Letting My Mum Style Me For A Week | ZULA Tries | EP 19

Letting My Mum Style Me For A Week | ZULA Tries | EP 19

Every time I walk out of the house, she’s like, “What are you wearing?” I’m like, bye! I disappear out of the house. Hi guys, welcome to this new video. And in
the spirit of Mother’s Day, I have invited my mum down, so thank you for coming.
You’re welcome. What is your style? Classic, something that will not make me look too boring. So I tend to dress a little bit younger, a
little bit more on-trend. I would say that I get my style inspiration from my mum.
Yes, of course, I take credit for it fully. You tend to wear a lot of pants, joggers…
tight on top, loose at the bottom. That’s true! Oh my gosh, that is actually very true. If I gave you a choice to restyle my wardrobe for a week, what would you do? I think I would put you in more
feminine clothes? I think that you definitely have a more masculine style.
You don’t tend to wear the more feminine, flirty kind of clothes.
Well today’s your lucky day because we’ve collaborated with Uniqlo and
they have challenged you to style me for an entire week.
Okay, that’s going to be a big challenge. So after this we will be heading down to the Suntec City Uniqlo outlet and yup! I’m pretty excited to head down to see what they have.
Yes, I love shopping. And I love shopping too. So we will see you there! Hi, welcome to Uniqlo! Today, we are going to do the styling challenge, so I have a little surprise for you. Different theme for each day. Day 1, smart casual. Day 2, date night. Day 3, utility wear, which I’m not kind of sure of what it is. Day 4, spring/summer stuff, okay. And day 5, ha! What I wore in my 20s. That was, like, the surprise I wanted to give you. But that was many many years ago.
So what exactly did you wear in your 20s? Well in my 20s, I was in uni, so I
wore things that were cool, comfortable easy to get around, but I also wanted to
wear something that’s a little bit quirky, more fun. I used to wear a
lot of like menswear, ties, shirts, so that kind of thing was quite fun. Are you ready? No, I’m actually not! I’m really very nervous now because we
have this entire store behind us to pick out all our outfits from and I have no idea what you’re gonna put me in. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you like your normal self. Okay, that’s great. Let’s go! This is for date night, a dress. This dress? This dress is kind of, I guess it’s very me, right? I feel like, do you have something similar?
I actually have this exact dress. Okay it’s like a shift dress, which is
something I’m super not used to wearing on my own. I like this!
Actually I like the stripes. Jumpsuits are, like, pretty practical, with pockets
so I guess utility, it would be good for that right?
True, true. Okay go walk around a bit more. I thought this could be nice for you, see very-
your, like, your style right. If you never pick it out for me right, I would probably have
picked it out for myself! I guess this can be for a smart casual look? But we’re supposed to look for utility wear right?
So maybe-
Yeah, one of the looks. Oh, okay okay. Maybe one of these things. A parka? Okay, I never wear, like, parkas or windbreakers but I know you love to wear them. Yes, I do. Every time I travel and I need a windbreaker, I’m like, “Mummy, can I borrow a windbreaker from you?” Cos I don’t have any in my closet at all. Actually this is a pretty nice shirt, it has a
little bit of texture to it. I think it’s quite nice. Oh my god, she is just picking- it’s really- she picks out outfits right- I can totally hundred percent imagine you wearing this. This outfit, especially. ’80s is like bright colours right.
Oh…. Yeah why not, right? Something bright. It’s really very ’80s, this colour.
I think this is more of the ’80s look? Yeah this is the ’80s look? Not too bad.
I mean you can just take it and I could try it. Okay, why not?
I’ll try it. Ooh, quite cute.
Yeah, I like this. Is it polka dot? Meiji marble chocolate, this is quite cute.
Yeah I like this one, I like the Milky girl. Oh my god, I don’t usually wear like…
this is like very cutesy colours and prints. Yeah, look, see? I feel this is definitely more utility style… Oh they also have like a similar colour. Yeah… I knew it, I knew it! I knew you were gonna reach for that, you were like, oh!
Okay I think we have enough for you to try on? Yes we have enough, I think we have a lot. Okay, here! Thanks! Okay cool, let’s go, bye! Okay, hi! I’ve changed into my first outfit. I feel like I’m in a very good environment cos I’m eating Korean food then I feel very, like, Japanese Korean style. I love it, I think it’s amazing, it’s
totally something I would wear. I think it screams, “I’m a very luxurious tai tai.” Okay let’s be real girl, nobody freaking
wears this unless you are on vacation all the time, and it’s like white is such an impractical colour, you know why? Cos we spill shit all over ourselves.
But I mean, you look chic. It is currently 8.30pm in the office. And I’m alone. When I’m wearing certain outfits at work I feel very uncomfortable to sit down and, like, edit my work ’cause I’m like but this outfit is, like, A+ for comfort leh. Okay, so we’re on the way to lunch, what do you think of my outfit? It’s old! But is it nice? You’re just saying that because my mother made me wear this right. Are you scared my mum is going to scold you?
Nope! So this is our food, look at the pasta! And my boyfriend, who doesn’t
want to show face on-camera. Okay I just finished lunch at a pasta place
and I’m really really really super super full. And guess what? So my dress has this belt right, I’m probably going to take it out later cos I feel like I’m exploding, so yeah! 2 ways to wear this dress. Me being demure at Clarke Quay, where everybody is ready to party. Okay so now I’m at Clarke Quay eating dinner. It’s currently actually 11pm so it’s a bit late but my date lunch turned into date night. Wow look at the food! Also I didn’t plan to go on a date night right cos I already had hair appointments but we were hungry so we came out to eat. Alright guys, it’s outfit number 3! Today is utility wear and I’m gonna go
for a dance and then after that actually I’m gonna go run some errands because
