Los niños adolescentes hablan sobre la menstruacion. The boys talk about menstruation too.

Los niños adolescentes hablan sobre la menstruacion. The boys talk about menstruation too.

I am in the movement of the red tent for me it’s very important to teach from home I have two sons didn’t have daughters and when I started to see all the positive changes in myself I got motivated to start teaching my kids that the menstrual period is normal What happens when the woman has a menstrual period They are boys that are in school with teenage girls They have to learn that it is normal and that it’s not a sickness and it is natural and I teach them that those days we take care of ourselves more and we feel tired and that way we teach them what happens to us Because if it keeps being taboo at home thing won’t change and people will keep having the wrong concept about the menstrual period We have a lot of ways of taking care of ourselves those days of our menstrual period One of them is talking at home how we feel these days about how we are tired Sensitive and we don’t want to do a lot of activities Recognizing this and sharing it with our family helps us have a better communication and it prevents having problems at home One of the things I do on the days of my menstrual period is put a red fabric on my door and at home they already know that I have my menstrual period Matthew would like to share something about what he has learned about this MATTHEW: I know when I see the red fabric on the door my mom has her menstrual period and I need to be more calm and help out with everything because she feels more tired those days I think men when they know the women has her menstrual period should get her a red flower or rose so they know that we appreciate them.

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  1. Me encanto este video! Ojala hubiera implementado estas ideas en mi hogar cuando todavia tenia el periodo. Que hermoso normalizarlo y sacarlo de la oscuridad. Gracias Mathew por lo que compartiste, nunca habia oido a un muchacho hablar asi y me fascino. Algun dia todos los muchachos del mundo veran el periodo de una mujer como algo normal. Un saludo a los dos.

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