LBCC – 2018 State of The College Address (Entire Program)

LBCC – 2018 State of The College Address (Entire Program)

– All right, welcome everybody. It’s now my pleasure to
introduce Long Beach City College Executive Vice President Ann-Marie Gabel. Let’s hear it for Ann-Marie. (attendees applauding) – Good afternoon. I wanna start the day by introducing the distinguished elected
officials who are with us today. When I call your name,
if you would please stand and then remain standing until the end, and then we will acknowledge
everyone as a group, so please hold your
applause until the end. So, first off, we have our own
Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees. We have President Jeffrey Kellogg, Vice President Sunny Zia, Trustee Ginny Baxter, Trustee Vivian Malauulu, and Trustee Doug Otto. (attendees applauding) From the Los Angeles County
Board of Supervisors, we have Supervisor Janice Hahn. (attendees applauding) From the city of Long Beach,
we have Mayor Robert Garcia. (attendees applauding) Vice Mayor Rex Richardson, Council Member Al Austin, Council Member Stacy Mungo, City Prosecutor Doug Hobert. Haubert, sorry. (attendees applauding) City Attorney Charlie Parkin. and City Auditor Laura Dowd. (attendees applauding) From the city of Lakewood,
we have Mayor Diane Dubois and Council Member Jeff Wood. (attendees applauding) From the city of Signal Hill,
Council Member Larry Forester. (attendees applauding) And from the city of
Avalon, Mayor Anni Marshall. (attendees applauding) From the Long Beach
Unified School District Board of Trustees, President Megan Kerr, (attendees applauding) Vice President Diana Craighead, (attendees applauding) and Board Member John Meyer. (attendees applauding) And Board Member Felton Williams. (attendees applauding) From Keppel Union School District, Board Member Matthew Gaines. (attendees applauding) It’s also my pleasure to welcome a couple of our LBCC
personnel commissioners. We have Dick Gaylord and Uduak Joe-Ntuk. (attendees applauding) We have several of our current and former Citizens’
Oversight Committee members that I wanna acknowledge. So, we have Dina Burg,
Sharon Diggs-Jackson, Lexi Donovan, Randy Gordon. All right, I don’t see any
of you folks standing up. Okay, Sharon’s standing
up, thank you, Sharon. Jon Gotz, Joan Greenwood,
Aaron Moore, Elaine McDaniel, Barry McDaniel, David
See, and Stella Ursua. Thank you very much for your time on the Citizens’ Oversight Committee. (attendees applauding) From the Long Beach Port, we have Commissioner Lou
Anne Bynum with us today. (attendees applauding) We also have several representatives from the offices of federal,
state, and local officials. So we have representatives from
Congressman Alan Lowenthal, Congressman Linda Sanchez, State Senator Ben Allen,
State Senator Ricardo Lara, State Senator Janet Nguyen, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Assembly Member Pat O’Donnell, I already said, okay, Long Beach Council Member Lena Gonzalez, and then a couple education
leaders in the house. So, we have Bellflower Unified Assistant Superintendent Lisa Azevedo. (attendees applauding) And last but not least,
we have our very own Long Beach Unified School District Superintendent Chris Steinhauser. (attendees applauding) Now, it’s my honor to
welcome and acknowledge the sponsors of today’s
State of the College, the President’s Partners for Promise. Again, please hold your
applause until the end and we will recognize them as a group. Our Pearl Partners,
Americana Antique Market, Bess Hodges Foundation, Cordoba Corporation, Earl and Loraine Miller Foundation. Thank you. (attendees applauding) Our Opal Partners. AT&T, Burnham Benefits,
County of Los Angeles, GRD, Keenan & Associates, Nautilus International,
the Port of Long Beach, RBC Capital Markets, Dr.
