Many international media outlets forecast Seoul-Tokyo trade tensions to persist

Many international media outlets forecast Seoul-Tokyo trade tensions to persist

now as South Korea retaliates against
Tokyo by officially dropping Japan from its white list of countries with
fast-track trade status a growing number of foreign media outlets are expressing
concern they warn the situation has all the hallmarks of becoming a protracted
grind of attrition between the two neighboring countries kim eun-sun has
this report following South Korea’s decision to drop
Japan from its fast track trade whitelist many international media
outlets forecast a trade route between the Asian neighbors is unlikely to be
result anytime soon the New York Times published an article Monday which
explained that Seoul’s move was anticipated when Japan removed South
Korea from its own whitelist the article titled South Korea retaliates against
Japan in trade and diplomatic rift also stated the tit-for-tat measure shows the
two countries will not back down despite president Trump’s calls for improved
relations Trump said last Friday that the two nations should sit down and get
along with each other CNN reported Monday that Seoul has
heightening the crisis that is already disrupting the global supply chain for
large tech companies us-based business news website Business Insider also said
Monday that the decades-long tensions between the two Asian countries are now
threatening to boil over and explain the tensions bubbled to the surface last
year when the South Korean Supreme Court ordered certain Japanese companies to
compensate South Korean wartime forced laborers reuters also reported on
Seoul’s move describing it as a measure that deepens the diplomatic and trade
Robo to the two countries Jameson Arirang news


  1. S Korea fired the first shot, subsequent actions and counter actions by S Korea bring the two countries relationship to the road of no return.

  2. I remember when this announcer was the arirang journalist rep for the Blue House.. now shes an anchor. Good for her! 😊

  3. But a nonsensical boycott movement lacking in consistency won't occur in Japan, and only Koreans are boiling mad at not being treated specially.
    There is other thing,…. agreements on the treaty made up according to the international law are given priority over ANY DOMESTIC LAWS and COURT RULING in one side. If SKorea wanna take pride in being one of the international community, Korean officials should observe the above basic matter.

  4. Japan should’ve never invaded the most isolated and hermit kingdom in the world korea during the 20th century. If japan didn’t colonized Korea during the ww2 today korea still remains as one country. Japan always bothered korea 1000 years. We want revenge.

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