Love & Hip Hop Star Lil Mo Accuses Her Husband Of Cheating Part 2 (Full Episode) | Couples Court

Love & Hip Hop Star Lil Mo Accuses Her Husband Of Cheating Part 2 (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
with the Cutlers. What I want to know is, how is it that these women
that are making allegations and how does that
make you feel? How did they
get your phone number? I mean, the second.
We talked about the first one. The second time,
how did that happen? MR. DARGAN: I’m gonna
tell you, the first time,
when I came to ask that woman, it is what it is. And she said, “So, have you
did anything with her?” I said “No, I didn’t
do anything with her.
We basically just talked.” We were just talking. KEITH: So what was
that woman claiming? They were just claiming
that I was cheating. By having sex, or by flirting? We were texting. So, you’re texting
back and forth
with this woman. MR. DARGAN: Right. And what are you texting? Pictures of… No. She texted me pictures. KEITH: Pictures of what? That thing was ugly. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) KEITH: What did they want
to text you pictures of? (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY)
Where the sun don’t shine. KEITH: Of private parts? Exactly. Yes, Your Honor. Okay, did you
send anything back? MRS. DARGAN: Yep. Yes, I did. KEITH: Okay. DANA: Of your private parts? MR. DARGAN: Mmm-hmm. DANA: All of you? MR. DARGAN: No, not… All of you? Just pieces of me. DANA: Okay. DANA: Were those also pieces
of where the sun don’t shine? MRS. DARGAN: That you
ain’t got no business
sending nobody. DANA: Okay, Mrs. Dargan,
how did you
find out about this? He showed it to me. This wasn’t one
of your associates.
This was you. MR. DARGAN: No, it was me. It was you. Yeah, yeah. Of course. KEITH: And you’re here
texting with this woman and she sends you pictures
of her private parts. Right. And you send her pictures
of your private parts. At some point, she tries
to say she’s going to make it known, so that’s
when you go… No! Then it’ll be like,
the chick will say… I don’t know
whether she was supposed
to get pregnant by you. It was crazy. MR. DARGAN: But,
we’ve never met. Here’s my question. Why are you sending
and receiving naked pictures when you’re married
to this beautiful woman? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Go on. Again. Again! You’re right.
Why am I doing that? But, again, like I said,
I used to be out here. I used to be out here
dealing with multiple women. At times, you know,
five, six women at one time. I’m… Basically,
I was like THOT. I had no intentions
of getting married, I had no intentions
of being with one woman. But I was trying
to work on it, and I told her, “Listen,
I was out here,
I was used to this “This is not
an overnight process. “But, I’ll… “Listen, I’ll try
and do the best I can.” I slipped up,
and got caught up. So, this exchange of pictures
with this woman, was that the time where
you were lying in bed, and someone said,
“Hey, this is out here”? MRS. DARGAN: That was
the second. That was another. That was another time. MRS. DARGAN: Yeah. But, they used…
Whoever it was,
it was the same pictures. But, like,
then it became… Somebody started playing. MR. DARGAN: It was somebody.
It’s just messy… How’s it that you
turned to Cynthia or Lil’ Mo or whoever
you were turning in
at that moment and explain this to her? What did you say? Like I said, I don’t
pull no punches, I don’t
know how to finesse it, or make it sound good
or anything, I just come out straight
and say, “Yo, this is a girl
that I’ve been texting.” MRS. DARGAN: And I said, “Why?” I don’t have no dudes
that I be texting. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Then it got to the point
where somebody said they was
pregnant by him, and I said, “Well,
where’s this baby at?” DANA: And this was all
in the social media? BOTH: Yeah. DANA: What happened? I mean, how did you find out
what this woman was
doing this? They sent it to a blog. Oh. MR. DARGAN: Side girl… Side, angry side chick. It was like something… I’m still waiting
to see the baby. But, a couple of days later… But nobody’s ever
come forward with a baby? No, they never come
to nobody’s church… And we’re Muslim. So they don’t ever pop up
at theMasjidor nothing. KEITH: All right,
so why are you
waiting to see the baby if you never slept with her? They must know something
I don’t know. KEITH: Well, do they know
something you don’t know? I don’t know.
(CHUCKLES) Do you know the woman? Do I know the woman? On social media, yeah. DANA:
But you’ve never personally… This person never had a name
attached, so I don’t know
who these people are. MR. DARGAN: I’m waiting
to see the baby. All right, so the mystery woman
who is pregnant, that’s not the same woman
who you sent the pictures to. No. It’s a different woman. Yeah. KEITH: So were you with this
mystery woman or not? Hmm, I… Social media is great. Social media can do
a lot of things. Social media can’t
get a woman pregnant. MRS. DARGAN: Hello. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) She’s gonna have a
doggone virtual baby? Exactly. You’re right.