and Mrs. Mike Walter. Thank you very much for your support. (attendees applauding) I also wanna thank you for your dedication to Long Beach City College. So, to lead us in the Pledge
of Allegiance this afternoon, please welcome Associate
Student Body President Javier Salcedo. (attendees applauding) – Okay. Please stand. Thank you. Put your right hand over your heart. Ready, begin. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Thank you very much. – Thank you very much, Javier. Next, we are very pleased to welcome one of our LBCC music students, classical voice major Tess Rose, to sing the National Anthem. Please rise. Tess. ♪ O say can you see ♪ ♪ By the dawn’s early light ♪ ♪ What so proudly we hailed ♪ ♪ At the twilight’s last gleaming ♪ ♪ Whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ Through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ O’er the ramparts we watched ♪ ♪ Were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ And the rockets’ red glare ♪ ♪ The bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ Gave proof through the night ♪ ♪ That our flag was still there ♪ ♪ O say does that
star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ O’er the land of the free ♪ ♪ And the home of the brave ♪ (attendees applauding) – Well, that was fabulous. Thank you very much, Tess. At this time, I invite
you to begin your lunch, and we’ll be back on stage in
just a few minutes, so enjoy. (light jazz music) – All right everyone, if I could have your attention, please. We are gonna start the
second half of this program with a very special presentation. So, if you can join me in welcoming Liz McCann from the Long
Beach City College Foundation to make that presentation, Liz? (attendees applauding) – Thank you, John. Good afternoon. I’m absolutely thrilled to
be here today with all of you for our 2018 State of the College Address. It is my honor to invite
the Long Beach Rotary Club to be recognized for their
longtime commitment to you and support of Long Beach City College. (attendees applauding) Thank you. Rotary’s support to
Long Beach City College spans the entire nine decades that LBCC has been here in our community. I am proud of this partnership and even more proud to be a member of this wonderful organization. So, I would like to thank our Rotary Scholarship Foundation
president, Jay Netherton. (attendees applauding) And our LBCC chair, Don Cochran. And the executive director of
the foundation, Letty Totah. And we’d like to invite
all of the Rotarians who are here today to come up
for this special presentation of the scholarship gift to the college. (attendees applauding) (attendees applauding) – [John] All right folks,
let’s hear it for the Rotary and for the Long Beach
City College Foundation. Thank you so much, Rotarians. – I’m delighted to introduce the president of the Long Beach City College
District Board of Trustees, Mr. Jeff Kellogg, who’s serving his fourth
term as a LBCC trustee and his unprecedented fifth
term as board president. Jeff is a Viking Hall of
Fame honoree, LBCC alumnus, and a former three-term Long
Beach City Council member who served two consecutive
terms as vice mayor. He was also the youngest member to serve on the city council,
until Robert Garcia, that is. He works for Moss
Companies, where he’s worked with over 25 other
California community colleges over the past 10 years on
education master planning. He also asked me to say
that he’s the most fit and fashionable board member. (attendees laughing) Help me welcome my colleague
and board president, Jeff Kellogg, to the podium. (attendees applauding) – Ladies and gentlemen,
distinguished guests, members of the college
community and friends, as the board president,
it is again my privilege to share some thoughts
about what lies ahead, acknowledge some successes,
and express our appreciation on behalf of my fellow trustees. I have stood here
previously during good, bad, difficult, and controversial times, sometimes occurring all in the same day. But regardless of the circumstances, everyone could always depend
on Long Beach City College continuing to do what it’s been
doing for the past 90 years, offering a quality and
affordable education provided by outstanding faculty and staff. (attendees applauding) When I was first elected to the board, I realized the college
had not changed much from the days when I was a student. You can now see the physical
changes wherever you look with all of our new remodeled
buildings and landscaping. The culture has also changed, and I can give no better
explanation or example of this than the transformation that
was provided by Cindy Enrique when she said at a
recent foundation event. She is a math professor who
was hired a few years ago and demonstrates to me
the energy and attitude that really represent our college today. She was disturbed about how poorly her students were doing
in her math classes, but also the belief expressed by some that it is what it is, not
much you can do about it. She did not accept that attitude and she personally did
things to understand, energize, and support her students so they could become successful and feel good about themselves. Cindy is an example of why I am so proud of the people that work here. (attendees applauding) Today is also special because it is our
superintendent president’s first State of the College Address. No pressure. So, I will keep my
comments relatively brief. Besides, most people never complain to me about having a shorter speech. But I would like to remind everyone about the history of
our college leadership. The average tenure for
