Locked Up and Forgotten: India’s Mental Health Crisis

Locked Up and Forgotten: India’s Mental Health Crisis


  1. VICE News travels to Maharashtra to investigate what it’s like to be deemed a woman with mental illness in India today.
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  2. As someone struggling to cope with mental illness I have had friends and family tell me the illness isn’t real and I should stop acting. Some of the words that hurts most is by a friend of mine, he told people who saw me during some of my desperate moments that I do it (self harm) all the time and they should ignore it. It was painful but I have to deal with it.

  3. I think this is a worldwide problem considering in probably every country on earth just saying your suicidal can get you forcefully locked up in a mental hospital and unlike the prison system these prisoners in mental hospitals have no release data and no courts to tell them when they get out or if they should be in there at all. We imprison suicidal people inhumanly because they want to die and because no one understands that they believe that person is insane and it is better if they are locked up. The right to life means the right to death as well as death is the final stage of life and by imprisoning people who want to die you are therefore committing a human rights violation.

  4. OMG, We are from Norway, didn't expect such ignorance from Indian Culture and misbehaviour towards it's citizens. Something has to be done. A total change of mentality, Stop corruption, Increasing salaries at minimum 650 us Dollars, Changes needed ASAP or India will always be this way….Third WORLD no matter how many Billionaires… Cheap…people on money " Compulsively accumulating " Yes, and Middle age mentality. Absolutely Disappointed and Disgusted of what we saw tonight on video.

  5. I am a lawyer. When I was working with a divorce lawyer as a Jr, I had a case identical to vidya's. Its really sad. But the lady is doing OK now and lives with her daughter.

  6. I wish people knew about psychiatric hospitals…and specialist doctors…which are plenty in India… and the government must subsidize the treatment for those who cant afford the treatment.. India most of all needs education… and that will surely drive out all other problems… may god save my great country…and bring evryone to the path of enlightenment… #jai_hind…

  7. Humans are so freaking stupid. We believe in all kinds of ridiculous gods and spiritual garbage and trust the priests, rabbis, ministers, and others who shepherd the flocks.

    While I'm sure many here will disagree, I don't have time to argue right now.

    I am going on a poltergeist hunt with a group of Bigfoot hunters and looking for UFO's afterwards.👻 👽

  8. Naprawdę, to są jakieś efekty uboczne wielkiego zalewu i wręcz opętania Indiami przez tzw. (już legendarnego) "Zachodniego Człowieka,, co się zaczęło dziać wyjątkowo ostro i nie tylko duchowo w latach 60ch, f*** ale to co się dzieje teraz z szaleństwem na punkcie kultury Sikh'ów, u Nas w Polsce jest już aż irytujące. Pełny pokój, full peace and respekt

  9. They need God, not those fake, made up religions. That's why America is the best country in the world, because of blessings from God, because we believe and pray to him. Allah, buddha, and all that crap is fake. There's only 1 God, that's almighty God in heaven, father of our savior JESUS Christ.

  10. just want to point out, modern ect, at least in most first world countries is actually pretty nice. they take you in, they put you to sleep, you wake up feeling better and (occasionally with a headache) I have known a number of people who have been institutionalized and received it, and most preferred it to medication. not to say its not fucked up to give it without consent (unless the person is literally incapacitated to the point where they need it and cant speak), its probably a lot worse in India than in the U.S, but over here its much better than heavy drug regimes (way more invasive) I just had to point that out cause I get tiered of dumb ass movie like requiem for a dream always scaring people away from potentially helpful treatments. if your in a first world country, don't be afraid of ECT it can be really helpful, it wont damage your brain(at least not worse than drugs) and it doesn't usually hurt.

    this is a pretty good video on it, if it wasnt for ECT some of my friends would probably be dead or totally deranged


    one of the main reasons it got a bad rep in the first place was do to inhumane forced treatments like the ones shown in this video, but as the tech improves, and the psych wards become more humane, ect is making a comeback, and I am glad it is.

  11. Its ironic that in the US, when a mentally ill person doesnt consent treatment they are discharged, in india the mentally ill are declred incapacitated. Life…

  12. its a disgusting state of affairs and we would need a bill gates foundation to deal with these terrible issues immediately. also the problem is not as easy to fix as an appendix or broken arm would be – but funding e.g. us aid would be needed immediately and for long periods to clear up the mess.

  13. Depicted correctly by sonakshi sinha in her latest movie 🎥 – AKIRA !
    Lots of things here – first the government who cheats the basic rights off the patients to be able to fight for themselves !! Why no section in the IPC for this lawyers ??
    Next why hospitals don’t have any policies for patients rights here ?? Standards of hospitals without patients rights Must Be Shut Down !! Go make your policies and implement them first !! Then take patients !!
    Third – families including husbands : that is more a 100,0000 individuals need reforming !!
    Women empowerment through media to form groups and shelter homes for such women who are in danger by their families to get help !!
    Anymore suggestions ??

