Low Carb Desserts for Fall! Healthy Gluten Free & Keto Recipes – Mind Over Munch

Low Carb Desserts for Fall! Healthy Gluten Free & Keto Recipes – Mind Over Munch

Iiiiiiiit’s fight night! And we’ve got two dessert ingredients going
head-to-to head! On this side of the ring, we have the reigning
high-carb champion: all-purpose flour! And, on the other side of the ring, we have
the gluten-free, low-carb underdog: almond flour! And almond flour wins! Now that’s what you get for going AGAINST
THE GRAIN! …against the grain, because… …almond flour as no grains, all-purpose
flour does… Hey munchies! Welcome if you’re new, I’m so happy to have you here! I’m Alyssia, and today I am sharing some low carb desserts. Holiday season is upon us and a lot of people are looking for treats
that can be a little healthier— so these are great for anyone on a lower carb
lifestyle, or just if you’re looking for treats without
any refined sugar or gluten! And they’re really great for any time of
year. First up: Almond Butter Cookies! Combine almond butter, egg, erythritol or
a sugar alternative of your choice, and salt using a hand mixer until creamy and
well incorporated. If desired, stir in some cacao nibs, or you
could use sugar free chocolate chips. Feel free to omit the chocolate if preferred,
but I like the texture! Spoon balls of dough onto a baking sheet,
I used a cookie scoop, and then lightly press down your cookies a
bit to flatten. Bake until they begin to brown, and they’ll
firm up a bit as they cool, too. Enjoy! These are so crisp, a tad chewy in the center,
and delicious— you wouldn’t believe there’s no flour,
dairy, or refined sugar needed! Nice! Thumbs up for cookies!! Next up: low carb brownies! Whisk together almond flour, cocoa powder,
baking powder, and salt in a bowl. Combine eggs, erythritol or sweetener of choice, melted coconut oil or grass fed butter, and
vanilla extract in another bowl. Add the dry to the wet. Transfer the batter to a large pan, OR I chose to use this silicone mold for perfectly
portioned brownies. Tap down to remove any air bubbles, and then
transfer to the oven. Bake them up and allow to cool. I love this mold because every bite has my
favorite part: the crisp edge! No dairy, gluten, or or sugar in a light and
fluffy brownie? Who knew it could taste so good!? If you’re enjoying these low carb recipes
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notified of new videos! The next recipe is perfect for this time of
year: PUMPKIN scones! Combine almond flour, an egg, canned pumpkin,
liquid sweetener of choice— I used a fiber syrup and honey alternative,
which I linked below but any liquid sweetener would work here, just remember you’ll need a variation without
sugar for low carb— cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, baking soda,
and salt. Mix until a thick dough forms. Transfer the mixture to a floured surface and mold into a square that’s about an inch
thick. Cut that square into fourths, and then diagonally
to create 8 right triangles. Bake in the oven until they begin to brown
on top and are golden, but not mushy. While they’re baking, make your maple glaze! I used a sugar-free confectioners sugar— either make your own or I linked one below— along with some milk, maple extract, and a
pinch of salt. When the scones are out of the oven, drizzle on some of that delicious glaze and
allow it to harden on top! SO GOOD! I LOVE these scones, and they are a pumpkin
dessert that comes without the dairy, sugar and gluten! Pretty neat! I hope you enjoyed these recipes, let me know
your favorite in the comments! If you’re interested in learning more about
a low carb lifestyle, check out my Keto 101 video or Keto Meal Prep
episodes! I have a ton of eBooks that are perfect for
lightening the load over the holidays— fall seasonal, Halloween, Thanksgiving and
Christmas! Check them out at mindovermunch.com/ebooks and use the code “PUMPKIN” for 10% off
any eBook or package of your choice, this week only. I’ve also linked my PIZZA CHANNEL, Eat The
Pizza, which is not low carb or healthy, but it’s
pretty fun, if you want to check it out! I’ll see you next week! And remember, it’s all a matter of Mind
Over Munch.