I’m going overseas in about a week so I need to grab some stuff for that. Alright guys I’m on my way to dance and I’m with my friend. Hello can you please tell me what you think of my outfit today? It’s like a “what the hell are you wearing but it’s good” that kind of thing. If you can see right, it’s really really hot now. AKA the sun, not the office so I think the parka is a bit of a bad idea in this weather. But I think at night it will be fine lah, it’s just now is
a bit like hot. We’re at dinner, this is Cheryl. For everybody who doesn’t know but
everybody already knows you. Well you’re covering up a lot today that’s all I can say. Normally I cover up a lot what are you talking about? Okay usually right, when Leah wears clothes right, she will wear, like, something, like, maybe a cropped top? And then she will wear like very flowy pants. So it’s like you show something but you cover something. But today it’s like high-neck, cut long-
Okay like conservative-ish today. Yeah and it’s not very boomz, it’s kinda just like…
Oh it’s like muted lah the colours right? But usually if you wear something more, like, modest,
you will wear something that’s very very brightly coloured, you know? Morning guys,
it’s day 4 wearing my spring/summer outfit today. I rarely wear shorts to
work so this is a new thing for me. I’m headed to work now so let’s see what
my other colleagues think of my outfit! First of all, I like the jacket, I want the
jacket. ‘Cause like colour lor and it’s a nice pop of colour, but then everything else
not very you. Okay so today’s theme is spring/summer.
Ohhh! I see, oh so there’s a theme lah. Yes, there’s a theme.
Okay not bad lah, but it’s very young. It’s like literally what I imagine a secondary school
girl on a Saturday would wear. I think you look a bit like Paddington Bear. In a really cute way, Paddington Bear is cute right? Okay so my mum actually picked out this outfit for me. Oh okay! I like it leh, it’s very cute, my mum will
probably pick out something horrible. It’s very cute, it’s very young-looking for a mum outfit. Hello, I’m going out for lunch now in my
UV parka and everybody said with my new haircut I look really young so Actually in this heat right, I’m not sweating
even though I am wearing this parka.
I feel pretty cool because I think of the material. I think it’s very cute. I think that it’s very cute lah, it’s like very xiao mei mei. Wow thanks.
Maybe uncles who like younger girls will hit on you. Hi John, what do you think of my outfit today? Eh I quite like it leh, you suddenly look very, like, girly.
Do I not usually look girly? No eh, you look like Avril Lavigne on a daily basis. But I mean, it’s nice.
Thanks! My mum picked this outfit for me. Oh my god, so adorable, love it!
You know why she picked this outfit for me? Why?
‘Cause the theme for today is what she wore in her 20s. Wah she got fashion sense. I would have
dated your mum if it were- Okay, goodbye, exiting this conversation! So this is the last day being styled by my mum and today is the brightest of all days. I felt so stark in comparison to all the people who are going to work as I was on the train today. I feel like a teacher today. Yah, like I’m going to class. I’m going to lecture my class. Oh god, that’s terrible. Alright we have come to the end of the challenge. Yes, okay, so I sent you my outfits that I’ve
worn throughout the week. So what do you think of them? Which is your favourite? I kinda like the black dress. Am I even surprised? But you had a different take on it. Ya. Which is the one maybe you didn’t like the most? Maybe this one that you’re wearing now? Oh my god, you don’t like this one? Why? It’s a bit dated I guess. Okay, okay. Ya, I’m sure you’ll agree, did you have a
hard time styling it? No, actually a lot of people said they really
liked this outfit. I think the one I felt the most uncomfortable
in right, was the one I wore yesterday. Which is the T-shirt and shorts and the yellow
UV windbreaker. Oh why? Like I wouldn’t wear T-shirt and shorts
out to like work or maybe to… I don’t know… Usually when I come to work I’m more in
jeans or a different top. Okay, I get that, I get that. A lot of people liked… they said I looked
very young when I was wearing that outfit. I think you also styled it very young right? Throughout all the different days I felt like every single thing is like a different variation of you. It’s like the black dress is when you go
to work. And then like the T-shirt and shorts is when
like chill on the weekend. I’m just like, oh my god, this is like a
bit much. When you and your sister were younger, the
older two of you, we used to like to dress you alike. Oh my god. That was quite fun. So you have like the same dress but in different colours I don’t know whether you remember that. I vaguely remember like matching co-ords,
like T-shirt and shorts kinda looks. Matching dresses as well. Oh my god. As in like, honestly, I would wear your closet
if you gave me access to your closet, which she doesn’t! I would take all her clothes and wear them. I’m sure not all the clothes. Maybe not all, not her yoga clothes, oh my god. No no no no. Not my work clothes lah. Not your work clothes. So what do you think of the whole Uniqlo collection
that we picked out from? I think the clothes are more than just basic. They’re quite versatile. There are some on trend pieces as well. Ya, ya, ya. The jumpsuit which I really like. Oh my god, yah, the jumpsuit is really nice. The utility pieces as well are very on trend too. It’s a little bit like a one stop shopping
but at the same time it’s not just for like certain like t-shirts and shorts. It’s a whole range of things that you can get. So thank you for styling me for the past 5 days. I know it took some time. You’re most welcome. Yah and I really appreciate it so I have something
for you. Oh, you do? I got this for you. Yes! So this is from Uniqlo’s collection. So I got these items for you and I hope you like it! I’m sure I will. Yah. Anyway you have good taste. Yes. Nice! Like them? Yup! Yay! Very good, very good! Thanks! Thanks you so much! Thank you! Awww! Thank you and happy Mother’s Day. Thank you. So thank you guys for watching this video
and thank you Uniqlo for making this possible. If you guys like this video, do remember to
check out Uniqlo’s women’s wear collection on their website, the link is in the description
box down below. And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Bye!


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