California community college CEOs is approximately three years. In comparison, Long Beach City College has had only two superintendent presidents over the past 20 years. And it is my hope, and I’m
sure it’s Reagan’s as well, no pressure, to continue that
trend of long-term leadership here at the college. So, on behalf of the board of trustees, I would like to acknowledge
and thank our administrators, faculty, both full-time and part-time, and our classified staff for
their outstanding contribution to the college and our students, because without your
dedication and hard work, Long Beach City College would not be the institution it is today. (attendees applauding) We should be proud of what
Long Beach City College stands for and what this
college means to our community. We may be one of 114 community
colleges in California, but we are truly unique
because of the innovative ideas that started right here. For clarification, I’m referring to the
college and not the gym. The College Promise
began over a decade ago and is now copied by colleges as a model for improving student success. We began offering a
tuition-free first semester to incoming freshmen, then increased it to a second semester, and now we have the
possibility of doubling it to four semesters, a more efficient and. (attendees applauding) A more efficient and fair process for evaluating placing
students in appropriate classes which will allow them to
complete their education within a shorter timeline began
at Long Beach City College. The generosity of local donors through our Long Beach
City College Foundation. Thank you Liz McCann
and everybody involved with the foundation who
have made it possible to provide over $1 million in scholarships to our students annually. (attendees applauding) And our students who complete
the College Promise program are guaranteed a place
at a Cal State University during a time when thousands
of qualified applicants this past year did not get
placed at a CSU campus. So, innovative ideas do not
stop with our transfer students, even though we were recently honored for being one of the top
transfer colleges around. Our growing vocational programs along with our economic and
community development efforts are providing students with
greater job opportunities than ever before. Cybersecurity, for example,
is now part of our curriculum, providing another promising
career path for our students, and that is only one example, remember, shorter speech, on how we are staying at the forefront in the new economy and changing workforce. Besides innovation and creativity, we also do extremely well in
the areas of bricks and mortar, whether our recently remodeled building for our outstanding nursing program or the recently dedicated
electrical technology building and learning centers. Our thanks, and this is
the last time I get to say before she leaves for her new job, Executive Vice President Ann-Marie
Gabel and her entire team and George Pla and everyone
at Cordoba Corporation for their continuing success
over the years in upgrading, modernizing, and improving our campuses. They look fantastic. (attendees applauding) The buildings look fantastic, but Ann-Marie and George,
you look fantastic too, so. I sometimes do think, though, the CC in LBCC does stand
for continuous construction, but that’s a good thing. I also need to thank our area residents for their support in
passing the bond measure that makes this all
possible and assure them that your tax dollars
will continue to be spent on what was promised and never wasted. But it is our people that
truly make this place special, and I would like to
thank a few in particular on behalf of the board. Jeff Wheeler and Jennifer Holmgren for their effort in leading the midterm accreditation
report, great job. (attendees applauding) The enrollment management
committee led by Paul Creason, Moses Gutierrez, Kathy
Scott, Jennifer Holmgren. Again, for their work with the
enrollment management plan. Thank you. (attendees applauding) Vice president of human
resources, Rose DelGaudio, Jean Duran and everyone
involved from all sides, and there were a lot of you, for the successful conclusion
of all labored negotiations. (attendees applauding) it should be noted that
this is one of the first state of the college
events that I can remember where all the labor
negotiations have been completed which is something to celebrate or give a big sigh of relief. Congratulations. Long Beach City College athletic
teams were again successful winning conference championships but nothing can compete with Misty May, coaching the women’s volleyball
team to a championship and giving birth to twin girls. (attendees applauding) By the way, that was not
at the same time though. I previously mentioned
the potential of offering a second year of free
tuition to our students. I also believe we should be
doing everything possible in reducing the high cost of textbooks by offering more textbooks online and for free to our students because students should not have to make the difficult and unfair choice
between buying a textbook or putting food on their table. Reducing the high cost
of textbooks is doable. It is readily available and I
hope we can continue to pursue and build upon our efforts
in making college education even more affordable. (attendees applauding) We’ve also read about recent events regarding inappropriate
conduct towards individuals, especially women. No one should ever be put in a situation where they feel vulnerable, defenseless and have no recourse. I’ve had a discussion with
some of my board members and our superintendent
president about developing a new policy above the current
