LIVE: Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 1)

LIVE: Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 1)


  1. Disgusting leftist obstructionist. Their entire side is filled with corruption, fraud and treason yet they still attempt to pin their own problems to the other side for moral appeal to their idiotic, socialist base. Disgusting.

  2. I sure wish someone would ask next time someone talks about Row v Wade: If stare decisis applies to Roe v Wade, then doesn't it also applies to US v Miller [ 2nd Amendment applies to military appropriate small arms ] and DC v Heller [ 2nd Amendment is an individual right, not connected to militia/military service ] ?

  3. They should have cleared out the gallery and told the Democrats if they were to keep interrupting the Sergeant at arms could remove them.
    They need to grow some damn balls.

  4. Democrats are stupid as hell.
    This is about a Supreme Court Judge appointment NOT about Trump.
    Pay attention people anyone who votes for these Democrat idiots in Nov. are just plain stupid.

  5. It doesn't take long for Democrats to make complete fools of themselves. Incredible & Disturbing that folks vote for these Idiots.

    EDIT: Welp, today is no different…infact its worse. The Rules that govern these hearings are to be abided by, by Republicans and Democrats alike. Cory Booker and the other Dems just said fuck the rules, were gonna do what we want. Seems to be a long Trend as of last decade or two.

  6. Newsflash to the uneducated.
    Democrats are liars.
    A President is exempt from prosecution while in office.
    The House of Representatives files Impeachment and the Senate holds the trial.
    IF found guilty then the President is impeached/removed from office. Then the President may be prosecuted.
    Damn people learn how your Government works instead of listening to the Lying Democrats and the lying Liberal Media.

  7. Wake up people.
    The Democrats want to try and postpone until after the Nov. Elections. Where they hope they will become the majority. Then they will dismiss this judge and try to get a Liberal Judge that will not follow the Constitution.
    Democrats are trying to politicize the Supreme Court not the Republicans.
    It's simple rule based off of the rulings the judge has already done. It's that simple.

  8. ©™ TMALX Transnational 🌏 Militant💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍

    Democrats should have boycotted Congress.

  9. There has been so much rhetoric and it has been a very very long day!

    Senator Cruz looks great,less cowbell,is much healthier!

  10. All that harping and screeching from the left. That is the Demorat Party today…. all they got is yelling, lies, and screams of impeachment.

  11. Dems are ready angry! Mean boogers! Their lectures are telling me they are losing ground! Clawing for ruling power. Notice how the audience is mostly liberal dems?

  12. This is so hard to listen to sounds to me in all the years the nominee had made rulings on these obstructionists are requesting to delay delay delay. who better to give just advice to than that of the best of the obstructionist than that of Chucky boy!

  13. I listened to this live today. Super excited to hear this again tomorrow. Hilarious to hear this nonsense from both sides all day.

  14. Dick Durbin hypocrite tongue. What was hidden from We the People on the visa and fake dozia who paid for it hidden so many more. You dems don't need every case this man has ruled on

  15. Look what liberalism and the modern democrat party is doing to society. The democrat party is sickening, disgusting and full of immoral phony scumbags. Could you imagine if this was a democrat majority trying to confirm a democrat justice and the republican lawmakers and protesters were causing the same disturbance? The democrats would be up in arms screaming racism and obstruction and would not for one second give any consideration to a republican protest or call for adjournment. So eat shit democrats, it's not your turn. What the democrats want to examine is Kavanaugh's political record. Which is completely and utterly irrelevant to his ability to interpret paper law. This is how stupid the democrats are. Period.

  16. I couldn't watch another second after Leahy questioned Kavanaugh's comment that a president cannot be indicted. This is not Kavanaugh's opinion or take on the matter, it's what the constitution says. He is simply interpreting paper law. But because that interpretation does not comport with Leahy's ideology, Leahy would prefer another justice that would be an activist for his push to have the president indicted. The irony is astounding and pathetic. Leahy is a fucking moron.

  17. why we can't solved this problem
    the reason…… it comes down to

    there is a supreme ignorance that effects
    both politicians, and religion, in understanding
    ….so much professionalism….they…forgot something
    integrity…..and self respect
    think appopriately….what's relevant ……telling truth
    it might help. ….

  18. Anyone stupid enough to support this party of Democratic pigs is truly to stupid to insult. These people are the trash of humanity.