So, she’s lying. KEITH: So this isn’t about
your social media account, it’s not about associates
using it to get some play. It’s not about you flirting
or sending pictures. We’re talking about, did you
have sex with another woman
who is pregnant? There’s no way possible
that she could’ve
been pregnant. There’s no way possible… Basically, he’s saying
he never had any sexual contact with anybody else
besides me. I hadn’t had no sexual contact
or no conversation with nobody
besides him, but… Could you tell this court? There’s nothing going on
really in my life
that she doesn’t know of. KEITH: So, since you
have been married, have you
had sexual intercourse
with any other women? No, Your Honor. And I told her before,
this is the first time
in my life I can actually say
I can’t even remember the last time I had sex
with anyone else besides her. Do you love your wife. MR. DARGAN: Of course. You want
this relationship to work. You want the marriage to work. Yes, I’m trying
to work this relationship out. And in my mind,
it’s like do or die. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) DANA: Ms. Dargan, I have
to ask you woman to woman. Yes. Not Lil’ Mo, I’m talking
to Cynthia Dargan. How are you managing
as a woman all of that intense pressure? Because it’s one thing
to be dealing with an issue
of infidelity privately. MRS. DARGAN: Mmm-hmm. But, you’re all
on front street. Well, it’s… There’s really no way
to answer that. There’s really no way
to deal with it.
You just like… When we get married, it’s just
like, if I was his girlfriend,
I’d have been like… But, that’s what I’m
so used to doing. Just… Just people do
what they do, so… When you were talking to me
about reading all of this, and having your personal life
out in the streets, I could tell it’s hurting you. Yeah. That’s why we have contacted and had a friend
of the court come to share with us
from a blogging standpoint what this looks like
as a celebrity. And how
these stories get started. MRS. DARGAN: Okay. Ron, would you please
escort to the courtroom Danielle Canada? Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) How are you today? I’m good. How are you,
Your Honor? All right.
It’s good to see you. Good. Ms. Canada,
you’re from Bossip? I am. Bossip actually stands
for black gossip. And we specialize
in covering stories like these. We talk
about entertainment news, and we average
over five million
unique visitors a month. DANA: Wow. So, you’re touching
a lot of folks. CANADA: Yes. Definitely. So, what is
the fascination we have with celebrity relationships
and their interactions,
and what’s going on? Your Honor, I think
what it is is that
it makes us feel better to know that even people
who are beautiful, that have these amazing
celebrity lifestyles can be
betrayed and played like us. So when you have
someone like Lil’ Mo and Karl Dargan,
that’s just… I mean, that’s a story
that bloggers would take
and just run with. CANADA: Absolutely.
It’s a huge story. People are just fascinated
by celebrity cheating scandals So, a story
like the Dargans with allegations of cheating, how did that get started? That started through a tip. Someone contacted us, they showed us these
alleged text messages, and it just went from there. We obviously had
to talk about it because we had heard
these rumblings for a while. And this dates back to 2014. Every time we wrote
about this story on the website it was our top story. We average
70 million page views and every time
we wrote about this, it was a top story
for our website. DANA: Wow. Basically, I was a THOT. So, all these people are responding
to Lil’ Mo’s husband
allegedly cheating. Yes, we had people
in the comments section
arguing, saying, “Oh, I don’t believe that.” Other people were saying,
“Of course he did it.” He’s trying to come up,
so it was just back
and forth the whole time. I’m trying to cope. You see what’s happening
in the media. You see the way that they’re
demonizing and scrutinizing. From Usher to everybody. The way the media
suited like, even if it’s something honest,
like getting a cup of coffee, “Oh, you saw that?”
It’s always gonna be something. So you literally have to become
a prisoner in your own home. Stay home. Go do your job,
and bring your boy home. As soon as you say, “Hi,”
as soon as you like,
as soon as you follow, you’re automatically
putting yourself
in the line of fire. DANA: Ms. Canada, do you ever
have any concerns about the effect? How do you all manage
that space where these are
real people with real lives. Well, like you said,
Mrs. Dargan is a real woman.