  14. I think mentally ill patient should not be in confinement infact they need to travel as much as they can…. this is the best way to treat a mentally ill people…because most patients in mental hospital are not mentally ill…..they just need psychiatrist…they want to say something but nobody cares….this is the reason that they look mentally ill…

  15. There is no legitimate, effective, humane treatment for mentally ill people unless they are coming from rich and loving families. Not enough mental health care, mental health institutions, not enough real scientists who come up with more viable, effective, humane ways to treat mentally ill people. This is a global phenomenon.

  16. This is why this is the condition of this country…you disrespect the women the creator GOD will never let your country develop and flourish….

  17. My mom has some mental health issues.
    But we didn't deserted her or anything.
    Shes on medication and home and healthy!

  18. This surprised me, I knew that women got treated with less respect than men, but this is human rights violations 101, it's not like they're a poor country, this treatment and funding is pretty sad. When women fight for Islam, I wonder, why?

  19. ECT has saved my life as a bipolar person. They are misusing and abusing it. It is a useful medical instrument i was not responding to medicine and it saved me.

  20. Mental illness can be caused by physical health condition, like the imbalance of chemical in the brain or it is possession by evil ghosts.
    I am not a doctor or Indian. I am from Brazil and I had both experience.
    Chinese medicine treated my mental health and my guru was powerful enough to remove from my life, dozen ghosts that was making my life misery since childhood.
    Drug based modern medicine doesn't treat no one, makes worse.

  21. That's what I expect from Vice as an Indian!
    Instead of running your fake propoganda against India regarding Kashmir(because of the fact that your co-founder is a Pakistani), focus more genuine news coverage like this!

  22. Yep…but the medication isnt widely available…im on solian (amil sulpride ) for my schizophrenia….only place i can get it is one chemist in Old Delhi….and im in Madya Pradesh. They have a thing called "netmeds.com" but dont accept foreign cards…😨

  23. They are as ass backwards as many of the African countries with the fate healing stuff and the family banishing. But, they just don't know any better yet.

  24. Dr. Bhargavi Davar, the founder of The Bapu Trust, you rock! For people who don't remember her name, she is the lady doctor in pink who is a lone soldier fighting the shit mess of Indian society

  25. ECT is a very effective treatment method for legitimate mental illness, kindly do not demonize it. It is this fear of medical treatments which has caused the epidemic of mental illness in India.

  26. This is heart wrenching to even think- and the idea of shock treatment is absolutely disgusting.
    I’m from Pakistan and unfortunately there isn’t much difference in the approach of treating mental illnesses. I have seen it first hand in my own family and it’s appalling and painful.
    Girls are taken to shrines, peer babas who abuse them, mental hospitals where the staff isn’t professionally trained… but all of this is ignored just because these poor people can’t stand up and articulate their rights.
    May God rectify us as a nation and grant us the sense to solve these problems with compassion and a broader vision.

  27. Remember visiting a family aunty’s older sister back home. She used to cook meals 3 times a day and take it up the hill to her mother in law. Apparently the elderly mother in law they said “is mentally challenged” and she was chained to the inside of her home. They would leave the dinner plate inside! And leave!
    Looking back now- she may have just had advanced dementia or some mental health issue and Asians don’t know how to deal with it. Chaining her up inside they thought was for her own safety- but she wouldn’t have been treated like that in a western country! Asians have a tendency to sweep it under the carpet! It’s awful!!!!

  28. You pray to god, not to a tomb. It's a shame those so called priests actually believing and "help" people to pray to the tomb

  29. From what I see around me, everyone are mentally ill. The believe all sorts of crazy stuff, sabotage their lives, and living in an illusion (ie they have been brainwashed but can’t see it). And ohhhh. Possession is very real. Not that this Baba Guru can fix anything, you that’s just another lie.

  30. Don't know who to address but one thing I wish from from heart the world without women's what would men's do…..I dont underestimate all men but its inhuman from their part plz future parents do teach your sons to respect women's from childhood……😔🙏

  31. In no way is this funny BUT…… Not wanting to be married no more so sending your wife to a mental institution and claiming she is insane, really gets the best of me. 😅

  32. U nasty poor azz Indians r something else .. u come to America and be racist to us black people here but look at u alllllll poor country

  33. They are not a patriarchal society in fact…quite the contrary…the women of india.covertly set the course and standards of female justices or injustices it's a very tricky way for women to "use men and boys" as front men "..of a power that's exploitable by treacherous and ruthless women. Who control the injustice and abuse against women while their appointed "rulers".(males/patriarchy)..Are free from consequences socially and legally"by design "..in. a so called "patriarchal society……

  34. Watching thing video made me sick. How dare you try to read mental patients with such joke ideas an stigmatic tactics without experiencing your selves. ShAme one you all! Humans are humans and the only way you can cure someone is by listening!!!

  35. Funfact : some organisations actually worked with priests n such people to send mentally ill patients to doctors and explain their families that they need doctor to get better,not allah, jesus, bhagwan

  36. It’s all just ignorance. Like if they were actually taught about mental illness and educated they would know you can cut a lime on someone’s shoulders and cure mental illness 🤦‍♀️ the also need feminism desperately

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