hello every one and welcome back to our fitness channel azra khan fitness in today’s video i am going to share with you a low carb diet plan for weight loss and if you follow this diet continuously for a month you ca lose 6-7kgs of weight . if you follow it with a healthy workout routine. i do recommend low carb meal plans to my clients as well. in today’s video i will also share how switching to low carb meal plan will help you lose weight faster. and what points you should consider before starting a low carb diet plan. why is low carb diet plan so beneficial for weight loss? why is it so? when ever we eat anything our body spikes insulin. when our body spiked insulin it raises blood sugar level. it ends up storing fat in our body if we continue to spike insulin. if the body does not use that energy it is stored as fat. if we switch to low carb diet plan the amount of insulin spikes reduce hence fat is nit stored in our body and therefore we lose weight. the most insulin spike in our body is due to simple carbs. maximum insulin spike due to consumption of sugar. that is why we switch to low carb. but there is a difference between low carb and no carb. there are two types of carbs simple carbs and complex carbs simple carbs spike insuline like plain flour, sugar, dairy where as complex carbs like jwar , bajra, oats , etc do not spike insulin that much..


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  2. Azra main apni appetite control nhi kar paarahi hun or phir demotivate hojati hun.
    Plz help me,, i really want to lose weight,
    I really want to be like you dear,,you r my inspiration…but i m feeling very helpless..

  3. Ap vahat achhe ho..r vahat achhe se explain krte ho..di.. god bless u.. apki channel agge jaye.. lots of love ..

  4. Amazing diet plan… will start asap….thxs dear🤗. Waise aaj mera low carb diet tha… I had smoothie for breakfast, multigrain roti & methi sabji for lunch & grilled chicken will salads for dinner. I guess we can have oats banana peanut butter smoothie in breakfast

  5. Azra ma'am i just want to ask that can i drink chia seed/ flaxseed in ACV with warm water in intermittent fasting during fasting period coz u said in ur one of vedio like that effects more, now i think its hrad for me to wieght loss

  6. Thank u Azra .in sha Allah me Aaj se hi ye diet start karungi ….Bas 1 baat puchni thi aapse ki evening snkeks me hm murmura le sakte he kya aur kitna lena he

  7. Hello ma'am mera weight 60kg hy aur hight 5Ft hy and I am Thyroid patient plz mera weight km Kearny KY ly koi diet bata dy plz answer me

  8. Hi azra…it's a high request plz make video on constipation as am suffering from it daily very severely and it's becoming obstacle loosing my Weight.

  9. hi .azra khan ap kc ho . ma eggs diet plane 4 days se fallow kr rae hon . breakfast ma 2 boil eggs .lunch ma 2 boil eggs aur dinner ma oats . aur apple .aur green tea. kia ye diet plane ha aur affective ha plz answer me. me frm pakistan

  10. My diet is as follows: morning I take two chapatis n milk, lunch I take rice n sabzee, evening I take one chapati n tea, dinner is rice n sabzee, with this I m loosing weight but I m bloated all the time n constipation,, the food mentioned above is my staple food, only thing I have changed is portion control,, kindly let me know y m I bloated most of the time

  11. Apne likha hai 10 kg in 10 days and video mein bol rhe ho ki follow this diet for a month u cn easily loose 4-5 or even 6-7 kg so misleading. U r a professional dietician still ???? Plz don't do tht

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