1. Good for her and yes of course everybody should have access to insurance/affordable health care. But seriously she was born into a billionaire family and is super successful herself on top of all that money. I don't think anybody believes for a millisecond that she received any standard care/treatment a regular patient would receive.

  2. When a multi millionaire is talking about what a godsend it was to have health insurance, it sure brings the plight of every day people into painfully sharp relief.

  3. She will always be Elaine from Seinfeld to me , I’m happy that she recovered from cancer, May God grant her health and a long life

  4. Oh thank goodness! I've always loved Julia! She's such a great actress! I was so sad for her about her cancer. She looks fabulous and I am genuinely happy for her. Good luck Julia! I love you so much! ❤️❤️????

  5. Waiting to see two things happen:

    1) Trump dumping on JLD

    2) Fake volunteers going around, pretending to be canvassing while in fact trying to hurt the turnout.

  6. Much love Julia! I've been watching Seinfeld since I was a little boy watching with my mum. So glad to see you're doing well.

  7. Anyone can look fantastic with a ton of make-up on, tan spray or tanning bed, expensive cloths-jewelry, white hair either dyed black or a wig.

  8. Very poignant point to make, as a person who is studying to enter the US Health Care system it's insane and very disempowering that health care is still not considered a universal right in our country

  9. Wow I love her stance on healthcare through her experience because my mom had breast cancer and although she has insurance, it was still a lot of jumping through hoops in order to get treatment i.e. treatment facilities

  10. Thank you for keeping Health care in the forefront..when cancer and congestive heart failure hit our household, we lost our home, insurance for the family and now barely afford medication. This should not be happening in the greatest country on earth. Amazing woman!

  11. Why doesn't the United States of America implement universal healthcare and tell the insurance companies to shove off?

  12. I'm sorry but if she lived in a place where healthcare was socialized, she may not get the treatment she needed due to overcrowding. At least here in the us if you have insurance/money you can actually get the care you need.

  13. The New Adventures Of Old Christine was one of my favorite shows! Love her so much!!!! So glad she’s a survivor ❤️

  14. So fortunate to live in Canada. I’ve had diabetes and vision problems since I was a young child. Had 3 surgeries, take multiple medications. I’ve paid zero dollars. My parents were very poor growing up so thinking if I was in the US how I most likely would have put them in severe debt. God I hope US gets it together on this issue!

  15. Glad to see her . I had a colon surgery last year and the cost was nearly a million dollars! Thank God I had insurance and Medicare Bad enough to be sick but then to not be able to have the means to pay !!!!!

  16. She looks unbelievably good….decades younger than she did in the 90s when she filmed Seinfeld! And I am with her on everything health care related. I AM a fan. However…..her kind of acting like she couldn't have had treatment or any sort of medical intervention without her health insurance (through her union) is absurd. She is one of the richest women in Hollywood, and not because of those Seinfeld reruns. All on her own, the Dreyfus's are an enormously wealthy family. So let's not pretend she "relied" on her coverage or was faced with the "frightening" reality of what she would have done otherwise. She would have prevailed either way.

  17. My goodness she looks great! That makes me happy. She’s low-key one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She’s 57!! She has aged remarkably well.

  18. Watch the way she talks to the people in the audience. That's deep humanity. In addition to the content of her answers; not about herself, but about the people around her. She is a human treasure.

  19. I'm very happy for Ms.Dreyfus medical state but the conversation is if you have enough money to you can't beat any illness. that is why it is wrong that so many will die for the hatefulness of our government.Very sad America.

  20. If we had "universal Health care" she could have waited 6 months to have her MRI read like my Uncle in the UK, and then died. Sorry, but people pushing government run anything are not realists.

  21. first, I think she is great, but isn't she a billionaire? So health insurance would not be a big deal to her since she has more $$ than god and could pay for treatment outright with no challenges at all? I might be wrong …

  22. You can't even go to the market without the cashier trying to embarrass you into giving for breast cancer at the register. It's sexist. You don't see anyone collecting for prostate cancer? By age 80, 80% of men will have prostate cancer cells. Prostate cancer is diagnosed in 1 in 9 men, same statistics for breast cancer. I admit, less people die of it but if you are going to harass people into giving to cancer research, collect for all cancer including skin, lung, colon, prostate, breast etc..

  23. amazing. but have to say being wealthy helps , bouncing back to normal is not everyones outcome,many are left in a bankrupt situation with ongoing medical bills and relationship breakdowns.Going through this journey is gruelling , and affects the whole family.Mostly people you love cant deal with it and flee because it grieves them .All these pink ribbons .glamorizing breast cancer, all this hoo ha about winning the battle.Truth is treatment never ends for some, and those with other cancers are ignored.

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