1. Sen. Hirono appears here as a condescending, spiteful person. Not only were her questions ill-formed and apparently designed to use several rhetorical tactics instead of being designed to seek answers, she felt it necessary to disregard any attempt by the nominee to provide an answer which would contest the pretentious pomposity on display by such an unprofessional, activist witch. Indeed, I’d have been hard pressed to give negative marks had he simply told her to shut the f*ck up… she deserved that and far more.

  2. Don't trust the transcript!

    I was looking for Sen, Grahams "Law of Armed Conflict" questioning. As I was following the audio with the transcript of hearing I noticed some dropped words like "uh" or repeats of the same word. OK, no biggy. I would even understand words that sounded similar being transcribed wrong, I see that a lot on closed captioning. Then I hear 2001, but read 1991. What? that's not even close.

    At 2:43:39, Senator Lindsey Graham asks Where were you on September 11, 2001.

    This is the transcript.
    557:13 >> WHERE WERE YOU SEPTEMBER 11,
    557:14 1991?

    That's weird. Then a last name gets changed. At 2:45:07, Judge Bret Kavanaugh says the name Sarah Taylor, not Sarah Wright.

    The transcript,

    What does Sarah Wright have to do with 1991? Probably nothing, but I can now understand how deaf people may have a completely different take on things because transcripts "LIE".

    I did find what I was looking for, and more than I expected.

    2:45:45 Law of Armed Conflict.

  3. What about Clinton rape victims?

    By THE WASHINGTON TIMES – – Tuesday, September 18, 2018

    Christine Blasey Ford’s recent rape claims against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are very serious. So much so that I think Mrs. Ford and Monica Lewinsky should console the alleged rape victims of former President Bill Clinton.
    Apparently Mrs. Ford’s brother is somehow connected with Fusion GPS’ false Trump-Russia-collusion dossier. Not to mention that Mrs. Ford could have brought up her accusations when Judge Kavanugh was in the news in 1993, looking into the strange death of Vince Foster.
    It is amazing that the media will never ask the Clintons how it feels to have “false” allegations of rape facing you.

  4. at 11;58 when protesters are disrupting the hearing, feinstein, leans towards grassley and says, chuck, I dont think they should be taken out, they been here all day, then Grassley says, your advice is to leave them, then she says, my advice is to… then gets cut off, and keep in mind, she is sitting on the then, anonymous kavanough accuser's letter. it is so obvious, especially now looking back at this hearing/lynching, and now these false accusers? this is all very well coordinated , and planned hit job on this SCOTUS

  5. What made the grade for me was when the lady ask her what were the things you remember the most about that incident was, "I remember, the rooms, I remember the stair way, I remember their laughing at me BUT she never remembered their faces……that tells it all for me. ! It could have happened yes, but not by the guys she thinks did it.

  6. I agree Brookhaven all has shown himself to be a decent man with a decent family so anyone that just wants to make judgements against him so quickly not knowing anything really about him you know you can do what you want to it's a free country but I certainly certainly believe that you will pay for it in the long run

  7. Ford didn't know how she got to the party or how she got home from the party or where the party was or what year it was.
    In the four people she said was at the party all denied it she's a loser liar

  8. He is a nice man is all the posts here hahahahahahaha, dude tuned out to be the biggest douche of all time. If U want to make an impression on America just answer yes no or I do not know (let your lobbiests be your voice box otherwise NOT in a hearing) other than that U R suspect and if U do it with a hostile attitude U look quilty, that's right out of any police or lawyer's play book on interogation. To bad sexual assault is an issue here having said that Kavanaughs attitue is THE reason to deny him infact he needs to step down and retire.
    NOTE: I have faced a Judge in a DEPT. as a defender & I was totally innocent and I knew showing my anger to any thing was not in my best interest thing is I did not have the responsibility of considering the USA's best interests & Kanavaugh could not contain himself enough to recognize that. BTW I won that case.

  9. We the people still believe that a person is innocence until proven guilty! Another thing, lets vote out all the bad apples and replace them with good ones! I know Hawaii, California, and New Jersey don't have good apples so those states need to have them replaced. I'm sure there are more so do your homework!

  10. I wish Kagan and Sotomayor had been grilled just as much a Judge Kavanaugh. They have no business being on the Supreme Court. They are ridiculous embarrassments.

  11. Mazie Hirono literally does not even know how to pronounce "amicus brief." What the fuck is this dumb hag doing on the Senate?

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