Lets Talk Periods on this Mothers Day

Due to stigma attached with the periods, women lose out on a myriad of opportunities like work, education and life in general. This paints a really sad picture. This is not about preaching, but realizing how we are demeaning them for something that is simply natural. Manasa : what happened ?
Shruti : yaar, I’m just on my period. I have severe cramps, since morning Swiya : take a leave na
Shruti – how do i possibly take a leave . what will i say? Manasa : i know right, and our manager is a man. Its a problem we have to face every month. Shruti : why does it happen only to us. why don’t men go through it. Manasa: a a .. Kunal : hey guys whats up 1 girls:( hesitate) nothing, we were jut talking about sales.
Kunal : why are you saying it like that Manasa : no, no, its nothing. Just a little bit of tension
Kunal : everything ok? Shruti : can I come in sir?
Prasanna : yeah shruti come in… shruti : um… good morning. sir ctually i’m notfeeling well today. I have a really bad head ache… so can i please take the day off? Prasanna : you come up with such excuses, frequently, whats the problem shruti whats the problem with you shruti : sir, ??????????????? i don’t think i’ll be able to work i really have a bad h
head ache Prassana : listen, we have strict dead lines, and i would suggest you to take a medicine and continue to work on your deliverables, Nikhil : there’s nothing to be ashamed of,or hide, all of us should educate ourselves about it rather than shying away from this reality. kunal : i need a coffee yaar, can you please make me one?
Manasa; : i’m on my chums i cant enter the kitchen kunal : what!??/ Manasa : can you please make it for yourself, and one for me too? Kunal : every month really???
Manasa : not that i want to follow, ask your mother Kunal : at least go and bring some water
Manasa : you know i can’t enter the kitchen right…
Kunal : What else can’t you do? Manasa : like it matters its us who follow the restrictions, Romit : Do not enter the kitchen!? like, seriously? why?! I don’t know why there are so many ‘taboos’ around periods but sometimes they say that don’t enter the bedroom, sometimes they say do not enter the temple, sometimes they might even come and say that don’t even smile . Why are women treated so indifferently why why are periods treated as a sin? Nikhil : hey honey i’m home Shreeja : its 6! how can you be so early today? Nikhil : arey, didn’t you tell me in the morning that youre on your period, so i thought that i’ll come home early and help you with cooking Shrija : it was such a bad day
nikhil : such a bad day? so, no problem, i’m home, so what do you want me to cook Shreeja : can you make pasta and meatballs?
Nikhil : sure, rightaway Shreeja : wait i’ll come,
Nikhil : you want to join, sure!… come on are you sure right Sandeep : period is a natural cycle, without it none of us will be here Shreeja : sir can i come in?
Bhupen : yeah, please come in … hey shreeja, how are you shreeja : i’m not fine, sir, actually i’m having periods cramps, very bad back ache, bhupen :: uh oh … why dnon’t you try working from home, and if you can’t, maybe take a day off… Remember : health first take care shreeja : thank you Bhupen : i’m a proud father of two daughters, i would want my children to live free of inhibitions, taboos and comprimises, i would want them to be educated
in all respect and never feel inferior to anyone or lose out on opportunities because of this thank you Romit : hey reshal, have you got my pendrive? Kunal : hey, you dropped your pad
reshal ; thank you Ashis : womanhood needs to be celebrated, not compromised. Kunal : considering menstruation as a taboo portrays the females as the lesser beings, and thus paves the way for gender inequality, chinmay : discrimanting women on natural process is pathetic!! Kunal: We need break this stereotype

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