accreditation standards and send the strongest message possible that inappropriate behavior towards anyone at Long Beach City College
will never be tolerated ever. (attendees applauding) On a personal note, I’d be
remiss and probably in trouble if I did not acknowledge
somebody here today. It is not easy being an elected official. Ask anybody in this room. But it is never easy being the spouse of an elected official. Besides always being supportive,
she runs her own business in Orange and San Diego County as well as being a
great role model and mom to Trevor and Rachel. So ladies and gentlemen, my wife, Pam. (attendees applauding) Yes, I know I get the
better end of the deal, yes. Also thank you to Lori Moss O. Keith, president of Moss Companies for allowing me the time
to serve as a trustee and a board president. Our company is founded, by the way, my mentor and Lori’s
father, late Mike Moss, was a dean here at Long Beach City College when I was a student. He once told me about getting
my transcripts organized and sent off to the University of Oregon so I could participate in spring football. Even then, people to
college helping students above and beyond what is expected. Honestly, I think they just
want to get me out of here as quickly as possible. So Lori and Moss and everyone
at Moss, thank you so much. It has been my honor and privilege to be representing the area
where I was born and raised and a college that I once
attended as a student. And even being the senior
member of the board of trustees, but by the way, that does
mean longest-serving member and not oldest member. Sorry, guys. Many great things have happened and are continue to happen
here at Long Beach City College and you’re about to hear more about that from our superintendent president. No pressure, Reagan. Let’s continue to put our students first, let’s continue to be innovative, let’s keep Long Beach City
College the model and standard that other colleges strive to become. Thank you all for supporting
this great college and making it such a special
place where we help people help themselves through education. Finally, thank you all
very much for your time and the opportunity for
me to speak here today. Thank you all. Go, Vikings. (attendees applauding) Is that okay? – Thank you, Jeff. Our next speaker is a
horticulture professor who’s representing our
faculty as the president of the Long Beach City
College Academic Senate. Please welcome Jorge Ochoa. (attendees applauding) – Thank you. It’s a great honor for me to be here addressing this very large crowd. And I’m gonna begin by asking you all to think about something very important. Why is Long Beach City College the greatest community college? Now I’m gonna give you the answer later on but for now, think about it. So why is Long Beach City College the greatest community college? I’ll tell you. I’ve been associated with
Long Beach City College for 22 years out of the 90. First, as a student. Any students here? Make noise. (attendees applauding) Then as an adjunct faculty. Adjunct faculty, make noise. Thank you. And finally, as a full-time faculty and a member of the academic senate and the senate president. Academic senate, make noise. (attendees applauding) As a student, I will never
forget my very first day exploring the college,
rushing to sign up for classes and the day that I put on the cap and gown to walk the stage for graduation. As a faculty member, I will never forget my new faculty orientation, my first day of the fall semester, my first of many mistakes and
my first of many triumphs. I will never forget my
first group of students or students through subsequent years. I will never forget the
people of the college who greeted me, mentor me,
John Downey’s on the floor. Acclimated me and taught me
what it meant to be a colleague on Long Beach City College. Colleagues on Long Beach City
College, make some noise. (attendees applauding) That is what Long Beach
City College means to me. I recently became curious as
to what do the current students love about Long Beach City College. I walked around Long Beach
City College asking students and the following are
some of their answers. Updated facilities, beautiful campus, friendly and helpful staff,
amazing caring professors, campus diversity, students and faculty make me feel comfortable,
diverse and safe campus, club activities, passionate professors that are always trying to help. A few other things that Long Beach City
College students love. Many opportunities provided
to them, help when needed, best faculty and staff
that is willing to help. Now going a little further,
I decided to ask the faculty. What do the faculty love
about Long Beach City College? Their response, a tradition
of helping students, the opportunity to teach students that live in the same
community that I live in, the opportunity to affect change, to always find support from a teammate, to help pursue passion or goals, a leadership team that
supports instructional and faculty purview, a
generally passionate people that work here. So today, I look across the floor and I see people who work hard, people who care and
people who keep students in the front and center of what we do. The faculty in our department
that are writing new and innovative curriculum and
formulating new certificates, our faculty that are accompany students to national competitions
where students return as winners and champions. The faculty that are
creating new student clubs, sponsoring clubs and working with students that have declared their
particular discipline as their major. Our faculty are involved and are dedicated to innovation in the classroom. So with students at our
