Labor and Delivery Tour, Lone Peak Hospital

Labor and Delivery Tour, Lone Peak Hospital

(gentle music) – Hi, welcome to Lone Peak Hospital. This is our labor and delivery unit. I’m Debra Weight, I’m the
director of Women’s Services and we would love to take
you on a tour of our unit. Welcome to one of our beautiful rooms. We’ve designed these rooms to
be as comfortable as possible while you stay with us. Here we have a couch that
doubles as a sleeper. Over here, we have our glider chair that allows comfort while you’re laboring or when you’re rocking
your newborn to sleep. Behind the bed, you’ll notice a monitor. It’s not a TV, we didn’t
put it on the wrong wall. It’s for us as nurses and
doctors to help monitor your baby while you’re laboring and keep a close eye on the well-being of your child. Our rooms are large enough to accommodate a bassinet as well as all
of your family members who want to enjoy the
special moment with you. We have large TV screens
with many channels to choose from as well as
large, spacious bathrooms. Our C-section suites are
located on the same floor as our labor and delivery rooms. They are equipped with
the latest technology, so, we can safely care
for you and your infant. – Here at Lone Peak Hospital, it’s encouraged to have
rooming in with mom, so, we can encourage bonding
time with the parents just as quickly as possible. Some moms like to have
skin-to-skin contact just as quickly as possible, and that’s something we had encouraged, because that will assist
in the bonding early on and starting the lactation process so, they can start breast-feeding as early on as possible. We want them to have what they
want as quickly as they can. – In a lot of other facilities, you deliver your baby,
have some recovery time in a particular room
on labor and delivery, and then you go to the postpartum floor, which, often, is on a
different floor physically. Here at Lone Peak, moms
and babies will stay in the same room the entire time from the time they arrive in
labor until they’re discharged. – [Debra] Thank you for
joining us on our tour. We hope that you choose
Lone Peak Hospital, where we’ll be able to
provide the best care for you and your baby.

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  1. The Labor and Delivery Unit is incredible! My husband, baby, and I received star treatment during our stay there. I can't say enough good things about the staff of nurses, CNAs and aids. They were my instant friends! And the food is out-of-this-world. I felt like I was eating at a 5-star restaurant! What other hospital serves crepes for breakfast? Can't wait to have baby #4 and go back to Lone Peak Hospital!

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