Life with Down Syndrome: Izzy’s Story

Izzy has taught us that we’re more alike than we are different at the end of the day. We found out that Izzy was going to be born with down syndrome 16 weeks into the pregnancy. I remember her saying, do you still want to go through with the adoption? And we said well absolutely. Along the way she has developed some pulmonary issues, epilepsy as well as autism. We just treat is as if it’s not going to stop us. The doctors the staff the whole experience has been amazing. Everybody is always so welcoming with us. I had never looked at kids with special challenges as different. Now I have more of an appreciation for it. Back in the 1950s when people with down syndrome were born they went into an institution. I can’t imagine it now, all the research and studies and findings She’s going to be able to live a normal life and it’s through the giving and people being generous.

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