  20. If you think this hearing is bad with coordinated democrat obstructionist/protesters, just wait until RBG can no longer fill her seat or retires under President Trump! LOL

  21. Democrats are turning a lot of peoples off, they are playing circus and they became like clowns everything is game I don't understand what is their thinking in democracy when you lose the election you accept the results and wait for the next time now what we see is resist against someone who was elected by 63 million American,think people it was God will if you believe in God like some of us, just give up your no sense democrat you are destroying this country

  22. kavanaugh…Brett Kavanaugh SHOULD NOT be elected as the next supreme Court Judge!!! He did NOT answer ANY questions HONESTLY. He beat around the Bush or a better way of saying is he TOTALLY talked BULLSHIT to the American People!!! questions that had an EASY yes or no answer he told a 5 minute BULLSHIT story.. and answered Nothing!! if the Republicans allow this VERY DISHONEST BULLSHIT to pass than one more time the Republicans have reached a new level of CROOKED!!!

  23. these guys think the American people aren't listening or can't understand that they are talking BULLSHIT! Kavanaugh is NOT EVEN GIVING ANSWERS,! forget about lying or telling the truth. he isn't even answering the questions. this is BULLSHIT. he uses up the Democrats minutes by talking bullshit in circles. if trump is PROVEN IN BY LAW to be an unfit president then any BIG changes he's made should be reversed!!! starting with Brett Kavanaugh.

  24. Lots of stupid & WILLFULLY IGNORANT CONS on this forum….Trump& company are literally cutting your throats (at least figuratively). These 42 THOUSAND pages of documents were HAND PICKED by a CON crony showing the LEAST alarming records of this fascist who literally thinks that Trump is above the law….He and Starr sure as hell didn't have the same attitude when Clinton was impeached.

  25. Kavanaugh is disgusting. I couldn't keep watching the process. Hi answers to questions about the young pregnant immigrant and the slaughter house, no, the answer is no, I don't buy it. I've decided. Thumbs down. A man who uses law to prove his points of view that are inhumane and indecent is no man at all.

  26. The number of documents are designed to confused the issue. It's a great argument. However, it's the content that's important, and there are lots of papers that don't have the content that they need. The content they need is being hidden, and the information that would really tell is being hidden. But that's just my initial thought.

  27. Damn people see through the Democrats bullshit.
    This is a BIG IF
    The House of Representatives must hold an investigation and charge Impeachment. Then the Senate holds the trial.
    Then IF all that were to happen, and let's say Trump did get impeached and removed from office. Then and only then would Trump be able to be charged, and even then the case would not go in front of the Supreme Court. Only on appeal could that happen and that's only after it went from District court to the Circuit court.
    People need to read the damn Constitution it is all spelled out clearly, and learn how the Law and Court system works. Damn.
    Basically he would have NOTHING to do with Trump if he were impeached.
    Just look at Nixon SMH the Supreme Court had nothing to do with it.
    Like I've said READ The Constitution

  28. Wake up people —just a few years ago the republicans were making requests & DEMANDS the same way the democrats are doing now–to follow PROPER ORDER . Why are the Republicans so hypocritical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. at 28:31 min. Grassley says "for example we didn't ask gudge kagan's records for her service!!! he is LYING TO HIS TEETH!!! check Seth Meyer's video "GOP Rushes Kavanaugh Hearing Amid Trump's Legal Woes: A Closer Look", at 9:28 min when he said exactly the opposite of what he is saying here.

  30. Get involved in local government, then work your way up through state government! WE THE PEOPLE need to GET INVOLVED before its TOO LATE!! Most sheeple will not survive the consequences of social collapse.

  31. Mr. Abel, please forgive my flippant reply. I mean no disrespect. I am gravely concerned about that particular nominee. There is no blame. Although seemingly ridiculous, regardless of the source or motive, be it Republican, Democrat or Independent; all issues relevant and irrelevant paint a picture. An appointment of Mr. Kavanaugh could be viewed as a step toward autocracy and a loss of basic freedoms that you and I enjoy as Americans. I do believe that another Republican candidate could be better suited to protect our constitution. Again, please forgive my insensitivity.