She’s our super woman. We remember her
from back in the day
with the blonde braids. So, we remember that,
but, also, we have a job to do. So, we have to do our job. And if I get this story
on my desk, I feel
compelled to write about it. Because this is something
that our readers
are gonna want to see. Unfortunately. And when Mrs. Dargan said,
people want the celebrity, but they don’t
want the backside of it, this is the backside of it. CANADA: This is
the backside of it. This is
the messy side of it. For sure. KEITH: The stakes are
really even higher for this. Right. Because this is not
only relationship, it is a worldwide viewpoint
on their relationship. Yes. Right. So, if you want to say,
“See, told you so,” that even if you come back
and ain’t none of it is true, “No, they gotta do that again.” Nobody wins
in the situation… It is what it is. Okay, Mrs. Dargan,
there have been
a lot of rumors, a lot of headlines. There’s gonna be
some headlines from the day. Ain’t no news about me. CANADA: Nope. Not yet. I can’t wait to see
what they say I did. Mrs. Dargan,
there’s a lot on the line. MRS. DARGAN: Mmm-hmm. Whatever, however
this comes out, it’s gonna
be all over the world. Mmm-hmm. How are you feeling right now? I mean, how are you feeling
getting ready to find out the questions that you’ve
been wondering about? I mean, we’ve had
this discussion before,
so it’s just like… There’s just clarity,
clarification, or in actually
going through the motions of, I guess, tangibly,
making it evident
what people have been saying. So have you prepared yourself
for the results either way? MRS. DARGAN: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. KEITH: Either way
it comes out? Either way. I’m always prepared. DANA: So, I gotta
ask you this. If it comes back
that there has been
some fun on the side, then what? We’ll just see. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) DANA: Ooh, that scares me. I’d rather you just say… MRS. DARGAN: Don’t be scared. Because you have
to always remember
when you do something, what’s gonna be the end? Don’t do nothing
if you can’t handle
what you… I always tell people
my ending is impeccable. Well, let me just say this. And let me say this to you. Because you didn’t
see what I saw. MRS. DARGAN: Mm-hmm. That’s real. You’re right. Cynthia and, or Lil’ Mo,
means business today. That look I saw
was nothing but business. Oh, yeah. DANA: It’s for real. Oh, yeah. Did you see what I saw? I saw what you saw. She scared me, I’m not
even married to her. DANA: Yeah.
(LAUGHING) KEITH: All right. To get to the bottom of this, to get the answers,
to get the results, to find out what’s going on,
the court has ordered
a polygraph examination of Mr. Dargan,
and we have the results. Ron, would you please escort
Mr. Kendall Shull of Kendall Investigations
into the courtroom? RON: Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) RON: Come right
over here, please. KEITH: Mr. Shull,
how are you today? Great, Your Honor.
Thank you. Would you please
state your credentials
for the court? I was privileged to spend
almost 25 years for the FBI
in Washington DC and then became chief
of the entire
FBI’s polygraph program in Washington DC. Before I retired, moved
to Knoxville, Tennessee where
I have my private business, which is security guards,
private investigations, and polygraph,
Kendall Investigations. So, in this case, you performed
what is called a single theme
polygraph exam. Is that right? SCHULL: Yes, Your Honor. You asked the same question
a number of different ways to see what the responses are
from the person being examined. Is that right? Yes, Your Honor. All right,
you asked Mr. Dargan, “Since getting married,
have you had sexual intercourse
with any woman “other than your wife
that she doesn’t know about?” You also asked him, “Have you
had sexual intercourse “with any woman
other than your wife “since your wedding day
that she is unaware of?” What was his response
to those questions? His response
to those questions
was, “No.” KEITH: What did the polygraph
examination determine? SCHULL: His response
to those questions was, “No.” KEITH: What did the polygraph
examination determine? Unfortunately, the lie detector
determined that he was
being deceptive. KEITH: Mr. Dargan? Are there women that you’ve
had sexual intercourse with
since you’ve been married that your wife
does not know about? Say it again. I’m sorry. No, I thought there was
more to the question.
I’m sorry. Hold up. Mr. Shull. The polygraph
came back deceptive. What else can you add to this? If I can also add something,
that this gentleman said to me,
after the polygraph test… Please do. He mentioned to me
that there was a time when he told his wife
that he may have
had sex with somebody. But, he told me
there were other instances where she didn’t ask, so he didn’t tell her. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) (CHUCKLES) Thank God I ain’t
have to take no test. MR. DARGAN: It is what it is.
It says that, it says that. Like I said,
I told you all what I said,
and that’s what it is. DANA: Let me just tell you. Mr. Cutler and I
have been together.
We’ve been married 28 years. MRS. DARGAN: Wow. And you cannot be married
and messing around. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mrs. Dargan, you came here
looking for answers. You’ve gotten answers, what’re you gonna do? I really can’t
answer that right now. Right now, I have
to process it. I have to pray. Well, all right, I applaud
your courage to come here
and face the truth. Yeah. You wanna process it,
you wanna pray?
You should do all those things. MRS. DARGAN: Yeah. This court has counseling
resources for you. We want you
to take advantage of those,
help you as you move forward. And as we say in this court, don’t cheat yourself
out of a chance for a good relationship. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Every marriage,
every relationship,
every person, has their own issues,
and you know… You just know what you know. We’re gonna pray
and we’re gonna stick together because I think we deserve
to be happy.


  1. He's a cheater. The end. He's stuttering, pausing and looking around. Girl, you need to have more sense than this. He's cheating, BEEN cheating, gon' KEEP cheating. Period.

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