heart of what we do, we can begin moving forward
to create new innovations and accomplishments that we can recognize when the college celebrates 100 years. We are very lucky because
some people never experienced to do what we do. We help carve students path
that leads them to successful in their professional
endeavors and their lives. In helping students achieve
their professional goals, we help shape the present,
the future of our communities, our state and even our nation. So one more time. Why is Long Beach City College the greatest community college? I think the answer can be
found by looking around you because every single
person here is responsible for making Long Beach City College the greatest in the nation. And with that, I thank you. (attendees applauding) – Great job. Thank you, Jorge. It’s now my honor to introduce you to our new bundle of energy, the 10th superintendent president of Long Beach City
College, Dr. Reagan Romali. (attendees applauding) Before joining LBCC last
spring, Dr. Romali served as the president of Harry
S Truman College in Chicago and held leadership roles at
several community colleges including Moreno Valley, Los Angeles City, Compton and Santa Monica Colleges. Dr. Romali holds a PhD in
education from Walden University, a MBA from the University of San Diego and a BA in English
from Rutgers University. She also has served as
an adjunct instructor of Southwestern Community
College and National University. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Superintendent President
Dr. Reagan Romali. (attendees applauding) – [Reagan] Good afternoon, everyone. – [Attendees] Good afternoon. – On behalf of our
students, faculty and staff, welcome to the 2018 State
of the College Address. Thank you for being here today. I’d like to start by thanking
our board of trustees for their leadership and
stewardship of this college, and for your support and confidence in me to lead this amazing institution. Jeff, did I hear 10 more years? One of our trustees happens to be celebrating
a birthday today. How about a big Viking cheer for board vice president, Sunny Zia. Happy birthday, Trustee Zia. (attendees applauding) I would like to thank my executive team. Vice president of human
resources, Rose DelGuadio. (attendees applauding) Vice president of academic
affairs, Dr. Kathy Scott. (attendees applauding) And vice president of student
services, Dr. Kim McGinnis. (attendees applauding) Let’s give them a hand. (attendees applauding) No, no, I did not forget Executive Vice President Ann-Marie Gabel. Ann-Marie, you have been a
stellar chief financial officer for this college for more than a decade. She’s going to soon be
moving on to be a CFO for South Orange County
Community College District. So I wanted to take a moment
to acknowledge her here today. Ann-Marie, you will be missed. Your legacy will forever
be a part of this campus. I believe we have some
flowers for Ann-Marie. Come on and give her a round of applause. (attendees applauding) Thank you to our sponsors and the Long Beach City College Foundation who make this event possible. To our faculty and staff,
thank you for being here today to support today’s event. Thank you to our union leaders. Janet Hund, Thomas
Hamilton, Claudia Nguyen. Thank you to senate leaders. Academic Senate President
Jorge Ochoa and Anne Engel, the president of the newly
formed classified senate. (attendees applauding) Thank you to the state
of the college committee and to our media services team. And thank you to all the servers who brought us our lunch today. Can we give them a round of applause? (attendees applauding) Thank you to our partner cities in the Long Beach
Community College District. Long Beach, Lakewood,
Signal Hill and Avalon. You are very important to us and we look forward to building
even stronger relationships throughout the neighborhoods and communities in our district. Finally and most importantly,
thank you to our students. You are our motivation and our inspiration to give our very best every
day and to help you succeed in college and in life. Can we hear it for the students? (attendees applauding) Today, we’re gonna do something
a little bit different than past state of the college events. Are you ready? Okay. In celebration of the fact
that we have a record turnout of faculty, staff and
administrators here today, we’re going to make today even
more powerful than a speech. We’re gonna create a classroom. A learning experience. We are after all a top-notch
learning institution, right? All right. I did not, that was not loud enough. (attendees applauding and cheering) Today, I’m gonna tell you
about the incredible impact that LBCC has had on our
community this past year and reveal an exciting new
direction for our future. The work that we do has profound economic and societal impact. It reduces crime, it lowers poverty, it provides homes and economic prosperity and it brings families together. It provides social
mobility into and through and beyond the middle class. These are issues that we
should all be able to agree on. Now more than ever, never has
there been a time in history when our job has been more
relevant and necessary. So today, as a learning
experience for our students, I’m asking all of you to
engage on social media. On Tuesday, during the
State of the Union Address, teachers across the nation used the speech as an opportunity for
instruction, learning and debate. To that end, I wanna spark a
discussion and a debate today. I want you to weigh in from
your political point of view on the impacts that the