  32. Very interesting that the peoples' representatives in this hearing are essentially given the middle finger by Grassley…reminds me of the German Government as Hitler was taking power. It's a complete charade, a theatrical performance in the people's Capitol. The outcome has already been fully established by the billionaires…the big corporate donors. David Koch has instructed OUR GOVERNMENT to ignore the people's demand and push through this puppet to big corporate interests even though 70% of the American people DON'T WANT KAVANAUGH.

    And I have very little sympathy for the so-called "Democrats" who are merely controlled opposition of corporate interests. This is what Sheldon Wolin calls a "Corporate Coup d'etat." Citizens HAVE to wake up quickly and recognize that this is the takeover of OUR GOVERNMENT! Wall St, the Israeli Government, the Weapons Industry, Health Insurance and Big Pharma, the Billionaires in charge. That is who is conducting this PRETEND confirmation hearing. The United States of America – REST IN PEACE! Democracy, now LONG GONE…rest in peace. Time to start thinking about seeking refugee status elsewhere because they are poisoning and imprisoning you now and soon will be bombing you…me…US….we have LOST!

  33. with a straight face she carries on with this lie, she is a dysfunctional hateful liar with no remorse over this very large mess of no facts garbage!

  34. OK Orrin Hatch shows himself to be a complete corporate SHILL. He calls the brave citizens of the U.S. questioning this Corporate nominee, who will destroy all of our rights, as a loud mouth "nuisance." Anyone who votes to destroy him or her self and their family by voting for a totally bought-off Republican or Corporate lying Democrat, is ANTI-AMERICAN and an anti-Patriot. If you are on this comment section slamming one without slamming the other side of the coin, you are an ignorant DUPE and a traitor to yourself and the American people. You are Benedict Arnold….so wake up! It's US vs. THEM! Not one side of the corrupt coin vs the other side of the corrupt coin. Come on! Wanna know who your beloved Republican or Democrat is beholden to? Well, we can't know it all thanks to Citizens United but you can get a fairly good picture by simply going to They can run, but they can't hide anymore! It's we the people versus THEM the goddamn billionaire corporatist paid off political puppets! And if you don't see that – YOU ARE STILL ASLEEP!

  35. At the very least, for those of you who think "The Democrats" are the enemy, who don't understand that it's BOTH CORPORATE PARTIES sailing us down the river, at least, for the sake of everything that is right…at least …listen to a few Jimmy Dore videos on YouTube. Dore understands that the whole damn thing is corrupt! At least, move yourself to that understanding. Or tune into Redacted Tonight, YouTube on Fridays – Lee Camp – THE TRUTH TELLERS. Look – You are just being used and your hopping onto one side of the corrupt coin shows how deeply you've been brainwashed. Wake up! Look around! You are arguing AGAINST your own future! If you don't understand that…damn …I just feel sorry for you and sorry for all of us. It's US AGAINST THEM! Not repubs vs dems. That's just PURE MSM PROPAGANDA! WAKE UP! We need you! We need all of us against the billionaire globalists! Solidarity!

  36. Booker is a corporate shill and completely sold out to the Pentagon, big Pharma, and the Israeli lobby. A hero? Cut me a break…They ALL SUCK! Do you have the brains to understand what I am saying??? I'm for US – the people, the wealth makers, the workers ! NOT THEM! The slacker corporate welfare traitors who do everything to ensure we "stay in our place."

  37. The Big Corporations, The Koch Brothers, Mercers (who brought Trump's dying campaign back to life after the pussy grabbing), The Fossil Fuel Industry destroying our planet, the Israeli Terrorists…the Neocons and Warmongers, the lovers of Big money in politics, they are drooling at the prospect of 30+ years of a Kavanaugh…when he is confirmed…the USA is over. I don't care what party as a regular American you align with…it's over. You might want to research what country you'll be fleeing to because …if Kavanaugh is confirmed, the United States is so OVER…thus… I await…

  38. I can understand why a lot of these ancient 80 year old plus Democrats are still in office. they need to just die off so we can air out the Democratic party and disinfect it

  39. Richard Bloominiodiotstall is moron of the highest order. Corrie Snooker the people is a turd of the smelliest order, a conman and a liar and enemy of all things decent.

  40. You sick scum bag Demonrats are liars personified. Tell the truth Hirono! You received a record amount of documents you big ugly hag!

  41. Corry Snooker – "this is not an attempt to delay," but an attempt to get all data – you lying DOG! People, they want documents that passed though the Bush Whitehouse, which have ZERO to do with Judge Kavanaugh. Corry Snooker, you sir are a liar of the highest order. You maybe able to fool the average dumb democrat – we we have you number you turd!

