Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks – Pregnancy Scare ft. Gary Anderson | truTV

Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks – Pregnancy Scare ft. Gary Anderson | truTV

Speaking of which, the fastest way to change
your relationship status from simple to very complicated is with a pregnancy scare. My guy Gary Anderson has been
through it and survived. Off the top, these pants were not this tight
when I bought them. And that is just something
that I’m dealing with. Got a lot of hood cousins
who won’t go out with me based on the way
that I dress. I had a — had a traumatic experience
recently. I had to buy
a pregnancy test. And I don’t know
if you guys know this, but pregnancy tests
are 99% accurate, and I think that is dope. What’s not dope is that
they come in packs of two. There’s two tests in a box
like [bleep] Twix bars. And this girl,
she takes the first test, and that test
comes back negative. And I’m really excited
about that. But for some reason,
she picks up the second test, and I knock the [bleep]
out of her hands. I was like, “Nuh-unh.
I think we’re good.” “Got the results
we were seeking. Let’s celebrate,
hit the club, turn up.” She’s like, “Uh, no, I’m not gonna save
a pregnancy test. That’s weird.
Who does that? I’ma take it.” So, she takes the second test,
and really strange. True story —
that test come back positive. And she is freaking
the [bleep] out. She’s like, “Oh, my God. What — What —
What do we do now?” And I’m like,
“Uh, what do you mean, ‘What do we do now?’ We [bleep] buy more tests.” Shit is gonna turn into a “best out of seven”
NBA Finals series. Like, no, yes, no,
yes, no, no. I win. Give me my trophy. I’d like to thank God. He’s always been there
for me. I’d like to thank
my teammates. We got great camaraderie,
great chemistry. We studied a lot of film. And I know when we split
those first two tests, y’all thought we was gonna lose, ’cause we lost
home-court advantage, but we persevered,
we defied the odds. We came back, won game 6. This one’s for the fans. You guys are the best fans. And I know some people out there trying to hate
on this three-peat, but a dynasty’s a dynasty. You got to respect that.” [ Laughter ] Cipha Sounds: Coming up…


  1. … this is humor, right?

    I mean, the INTENTION was to be funny, right?
    A 4/10 on IMDB means this show has a lotta haters because it's actually high quality and funny, right?

    Brilliant original humor!

    (That's been done 1000X only now it's "for a more diverse culture") LMAO

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