strategies I’m talking about today will have on our community. The impact LBCC has on the economy, the impact LBCC has on society and how our work changes lives. By seeing different perspectives and reactions to those impacts, we can provide a learning
opportunity for our students. I believe it’s critical
that students understand that good policies can
cut through politics for the benefit of everyone. (attendees applauding) Our country is so divided
on so many issues right now but education brings people together. We are uniquely primed
and ready to help serve and solve some of
society’s pressing issues. Poverty, crime, homelessness. We have never been in a better position to solve these issues. And it is incumbent on us to try. So what do you think? Let’s make this a classroom today. We have some of our professors
who are live-tweeting today’s speech to students, and so we’ll have students
joining in the conversation. Now, Mayor Garcia, I’m counting on you as Long Beach’s tweeter in chief and number one Viking to join in the fun, and supervisor Hahn, I
know you love education and I know you love to tweet
so I wanna hear from you too. So we’re laying down the gauntlet. I know we have Republicans in the room, we’ve got Democrats in the room and some who don’t
identify with either party. We wanna hear from all of you. Let’s make today a great
learning experience. Let’s generate a
conversation that goes viral. Make sure to use the
#LBCCSOC to be a part of it. I think we can show how
education is the one thing that crosses the political
spectrum and bridges the divide. Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, I think we can all agree
the education changes lives, provide social mobility and
is uniquely a way to unify the United States of America today. It is incumbent upon us
to be the middle ground, to be the pathway to social
mobility and success, real success. And if you don’t think
LBCC is the place to be, I have a video for you
that’s gonna prove you wrong. Let’s roll that video. (uplifting music) Wasn’t that great? (attendees applauding) Today, I’m gonna be talking about impacts. How the work we do at this college has impacts far beyond the
boundaries of our two campuses. One is the economy. And we all know the economy
is changing rapidly. It’s more competitive,
it’s more technology driven than ever before. More workers need to be trained for today’s high demand jobs. Businesses need more skilled
and more educated employees than our pipelines are producing. Our young people need education and training beyond high school
to ensure that they succeed. When they complete their
education and training, the impacts are tremendous. This academic year marks
LBCC’s 90th anniversary. The college held its first classes in 1927 on the campus of what is
now Wilson High School. In those 90 years, LBCC has transformed countless lives for the better. We’ve educated generations
of families in our community. We’ve welcomed many traditional students. Those aged 18 or 19 or out of high school probably supported to some
degree by their parents, we all recognize that student, right? But today we are also serving
large numbers of students who do not fit that category. Students with children, students
experiencing homelessness, students working full-time while taking a full load of classes. Students with physical
and mental health issues, students coming out of foster
care or the prison system. Let me give you an example. Eugene Silve attended LBCC in the 1960s and made a name for himself
a Viking football linebacker. His life took some
challenging twists and turns including time spent in prison. He has faced health issues
related to diabetes, but guess what. At LBCC, at age 74, he returns
to continue his education and give back to the community with a degree in human services. Eugene’s here with us today. Can you please stand? (attendees applauding and cheering) Eugene, thank you. Eugene reminds us that no
matter where we find ourselves, education is the path to a better life and it is never too late. Never too late to make an impact. I always say that commencement is my favorite day of the year. I mean it. Watching graduates come up
to collect their diplomas, seeing their smiling faces
and they’re cheering families. These are some of my best moments. There were a lot of them in 2017. Our students earn nearly
1,700 associate degrees. That included 800 associate
degrees for transfer. Among the highest in California. We awarded more than 360
certificates of achievement. About 1,300 students earned
enough credits to transfer. Behind each one of those
numbers is a story of hard work and perseverance for
our students to finish, get across that finish line
and wear that cap and gown. And when I think of the positive impacts that an LBCC education
has on our graduates, their families, their children,
it brings tears to my eyes. Let’s hear it for our recent graduates. (attendees applauding) None of these impacts would be possible without the support of our community. Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to make incredible strides forward with construction. LBCC’s voter approved
bonds in 2002 and 2008 helped us to start
transforming our campuses. the 2016 Measure LB
will give us the ability to finish the job. Last year, we celebrated the
opening of a new building at the Pacific Coast Campus, a home for our electrical
program and senior study center. We kicked off the renovation
of one of our oldest buildings, Building P, home to our journalism and language arts programs. The renovation of our science labs are on track to be completed. These maps behind me are going to show you the before and after. The improvements started
about 15 years ago with the 2002 bond. Exciting, huh. By 2041, our campus will have
