London to Paris student cycle for Breast Cancer Now

10 minutes away from getting started in London! Well, there’s a nice buzz in the air! I’m a little bit nervous. Not really sure what to expect We’re all a bit excited. Everybody is happy, and we are certain that we’re going to get through again, in this glorious sunshine. So far, we’ve done 25k. Definitely make it. Yeah. At what speed is the question! We will survive! We’ve got a great group, so everyone’s helping each other, and we’re staying together, so yeah, it’s been good! I think people must think I look so happy, that I just made it up that hill. I can’t believe I did it! So I’m quite happy! That’s Portsmouth, so we’ve made it. Dinner, sleep, that’s it. Wake up in France! We’re in Caen, we’re at the ferry port. Everyone’s pretty excited, and ready to start the second day. The downhill bits were just brilliant, exhilarating. Really good fun. We’ve been playing games along the routes. There’s been some songs. Everyone’s doing it, everyone’s still working as a team, and we’re almost there. It’s amazing! Here we go, people are cheering everyone in. Yeah, it’s great, everyone’s having a great time. Camaradarie is up, morale’s high, Everyone’s going to make it to Paris. Eiffel Tower here we come! We are at Paris, at the Eiffel Tower, and I feel amazing! It is absolutely incredible. Everyone is so happy, and relieved, that we are finally here. It’s an amazing moment. And I can’t need to describe how wonderful it is to be here. I didn’t think I would get here at all! We’re here at the Eiffel Tower. We all made it. It’s been tremendous. When we started doing laps, I was getting really emotional. I thought I was going to cry. And coming on the bridge, up to the Tower, was amazing. Final sprint in, was just feeling really awesome. Everybody was so tired, but we smashed it, because we were so excited to be at the Eiffel Tower. Everybody smashed it! Absolutely amazing. Can’t believe we’re here. Everyone’s done absolutely fantastic. Guides were great. Everyone did absolutely brilliant! We’re in Paris. I’m feeling amazing. So good, I might even do it again next year. It’s been absolutely fantastic. The charity are brilliant. They’re so supportive. They are there to help you at every turn, when it comes to fundraising, when it comes to the actual challenge itself. They’re perfect, and I couldn’t imagine doing it for a better charity. [Cheering]

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