LeAnn Rimes Tries Starbucks’ Holiday Menu | Food Fight | Women’s Health

LeAnn Rimes Tries Starbucks’ Holiday Menu | Food Fight | Women’s Health

I do have a question for Starbucks — and if anybody can answer this for me — how many… versions of drinks can you actually make?
Please someone let me know that. I’m really perplexed by this. I would really like to know. Hey you guys! I am LeAnn Rimes and I am here to do a little tasting today.
I have been asked by Women’s Health to try a few holiday treats from Starbucks and see if I can guess what flavors these beautiful concoctions are.
Because they really are pretty. Okay, let’s go with this one.
First of all, you have to lick the thing. Mm. You might have to move this out of the way a little so I can actually get to the drink — seriously this goes down to like, the middle of the cup. You move over there. Mmmmm. I know I have everything on me — That’s a hazelnut somethin’-somethin’. Chestnuts! I knew it was a nut. Some kind of nut. It was a Chestnut Praline Latte.
This is… quite good. I know I have many more to taste but I kinda like this one. I might come back to it. Pretty pink sprinkles! Not so sure about that one. It’s kinda like, peppermint somethin’-somethin’ but hold on. I gotta get to the actual drink. I never said I was a graceful eater. That’s weird! What is that?
A white…chocolate…something. Yay! Ding ding ding ding ding.
It’s good. Is that some kinda gingerbread something? Ooooh! Gingerbread latte! This one scares me a little bit.
It looks a little daunting, hold on – That is chocolatey. Peppermint hot chocolate? Peppermint chocolate mocha.
Somethin’-somethin’. That was it? Yay! So good. I’m gonna have a stomach ache in about two seconds. This is maybe some kind of butterscotchy thing. Caramel-butterscotch or something along those lines. Mm! Caramel-Brulee Latte.
I mean I got half of that right! That’s close enough. Wow. I just feel like I just inhaled a ton of nutmeg. They are serious about their whipped cream. It is nutmeg.
I dunno. That’s all I’m getting, nutmeg. Okay. Eggnog Latte, which definitely has nutmeg in it. That’s…incredibly strong.
I think maybe the way to drink that is to not inhale all of the nutmeg on top first, but to probably stir it in. I won’t need dinner later. This is gonna be my dinner. I think this is some kind of danish-y… thing?
Hold on, I’m gonna break into it — so I can get the good stuff out of the middle. Berry- thing in the middle. Like a raspberry or..strawberry? I was way off on that one. Sugarplum Cheese Danish. This croissant!
Mm. That’s like really good. It’s honey…. and pistachio. Ding ding ding! Pistachio Honey Croissant.
Got that one right — That one’s good. I like that. Never had so much sugar at one time. That’s just like a cinnamon somethin’. Kinda boring. It didn’t float my boat. If I had to choose one drink it would be the Chestnut Praline Latte. That was really good. And if I had to choose a food item it would definitely be the Pistachio Honey Croissant. I have a new movie out! It’s on Hallmark Channel, called It’s Christmas, Eve — because my character’s name is Eve.
So make sure you watch it, check it out all season long.
And now I’m gonna go back to my green tea.


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