been entirely transformed with state of the art learning facilities to prepare our students for the careers of today and tomorrow. One of those high demand
careers is the culinary arts. And if you haven’t heard,
LBCC has the best student culinary facilities of any institution in Southern California. (attendees applauding) And this includes a
student-run restaurant. If you haven’t been to the bistro, make your reservation soon. Now, I’d like to share a short video featuring one of our
culinary arts students. (attendees applauding) – In most areas, we want
to make a bigger impact. But when it comes to the
environment, the opposite is true. We want to reduce our impact. As we build the campus of the future, we are doing it sustainably. (attendees applauding) In recent years, we’ve added solar panels, recycled water systems
and other technologies to reduce our environmental footprint. Last year, we were the
first community college to put mobile solar stations
into our energy portfolio. We partnered with DC Solar on the project which is reducing our energy
use, cutting pollution and promoting the use of
clean energy vehicles. I’m proud that these
efforts were recognized by Green Education, Incorporated which named LBCC the Green
School of the Year for 2017. (attendees applauding) While LBCC must be sustainable, it must also be as safe as possible, yes? Last year, we continued to
add more security features. The highlight was the installation
of hundreds of cameras, video cameras in public
throughout both campuses to increase safety. We’ve also added building
numbers to the rooftops to assist helicopter crews in
the event of an air rescue. Once again, I wanna thank
the voters for our district for your generous support of our students. This bond money is an
investment and I assure you that that investment will pay
off with a stronger economy, a better educated workforce
and even greater cities of Long Beach, Lakewood,
Avalon and Signal Hill. (attendees applauding) One place that I really
see LBCC making an impact is through our economic and
workforce development programs. LBCC is the headquarters for
the LA Regional Small Business Development Center Network. Last year, this network alone helped start more than 325 local businesses. That’s nearly one business a day. Amazing! (attendees applauding) In addition, the SBDC helped
create 1,400 new local jobs. Mr. Mayor. Advised 4,100 clients and
helped small businesses access more than a $142
million in growth capital, the highest number to date. (attendees applauding) 2017 was also a great
year for Viking athletics. LBCC earned one state title,
six conference championships, for MVP awards, nine
appearances in statewide finals and five Viking coaches earned
coach of the year awards. Chris Oeding in women’s water polo, David Kasa in men’s water polo, Misty May-Treanor in women’s volleyball, Jonathon Charette in men’s volleyball and Casey Crook in baseball. Let’s give them a round of applause. (attendees applauding) I always knew that LBCC
had exemplary faculty. When I got here, I got
to see it for myself. Let me share a few highlights from our faculty accomplishments of 2017. Learning and academic resources
instructor, Scott Brueckner study skills videos hit four
million views on YouTube. (attendees applauding) Our astronomy department hosted popular planetarium
night’s events for fall for students and the community that drew standing-room only crowds. Our robotics program led by Scott Frazier hosted an international
robotics competition this June. LBCC’s counselors were recognized with a prestigious Telly
Award for a video they made promoting counseling services. Under the leadership of
journalism professor, Pat McKeon, the Viking News won 14 state awards including general excellence. Talk about making an impact. (attendees applauding) Let’s have a round of
applause for our faculty. (attendees applauding) I would love to show off all the incredible academic
departments and brag about them but I would be here all day
and I just don’t have time. So here’s a quick video of
our computer science program. Let’s roll the video. (upbeat music) – How about a hand for our
computer science department? (attendees applauding) Have you ever heard the
saying that what got you here is not gonna get you there? It’s true of LBCC. We’re a great institution with
an amazing 90-year history but we have to step up our game. We know this and we embrace it. We have to evolve to meet the
changing needs of our economy, our businesses and our
diverse student populations. Fortunately, we have a roadmap. The college’s strategic plan. The strategic plan outlines our goals and strategies through 2022. These reforms will help our students get more of the classes they need, reduce the time to graduation, remove some of the unnecessary barriers that cause them to drop out. 2022 may seem like a long
time away but it’s not. We can’t wait because our
students need us today. When I first got here in May,
my first goal was to listen. I heard what our faculty and staff and other stakeholder groups had to say about the direction of the college. Now, I’m stepping on the gas. (attendees applauding) Here are our priorities
for the coming year. Increasing recruitment
efforts to boost enrollment and communicate the value
of a college education to everyone in our community. Moving registration dates earlier so that we can be more competitive with our neighboring community colleges. Supporting and expanding
accelerated learning so students can succeed in
English and math more quickly. Improving class scheduling
so that students can get the courses they
