give my 10 year old her best shot at growing in safety and love and made a vow to give my husband his best shot at providing within a dependable and consistent home atmosphere. It has been immensely difficult having to narrow my role and sacrifice the ego I didn't realize I had. It's been a learning process, but we've grown so much more as a family over the last 2 years. "I looked down the road and I, I took the road less traveled by, and THAT has made all the difference."

  47. 4 hours of sleep and workload of that stature? Damn what's the motivation or the why even insane competitive men should have that allow them to do that psysically without going nuts?

  48. If this is all true then why are unemployed housewives some of the meanest, nastiest, entitled people ever? If they're not working shouldn't they be the happiest people instead of having to feed them Xanax and Valium so they continue being content with their lives?

  49. Once upon a time, I worked with women executives like the ones he's describing… It was just as miserable a life for them as it was 'the team.' If you wanted to be good at your job and get recognition, you had to give your life to the job. One day, I left and moved to a smaller city. A year later I found out I had Breast Cancer.

    Research shows that high stress, bad habits of 'modern lifestyle,' including poor nutrition (read "fast food") create Cancer in your body. Wish I knew this before it happened to me. It takes many years for Cancer to manifest in your body but a personal crisis can weaken your immune system, change your hormones and trigger "opportunistic" microorganisms.

    Eight out of Ten women get diagnosed with Breast Cancer every year. And only 5-10% of Breast Cancer cases are caused by genetic predisposition. Too high a price to pay for trying to be Superwoman if you ask me.

  50. That questioned ask about having kids younger then pursuing her career in her 30s is where I'm at. I'm 30 years old with 5 kids and I'm done having kids beginning to go back to school

  51. so basically, all we need to do is nurture a child who would nurture his/her child and this cycle goes on. We are only here to perpetuate our species? Then why being cultured? Even animals do that. Why a constructed society? Let's go back to living in jungles, feeding on wild and producing kids.

  52. I do not believe that once someone makes $60K doesn't have extra impact on their quality of life. I do love Jordan Peterson. Can you live on less than $60K a year? Is that even possible these days?

  53. I'm astounded that not many people know what it takes to be earning a lot of money and the stress that comes with it.

  54. Peterson makes a big contradiction in what he says, he preaches that society shouldn’t generalise men and rape culture etc. However, here he generalises that “all” women in high job positions leave at 30 and can’t cope with working hard. Such blatant generalisations shouldn’t be make about women if he isn’t ok about them being made for men for other topics.

  55. Why should women 'burn themselves to a crisp' he is talking about women and childcare and nannies. But he is
    missing one fundamental point! Men are capable of looking after children as well. Men who are also the biological parents of their children can and should take an active role in childcare. A woman can work and a man can stay at home or men and women can share childcare and work around their careers. He is not even acknowledging the possibility that men can be nurturers. This lecture doesn't make sense without that acknowledgement.

  56. When I was in my 19-20 I don't want to marry and have kids but now at age 24 I'm eager to stabilize my life financially.and mentally in anticipation of having children


    එය බටහිර ලෝකයක මගේ මනස පුපුරවා හරියි.

  58. Not every woman is meant to just have kids. People are rarely ever a good investment. An “educated” professor should know this!

  59. I’ve known, personally, many ‘high power’ individuals that definitely have their feet up on the table, smoking cigars, doing very little!

  60. Jordan is selling a life with kids as some warm fuzzy Utopia…..Lot's of people have kids and are still unhappy…. If you're not happy with your life before you have kids, breeding is not magically going to make you happy.

  61. Yeah, I can connect with the guys who are competitive.
    It just hit how them and I are similar.
    I'm doing something like that.

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