Julie knows her stuff! | Online Personal Training – Melissa Colston

Julie knows her stuff! | Online Personal Training – Melissa Colston

Hey I ‘m Melissa Colston and I’m 38 years
old and I’ve been working with Julie Lohre for approximately 5 months. So when I decided to work with Julie, I wanted
to hit the stage in a bikini and fitness competition knowing that I am in the health and wellness
industry…but I’m not an expert in that particular arena. After speaking with Julie, she was very responsive
and very knowledgeable and had a high level of expertise in the area that I needed. She Knows her stuff! As far as when it comes to women’s nutrition,
and exercise, and how to combine them both. If someone was considering online training,
with Julie, I would highly recommnend her online training courses, she knows exactly
what she is doing and has the confidence and will ensure you have the confidence to acheive
your fitness goals.


  1. So proud of this 38 year-old United States Air Force Veteran and mom of 2!! Melissa completely transformed her body in less than 6 months and achieved her fitness competition dream! So so proud!

  2. I want to get on stage too. What's the first thing I need to do? Start dieting and work out or plan a show and such? Feels like a chicken/egg thing. I want to look fit and feel like gettig on stage but feel like maybe it could be a good goal too. Thoughts?

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