  42. I see the trumpsters have taken over this board. Are they getting paid? Disgusting Trump, disgusting Kavanaugh. Well, keep it up, this inspires women to run for office. So bring it on, bring on the reprise of the Anita Hill fiasco, Come on Hatch, come on Grassley, show us your old male chops. Show us your misunderstandings. Men who can't tell large breasts from sexual harassment shouldn't be in office. Thank you, Republicans, for inspiring women to take over from these relics.

  43. wow Women are out to destroy a great man that did nothing, wow Democrats most be spending a fortune to pay off all these women to lie for them!!

  44. 'Thank you Members of the U.S. CONGRESS and Constituent Herein Committee's Meeting', I stand hereby today this September 27th , 2018 to order from the Burger King Franchise a $8.50 meal Sourdough Chicken Club the Nominee is notwithstanding, furthermore I also thereunder the RULE of the U.S.SENATE Reserve the Right to Object.€§£.

  45. The travesty of this whole process is that the Republicans have withheld the info that would have disqualified Kavanaugh and are actually calling these victims of Kavanaugh liars and the process a sham. If Kavanaugh is unwilling to take a lie detector test and unwilling to openly call for an FBI investigation , instead of hiding behind the "they don't make any conclusions" bullshit he is obviously guilty. Too bad he didn't just admit some of this stuff or step down the minute he heard about it. To greedy, too amitious, too arrogant, too narcissistic. Therefor ALL the shit he weeped about claiming to be a victim of the press, the Democrats and the process is exactly what he deserves. It's the price ANYONE pays for being considered for this most important job in the country Does that prick really think everyone was just going to be nice, only ask his friends, believe everything he said amd ignore the very real and very ugly behaviour he did as a young man? I could have forgiven him if he doidn't lie about it but he did and that is a disqualifying event.

    Now he wants the senate to give him the job becaiuse they feel sorry for him or something? What a loser this man is, he is still the same serial masturbator trying to impress his friends and cop a feel from any girl he could corner in an upstairs bedroom and get away with it. He should be impeached from all judicial positions and investigated for contempt of congress and attempted rape. What sad sad day to have men like him who could have saved the day by stepping down . Asshole. You don't deserve to be a citizen, let alone a judge who has his behind family and friends trying to enrich your resume. Disgusting.

  46. The real evil fuckers are people like Lindsey Graham who is basically saying to all white privledged kids that it's ok to rape and sexually violate girls as long as you are in high school and nobody sees you do it. That guy will go to hell for sure. What an ass.

  47. Neutral comment: I’m open minded, and independent; I have no idea who to believe since I personally have no facts of the scenario.

    But yeah, partisanship is cool I guess.

  48. Senator Grassley has bent over backwards for these clowns..because of these false smear tactics Dems are #WalkingAway

  49. Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been in this position for a while now. Does he not know what the California Commissioner on Judicial Performance has done in San Francisco or the Judges at the Renee C. Davidson Court in Oakland. Does he not know or does any of the panel regulate the local Courts when they decide without any evidence to place a false filing in Someone's name and then do not reverse it immediately. Why did the Commissioner On Judicial Performance not address the matter immediately. Why do prejudice, racists, and bias People in San Francisco Commissioner On Judicial Performance and Oakland Renee C. Davidson Court do not get removed when they commit a crime and try to close the case before a criminal investigation to not be charged for their criminal misconduct. What does the high Judges do about places like the Commissioner On Judicial Performance that has so much evidence on June 27, 2019 and the Renee C. Davidson Court that they tried to close the case without reversing my order to avoid prosecutions. What kind of Supreme Court Judges allow local Courts to do something so criminal and all the evidence is not debatable of their crimes. I want the Renee C. Davidson Court and the Commissioner On Judicial Performance held liable for trying to cover up criminal, civil, and judicial misconduct. They were well aware in statue of every Law broken that was committed by these Judges. Not to mention placing me on a list to view my lawsuit just in case certain People in their corrupted groups were on the lawsuits and I had damaging evidence to get them prosecuted. The proof proves that the Court was the only Court without merits to do any of the rulings that they did against me. Why has that not been revealed in the Public for slandering my name intentionally.

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