  1. Hey Alyssia! I love your vids! Could you please do a vid someday about sweeteners and explain the pros and cons of each and any issues like "causes X in some people — like tummy issues or whatever"? e.g. stevia, sugar, honey, maple syrup, erythritol, and whatever other ones are out there? Also comparing the tastes! Some might be awesome nutritionally but the taste is not great, like to me, stevia has a bitter/odd taste so I have to mix it with some regular sugar, but it does allow me to reduce the sugar by a lot. thanks! 🙂

  2. Love these recipes!!!!
    Thank you so much!
    I am working on eating healthier.
    I can't wait to try these.
    I am a pumpkin fanatic so I'M SO EXCITED!!!!
    And…I ? baking during the holidays. Now I can get the whole family to munch a little healthier ?

  3. The video was awesome,
    I can't be the only one who said "right triangles?" "Aren't those isosceles triangles?"
    But then I realized that I don't really care and they really were right triangles

  4. I'm new to keto ..vlogging my journey on my channel if anyone wants to check it out….love these.. new subbie ?

  5. After watching some of your videos tonight I had no choice but to subscribe lol. Thank you so much . I am going keto and had no idea what to do . Love your video ???

  6. can you make some desserts without erythritol or stevia? these recipes always look SO delicious, but we never have those ingredients in my house and i dont want to just swap it out with regular sugar.

  7. Maple glaze literally list milk … How is this without the dairy
    Brownies literally were made with grass feed butter…. How is this without dairy

    I know you can substitute but why confused the issur

  8. I love all of you recipes! I recently downloaded your package of 7 Ebooks but am unsure of how to download them, lol. Will I receive an email with a link? Thank you for sharing your amazing recipes with us, I cannot wait to try them all. ❤️

  9. Hi Alyssia! I love your videos! May I ask to include the calories in your deserts and foods per piece or per portion? Thank you. Sending love from Abu Dhabi!

  10. I'm excited to try your pumpkin scones. I keto-fied your strawberry scones earlier this year by adding Truvia's Nectar, which is a honey and stevia blend, and they were so amazing!

  11. Has anyone made any of these with an egg replacement? If so, please let me know how it went.? it would be highly appreciated

  12. I just wish anyone in this world could tell me about a sweetener for baking that is not sugar and not a sugar alcohol either

  13. My brownies didn't come out very well. I used a regular brownie pan and they were pretty flat. I am not sure if it was the pan shape? Also the almond flour taste gritty not smooth like regular brownies. Is this common with this type of flour? Finally my last question is mine ended up cake like instead if fudgy is this suppose be that way? I want try again, but will wait see if anyone replies. Thanks so much

  14. Subbed (because one week down on Keto, yasss) but really mostly because of the intro and general production value. Wonderful!

  15. Finally got around to making the almond cookies but mine ended up being very crumbly and falling apart like sand any clue what I could do or what I did wrong? I followed the recipe only thing was my butter was at room temp and oil had separated but I stirred it so I dont know but wanted ask before I try again. Thanks

  16. LOL! Love the intro, "that's what you get for going against the grain," ? I got it immediately, haha!
    Do you have a recipe that is eggless and milkless for browni cookies? Please say yes!!

  17. Cheers for this, I've been looking for "foods good for low carb diet" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Ronaliana Future Falbala – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  18. Yay, low carb cookies! Cookies are my absolute FAVORITE dessert, no doubt about it. Its amazing to see a healthy version!

  19. Can you eggs substitute instead of egg? Or vinger instead? And if so how much would you use? Love your channel by the way??❤️

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  22. Was looking for some low carb brownies ‘cause I have gestational diabetes and have been really craving chocolate.
    Just made these and I love them! Also going to make the scones this weekend. thanks!

  23. Thank you for including this video in the email newsletter. I was subscribed, then unsubscribed since I felt I wasn't getting enough low-carb, no sugar recipes since we are doing keto. I have re-subscribed and look forward to more videos like this! WOOHOO!

  24. I bought the Wilton Easy-Flex Bite-Size Square Silicone Mold, use it to put chocolates into the fridge. Is it safe to bake with those too? I'd be concerned the plastic or rubber would leech into the food.

  25. Love the brownies, but I don't have a brownie bit pan. So I used a 8×8 pan and cut them smaller!

  26. I know this might be stupid question but can I replace almond flour for oatmeal flour and keep the low carb principle?

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