need when they need them. Finding and removing barriers to improve student
retention and completion. Better management of our call center to provide more direct customer service for current and potential students. Improving our enrollment,
retention, registration and admissions processes
known as matriculation. Adding services and features
to our student success centers. Evaluating and improving our
participatory governance system to ensure that all
stakeholder voices are heard. And for the first time, a social
and emotional wellness team to explore best practices to provide additional
supports and services. I’d like to take a moment
talking about one critical reform we are undertaking called guided pathways. Guided pathways really
illustrates the differences between the traditional community college and the innovative community college. The traditional model is often
called the cafeteria formula. Students had a wide selection of classes but very little guidance
what to take, when to take it and in what order. Guided pathways provides
students with strong roadmaps for their majors. Guided pathways give students
clear direction and focus resulting in higher success
rates, greater persistence and higher graduation rates. (attendees applauding) These reforms aren’t just
happening in the classroom. To ensure that our students succeed, we need to provide the
right kind of supports. We’ve launched a new
mobile-friendly website that was designed for students with lots of input from students. We have a new student technology help desk to assist the students
with all the computer and digital resources available to them. But technology is just
part of the solution. Sometimes, what’s needed
is a friendly face and someone to talk to. So we’ve designed new welcome
centers at both campuses. The welcome centers are just
one of the many great ideas coming out of our counseling department. We’ve started a foster youth
center for our students who were in the foster care system as well as a support network for formerly incarcerated students. (attendees applauding) We’ve expanded lactation
rooms, mother’s rooms to better support employees
with nursing babies. (attendees applauding) We are launching a more comprehensive student health and wellness center that includes resources for
students facing homelessness and food insecurity. The wellness center includes
mental health resources which we recognize is the key in keeping so many students on
track in their studies. We’re increasing opportunities
for students to get involved with programs like Honors,
Umoja, Puente and student clubs where they can become
more engaged in campus and academic life. And, as President Kellogg said, we are working to reduce
the cost of education. We’re working aggressively
to pursue and embrace free and online education resources so that students don’t have to purchase as many expensive textbooks. We’ve expanded our veterans to, it’s okay, you can clap. (attendees applauding) We’ve expanded our
veterans transition program to better assist our returning veterans. Can I please ask for all
the veterans in the audience to stand and please be recognized? (attendees applauding) Thank you for your service. We are increasing the number of counselors so that students can have
more guidance and direction. And speaking of counselors, I’d like to give a shout out
to our counseling department for the great work they’re doing on the frontlines with our students. How about a shout out? (attendees applauding) I am very pleased that we
have two new labor agreements with two of our employee unions
so that ongoing negotiations will not distract us
from our core mission. (attendees applauding) I think you’ll agree. Our mission has never been more critical. Now more than ever, education is the key. Crime, racism, class and wealth
inequality, homelessness. These are problems that
education can and does solve. We welcome diversity
rather than attack it. (attendees applauding) We strengthen the middle
class rather than weaken it. (attendees applauding) You ready? We tear down walls rather than build them. (attendees applauding) We must do our part. Right now, you’re probably thinking, how can I make an impact? How can I do more to support LBCC? I’m gonna tell you. On your chairs, you’re gonna
see a card with check boxes. Please, consider checking one
of the boxes as appropriate. If you can donate today to
our foundation, thank you. That’s great. If you can offer a student
an internship, wonderful. If you can give one of our
graduates a full-time job, even better. And if you don’t know, that’s fine. Give us your name and number,
we’re gonna follow up with you and look for ways that we can
explore to partner together. If you haven’t taken a class at LBCC, there has never been a
better time to enroll. Classes start Monday. (attendees applauding) So thank you for being here today. Thank you for giving
back to your community and thank you for making an impact. Go Vikings! (attendees applauding) Thank you.


  1. Hello Longbeachcitycollege. This Klebson from Brazil and I want to tell you I just love you!
    I enjoy professor Scott Bruckner videos a lot….
    Please tell him I am honored to watch his classes.
    best regards

  2. Professor Bruckner, please keep recording your classes. I'm a person who studied english in a one year course, but thanks God I'm able to understand pretty much everything you say..
    The " improving your listening class" was just terrifc!!!!
    I hope these words can reach you, if so, I would be more than happy to hear it from you!!!
    God bless you all!

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